The Untold Truth Of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Since premiering on TLC in January 2015, My
Big Fat Fabulous Life has become one of the network’s biggest success stories. After going viral on YouTube, the show’s star
Whitney Thore was able to translate her popularity to the small screen. Along with her family and closest friends,
she has been raking in the ratings ever since. “I’m short, I’m fat, I’m cute.” No matter how authentic it seems, however,
there are some dark secrets hiding behind the scenes of the uplifting show. Real or scripted? A major part of Whitney’s appeal is her ability
to be incredibly real about all aspects of her life, both good and bad. However, some fans believe that not everything
on My Big Fat Fabulous Life is as legit as it seems. Speculation about the show’s authenticity
began when a fan took to Reddit to point out a fishy scene from the ninth episode of Season
4 that seemed a little too perfect. They speculated: “Around the time that Whitney hit the wall
in her 8K fun run, she encounters a ‘woke’ stranger with some heavy words of motivation. ‘John from the Army’ just happens to be mic’d
up for the race and he’s wearing a shirt from Whitney’s alma mater [MAH-ter] Appalachian
[app-uh-LATCH-un] State University. Is that a coincidence?” He went on to add that if you watch carefully,
you can even see the microphone under the guy’s shirt. Fellow viewers immediately began pointing
out another questionable incident from Season 3, recalling: “The guy who was mic’d up and ready to insult
her on camera at the Pride parade last season […] wasn’t even convincing. It was the most uncomfortable, fake insult
I’ve ever seen.” “What did he just say?” “What did he say?” Not-so-fabulous past The happy, self-assured Whitney fans see on
the small screen these days is a far cry from the middle school Whitney who suffered great
pain at the hands of unrelenting bullies. In her 2016 memoir, I Do it With the Lights
On, the reality star revealed that her young life couldn’t have felt any less fabulous. Despite growing up in a loving home and excelling
in academics, she was taunted. “Boys had taken to singing a song about me
called ‘Baby Beluga’ that ended with, ‘She’s got a whale of a tale.'” The following year, she went through a growth
spurt and slimmed down, but the teasing didn’t stop. The Baby Beluga song was replaced with one
that mocked her last name. She wrote: “I’m not sure which one I thought was worse
[but] I was happy to swap being fat for being practically anything else.” The truth about Lennie Not all is as it seems when it comes to Whitney’s
ex, Lennie. Just days after fans learned that the reality
TV star had gotten pregnant, they were heartbroken to find out that doctors had dubbed it a non-viable
pregnancy. Soon after, they were in for another shock,
as it was revealed that Lennie has a criminal past and has been using a fake name all along. “This is not a good sign for Lennie and me.” According to RadarOnline, Lennie was arrested
for Driving While Intoxicated in November 2008 after authorities in North Carolina found
he was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit. According to court documents, he also got
into a fight with the arresting officers. But that’s not all. Lennie isn’t even his real name, it’s an alias
for Nathaniel David Lee. More skeletons in the closet Whitney’s ex isn’t the only cast member from
My Big Fat Fabulous Life with a dark past. Her best friend and former roommate, Buddy
Bell, whose real name is Luby, also has a few secrets. As a RadarOnline investigation revealed, Bell
was arrested in 2014 and charged with a number of serious crimes after allegedly assaulting
a police officer at a Queens of the Stone Age concert on January 30th, 2014. Bell was not only charged with assaulting
a government official, but also with second-degree trespassing, resisting a public officer, public
intoxication and disorderly conduct. When all was said and done, he was fined $380
and given 45 days of probation for disorderly conduct. Haters abound Living in the public eye comes with plenty
of unsolicited scrutiny. Trolls are unavoidable in the age of social
media, but one of Whitney’s biggest critics was an individual claiming to be a doctor. Taking to social media in February 2017, Whitney
shared an unbelievable piece of hate mail she received from someone claiming to be a
California MD, who wrote: “There is nothing about your life that is
‘fabulous.’ When you are a big fat sow as you are, it
is a disgusting existence. You need to get out of denial and do something
about your extreme obesity.” While Whitney revealed the name on the letter
does belong to a real doctor, fans were quick to point out that the lack of professional
letterhead, egregious grammatical errors, and general tone of the letter make it seem
less like something a real doctor would send and more like something a troll impersonating
a doctor might. Unfortunately for Whitney, there are a lot
of bullies online. But the reality star stays away from them
whenever possible. Although she admitted that she doesn’t like
to spend time blocking trolls or deleting negative comments, she unapologetically declared
that, sometimes, it’s the only way. She wrote on Instagram in April 2018: “My digital spaces are also my home — they’re
mine. No one is stopping you from shouting your
hate (or opinions) into the ether [but] when you come into my space, I can make you leave. This doesn’t mean I can’t handle a contrary
opinion. It means I take no stock in your opinion and
its unnecessary noise.” Eating disorder struggles Whitney has been honest about her struggles
with her weight, which stems from polycystic ovary syndrome, but as she admitted in 2015,
she still feels embarrassed talking a bout her eating disorder. During National Eating Disorder Awareness
Week, she shared with fans: “I have no problem being completely open about
most things, but this is difficult for me. Because I was never underweight, many people
in my life were unaware that I was both starving and purging day in and day out, completely
consumed with being thin enough so that I would never be called fat.” The star further revealed that when she was
15, she was about 120 pounds and in the throes of her eating disorder. At 18, she began fighting it, but revealed: “[In 2012] I lost 100 pounds in 8 months,
and I was still restricting calories to sometimes 500 per day and purging at least once a week. I weighed 250 pounds.” The star revealed that because she was classified
as morbidly obese, her eating disorder was easily hidden from the world. But that didn’t make it any less real. If you are struggling with an eating disorder,
contact the National Eating Disorders Association for support, resources and treatment options. Call the toll-free, confidential helpline
at 1-800-931-2237.

100 thoughts on “The Untold Truth Of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

  1. As a former fat lady. I can truthfully say nobody likes being a fat person. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost the weight. Not everyone makes it. It is hard and I do believe you need counseling. You need all the help you can get.

  2. I LOVE Whitney!!! She is so passionate and full of life. She has a lot of courage to take on the challenges she does and is fearless.

  3. All that fat juggling like jelly, and she have a reality show? I thought only black women had big butts and huge legs. The thing is, she's proud of how she look. Shes such a drama queen.

  4. I love Whitney’s parents. They’re a hoot. I also love Whitney and the gang! Would love to meet them in person some day.

  5. UGH, I'M SICK OF SEEING THIS WOMAN. Wire her jaw shut for a year, she'll lose weight even with the medical issues.

  6. If we were to have an interview with Whitney and a starving down on their luck family in the same room I'm sure different questions would give different answers..

  7. I’m surprised she didn’t get cancelled with how she constantly compares being fat to being apart of an actual protected minority’s group. She genuinely believes being fat is the same as being gay/trans/a person of color.

  8. Nothing roug whith her you can be big and healthy at the same time Whitney you’re beautiful as you are . Huggs & kisses to you ???????

  9. I watched the episode when she goes skiing with her ex and she struggled to get a pair of ski boots to fit her, I wasn't sure if this was an old show for I have only watched it a handful of tims. She was standing there calls out to her ex "help me help me" as her legs opened wider and wider until KAPLUNK !! face first into the snow.. I had to laugh it was funny and the people running over to her to help her. Shame to her about her ex and whats his name the newer guy "booo bear?" She should go on "My 600 pound life and have a chat if Dr. Now he will set her straight

  10. It's not hate it's a fact. She's probably borderline diabetic. Her knees hips and spine are probably beat the hell up. She will need surgery and replacements by the time she's in her 30s or 40s. The fact is this woman is celebrating her figure in order to not have to do a damn bit about it. It's easier just to accept I'm a drug addict than it is to get off the drugs. That's witness philosophy! So enjoy slipping into obscurity with your mind numbing pain and social anxieties.

  11. She has a very pretty face, but as she gets older her weight will make her health dimenish. She needs to lose weight now.

  12. It seemed in the beginning she was fun, outgoing & wanted to lose the weight. It was fun to watch her classes. She whines too much now & needs to be center of attention ALWAYS!!??‍♀️??‍♀️??

  13. I’m a cancer survivor and the chemo fucked up my metabolism for life and makes it that much harder to lose weight/that much easier to gain weight, but I don’t use it as an excuse. Regardless of whatever medical condition someone has, they’re putting the junk into their mouths. If they have a medical condition, don’t use it as an excuse use it as motivation.

  14. If you can watch a narcissistic person control her whole family you go for it..I had a sister just like her…she could get people to laugh say funny things tee hee ha ha…it get old after awhile..when you finally can see everytholimg has to be focused on HER…it's sick

  15. She's always been such a fake jerk. She's constantly caught in lies and flaunting that fat is just disgusting.

  16. She is going to have horrible arthritis when she gets older with the way she lands on her joints. Another thing is this woman has no shame. Wearing a two piece suit on the show. The whole show is fake. That "insult" at the parade was such a joke. She is always a victim.

  17. Well i dont think she has missed anything shes overweight she smokes she is bisexual she has a problem listening to people like the fake 5k race attention is the only thing she wanted at that time she was pathetic

  18. 5:36 WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! How does this picture not inspire you to get back into shape?! No one is permanently fat and there are ways to get rid of fat if you have trouble burning. This is truly a story of tragedy, that this picture can exist and her not feel the drive to get back her body and be healthy again. Yes, I said HEALTHY!

  19. I used to love this show. I loved her motivation and what she stood for… then after a while, I noticed that she because a complete bitch. She seems to hate being challenged or pushed to her limits and for someone who claims she’s “strong and independent”, she sure is very sensitive.

  20. If you are obese, you are unhealthy. Nothing she says or does helps anyone. She lives in a dream world.

  21. I'm just waiting for an episode to air where it shows her parents funeral and she has to be lifted with a giant crane to attend…..and she stuffs herself with more food afterwards.

  22. How can someone have a fabulous life when they’re crying every 5 minutes. She’s probably the most irritating “reality” star.

  23. What I don't like is how she keeps saying she is healthy at that weight. NOT! And if she doesn't get it under control she will start on My 600 lb life with Dr. Now and they will have a memorial show and she will be on it. She's a beautiful girl but she needs to lose weight.

  24. PCOS women also suffer from insulin resistance.What happens with insulin resistance is this:the body produces insulin,but people with insulin resistance do not use the insulin they produce.This sends a message to your brain and pancreas to produce even more insulin.Unfortunately,insulin is a hormone that makes people hungry.And when people are hungry they eat,and when they eat they gain weight.There is treatment and diet for PCOS/Insulin Resistance.

  25. I have polycystic on my right kidney and thank God mine cyst didn't make me gain weight. I'm 62 and I'm 152 lbs. I look great. I know your cyst is in a different place, I just can't believe a cyst, any cyst could make you gain weight and then not be able to lose it. I'm going to ask my doctor about your cyst and mine and how they are different.

  26. She's annoying and obnoxious….and a cry baby…horrible actress …we all get bullied get over it

  27. She's a liar about being 250lbs and eating only 500 calories a day and "starving". Just admit you can't stop shoveling food into your mouth. Own it so you can change it.


  29. I only care about health an she dont look too healthy she need to drop atleast 150 for her poor knees an spine her bones r regular size cant sopport all that weight hope she improves her life thats all

  30. Baby Beluga acts like she is the only fat chick to be bullied. She keeps putting herself in situations that she does not realistically consider the outcomes of then cries when people don't support her or whatever. Ironically, a comedian had the most real ass statement on her when she said for someone who claims to be happy she sure does cry alot, boom roasted.

  31. I have been suspicious and still wonder who really painted the pink "Fat" sign on the tour bus out front of the house? I really want to ask Whitney about that incident! Let the truth out Whitney!!!!

  32. The show should be called "My big FAT life" ! It is NOT "fabulous" at all and will lead her to premature death, health complications, and more. I'm not trying to ridicule or anything like that, but she is NOT on a good road. She'll eventually be spending all the money she makes off the show in about 20 years to take care of all the health problems she will eventually have!

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