The whole country under the influence of the typhoon this weekend _ 090419

It is quite common for some people to literally
feel when a storm is approaching. The problem is, that feeling comes as pain
in the knees or ankles. When a storm is brewing, the barometric pressure
drops,… causing soft tissue to swell and fluid around the joints to expand. The expanding and contracting of muscles can
irritate nerves and cause pain. To ease the symptoms, stay warm and hydrated,
and try working out lightly. Hello I’m Michelle Park here with the latest
weather update. Rain alerts have been issued for the central
region. Until Friday, rain clouds will gather in the
northern half of the nation,… leaving the southern regions with clear skies and rain-free
conditions tomorrow. As the precipitation focuses on the central
region,… some parts of Gyeonggi-do Province, Chunchungnam-do Province, and the west side
of Gangwon-do Province will be drenched with over 200 millimeters of more rain until Friday. The rest of the country will receive up to
120 millimeters of precipitation. After this round of autumn monsoon rain weakens,
the nation will be influenced by typhoon ‘Lingling’ over the weekend. So, until Sunday, we should stay alert on
the forecast and take necessary precautions. Taking a look at the temperature readings
for tomorrow,… Morning lows will be about a couple of degrees
higher than today,… mostly lingering at around 23 degrees Celsius. The daily highs are expected to soar,… Seoul reaching 29 degrees, Daegu 30, Busan
29 and Jeju 30 degree Celsius. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.

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