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Honey… Yes Shall I cut my hair? Ok Get it Cut But It might take a long time to grow again, thats why I am wondering….. Ok Dont cut it But Short hair is “IN” right now But if it is too short Wont it look like our neighbour’s dog What? Did you say Nah Nah Nothing Get it Cut Will my friends make fun of my short hair…? No they will still be able to make fun of you So what is final Dont Cut it You know what.. my mum says, It would look cute for my small face She might have said when you were a kid… Your face is small no more What You mean? Ok Get it Cut, I said But Again What if the Saloon stylist spoils my hair style No issues, never visit that salon again Do you want me to thrash you Ok fine, Dont cut it No. I should get short hair to cover my forehead Ok Get it Cut Look, If it doesn’t suit me, You are respinsible Am I going to cut your hair Yes you are responsible Ok Dont Cut Short Hair is easy for maintenance…. Honey Similarly having few clothes will also be easy to maintain… Honey I dint Get it Fine Cut your hair I am scared about “Lay Off” cut she is worried about hair cut Shit. Concentrate on Game of Thrones I am scared about the change Over… Ok Dont Cut No.What ever I got to face I am ready to cut my hair. This is Final Ok Cut it then I am not sure if you would find it good Ok Dont Cut it Why should I bother about your likes? Ok Get it Cut Honey… We already have mobile phones can we cut the landline connections? Get it Cut No Honey, Lets have landline our parents are comfort with landline phones Ok Dont Cut Will Superstar RajiniKanth get into Politics? Get it Cut Why are you talking irrelevant ? Dont get it cut Honey Are you Okay? Get it Cut Honey…. Dont Cut Cut it, Dont Cut it,Cut it, DontCut it…. Omg Honey…….. !!!! What happen to you Honey, Should I call the Docter Call him No need, Lets go there Ok Dont Call him No Honey he has to come You need his attention soon Ok Call him What if he is busy to come here… Lets go Please Dont call him Be serious Lets go Call him Are You sure? Dont call him So Honey, Finally What Shoud I do?

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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. sorry to say this bro neege vera mathuri ippdi videola venda bro inspirednu sonnalu vennda nalla time yeduthu nalla video pannuga bro

  3. Wife tholla thaanaga mudiyadha yaaro eludhunah script dhan idhu. Balaji venugopal sir epayoo semathiyaa vaangi irukingaa unga wifekitaa. 🙁

  4. இந்த whatsapp காமெடி வீடியோ ஆக்க இவளோ நாள் ஆகுமா பாஸ்….?

  5. Ungala thituunatha commentku reply panuveengala?? So many people replied it's a good video but you didn't respond to them , only responding to people who criticize you !!!

  6. Hi @Balaji sir, very creative concepts and well executed too👏👏👏👏👏

  7. ayyiiiooo paavam pa avaru modha hospital kuttitu ponga pa. illana unga adutha video ku avaru irukka maataru. paathu pa😂😂😂😂

  8. if you had enjoyed the video like it ,illana soo a mooditu irukkalam ,why tho throw away ppls efforts off in one comment

  9. my wife was saying like. "I think I should like this video" "No it's not worthy" .on a second thought I just don't wanna reply

  10. Wife Life???? My husband s doing the same for buying a fitness watch…For the past week..I've been like "Vangiko"…"Vangikatha"

  11. This happen with dual mind people and they won't take decision without guidance bcz if something went wrong then they can blame the advisor. .. This was the concept of this flim

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