The Wizard of Hertz – Gaming as a Cover for Covert Electromagnetic Warfare – Technology Overview

alright so I just did a presentation
on GK Sierra and talking about how potentially one of the models for their
operatives could be to blend actors in as gamers to perform you know soft kill
and other types of operations so what is a soft kill well basically a soft kill
is kind of like it’s an electrical arc and so I can kind of show you some
slides to show you what like an electrical arc typically looks like
because it’ll you know kind of show you like a you can see the electricity looks
a little bit like a lightning bolt kind of crossing between two parts well the
arc if you think about it is just you know, an electrical field is
coming from one point on the left and ones coming from a point on the
right and because they’re doing something similar they meet in the
middle and create the Arc, right, so the the point is is that what these people
seem to be doing is potentially creating communities or buildings or areas where
they are sort of like a trap of sorts where if they want to have a person they
want to perform a soft kill on they’ll try to get them into one of these areas
that’s hived into a larger DAS (Distributed Antenna System) campus system or DAS system and inside a single
building I mean it could be something as simple as one room or an entire
community or just one apartment complex or even just one room and of an
apartment or house it’s a lot of different ways this can happen but the
reason I’m concerned is because the people that seem to be doing this seem
to openly signal that they’re doing their own Auschwitz but they’re doing
it with electricity and they call it “Arc-o-witz” and so I’ve seen this multiple
times on reddit boards and other things so it’s concerning enough to me and
because I have experienced some things myself
you know I want to talk about it and by the way in my last article I said
something about how I was trying to explain the technology about how it
could be working I’m still researching that and so for the record I am
experiencing it I’m just not a person who knows how to transmit it so when I
tell you that I don’t know from firsthand experience all I’m trying to
explain to you is is that no one’s ever trained me how to create an electrical
arc using ham radio bands and so in order for me to find out how it’s
happening I have to sort of reverse-engineer it but if this helps
you understand how close the issue is to me I’ll show you the pictures of my
scars and basically when these systems are hitting you and they are hitting me
even at the moment very hard depending on how close you get to the signal
source it can create an electrical arc across the pinky and the middle fingers
of both of your hands of your hands and mine is consistent with
that so I know about these types of things only because in the wireless
industry there’s such thing called an RF burn, a radio-frequency burn, and it
happens because you know you accidentally hold on to a powered up
amplified coax that hasn’t been terminated meaning it’s not plugged in
and so it’s amplifying the high-power signal and maybe you touch it against
some power and that creates an arc and then you get a scar that’s called an RF
burn sometimes it’s because it’ll go through central points inside your
nerves so you know it’s pretty consistent with that so I just want to
share that with you so yeah obviously I’m motivated to find out what’s
happening here so I’ve been kind of doing research trying to determine how
is how it might this be happening and I do have a lot of slides I can show you I
want to try to get through as quickly as I can here but I basically I define a
soft kill personally as like a slow silent nearly undetectable combination
of covert electromagnetic weapons and psychological warfare which is like a
form of PSYOPS deception games confidence games and
they do this by manipulating the perceptions of their target they use
“spheres of influence” as the model I’ll show you that slide it’s just you know
it’s really basic I mean it’s not that complicated guys- ladies and
gentlemen, sorry, when they’re doing this and when they’re
doing this to somebody they’re surrounding that person and trying to
manipulate every aspect of their perceptions to tell them that the
situation is hopeless they’re completely isolated and nobody wants to have
anything to do with them that’s really the goal and I know that seems strange
but it’s like once you understand how technology plays a role in creating this
perception you really you’ll grasp what what’s going on here and I’m going to
take you through the hardware pieces and everything through that here shortly
so the reason they do this is because once they’ve got all of your perceptions
managed and people have effectively isolated and given up on you
then that allows them to sort of create narratives surrounding your reputation
because now you’re isolated you’re not in regular communication with people now
the hardware parts kicks in and now you can kind of understand how they can take
control of your life without even you knowing it and you know while this is
happening you know let me put it this way, like they get people in a lot of different
ways from what I’ve seen and and I’ve experienced some they
they trick you into like saying that you know they can provide you maybe
with a place to stay if you’ll help take care of a disabled person you know so
you’re like exchanging you know taking care of somebody in exchange for that or
and then you find out that the person is not actually disabled they’re actually
running you know some radionics and it’s just another way to gain your confidence
they have a team of pro actors that train people how to be excuse me not pro
actors but professional actors excuse me that they train to do this and and they
can stay on standby because they work in both the entertainment industry and
sometimes they’re volunteers at the fire department to gain their access to these
radionics and you know there’s a lot of different ways the ecosystem works but I
want to get too deep into that but they and I don’t take the emphasis off that
you know they use elderly sometimes to do this or did you honeypot type
scenarios confidence games that they have a lot of because it’s an acting
community they have a lot of attractive men and women that they can kind of run
honeypot scenarios you know on the opposite genders there’s a lot of
different ways that they gained the confidence of the person to get them
into the place that they’re trying to get them to you but the point is is to
set the conditions through which the target will want to come to their
central location where they will be hived into what’s called a DAS or a
Distributed Antenna System. So getting into that one of the things that I’ve
noticed is that there seems to be some specific hardware that they’re
choosing and I’m not going to suggest to you that the people who make this are
behind the whatever is happening it’s just that they seem to be using a
combination of and not exclusively this but of SOLiD Technologies Distributed
Antenna System hardware specifically Alliance series equipment and
they seem to be putting an emphasis on what’s called a Titan amplifier and
that’s relevant to me as a person that used to do in building work in
engineering work because that’s a very high watt amplifier that’s usually
designed for like outdoor systems meaning 20 Watts would be the kind of
power settings that you would have if you were trying to send a signal, repeat
a signal, down a long highway for example. so they’re using these for in building
scenarios which says to me that they need to have enough power to send that
signal through multiple buildings across a DAS system which would be like the
campus Distributed Antenna System like I’ll show you in the diagrams so why is
that relevant because well they call the the same
company has this other thing called Safe Buildings Coalition and so I got
thinking about this a little bit well what if these people their definition of
“safe” was getting people that they don’t like or their political enemies into
that “safe building” quote-unquote you know not saying that’s what SOLiD does
or that’s their motivation but you know if this were the model then it would be
important for them to be able to get people in a central location because
they can economize everything you see and if the the building has been
pre-wired for it and as a quote-unquote “safe building” according to their records
then yeah these will have pre-wired or reconfigured wiring that will interact
with the hardware that’ll integrate these amplifiers these
Distributed Antenna Systems and things like that so now the reason why that
should concern you is because basically what these DAS systems can do is they
can be concealed or they can be out in the open so I know this from my job
experience because I used to do ones that are out in the open it was my job
you know these are ones that people requested these are nothing nefarious.
regular in-building systems are designed just to improve coverage where that you
can’t get it normally so what these people are doing is taking that good
concept it normally does nice things for people and they’re just like weaponizing
it to where they take that same system that should ‘improve’ coverage and they
just use it to ‘trap’ coverage you see what I’m saying so that when you walk
into one of their buildings that now you’re inside there DAS system. Now you
are in their trap. You’re not going to be able to use your cell phone without
it going through that DAS system before moving on to the cell phone network and
so they do that by integrating what’s called like an e-femtocell. You might
have seen an episode, if you follow the show “Mr. Robot”, they had an episode
involved in e-femtocell I think it’s in season two there’s this whole elaborate
setup where they place one of these in an FBI office to capture their traffic
and so I just wanted people to know that that’s actually a concept that could
technically, I’m not saying that that one in there did or does, but that is
something that’s possible on a technical level which kind of impressed me about
the show at the time is that these people are able to mimic what are called
“e-femtocells” or “network extenders”, hook them in to as a signal source, hook them
into what’s called a Distributed Antenna System or DAS and these are
manufactured by companies like SOLiD Technologies and then once you run them
through a series of these Alliance series you know conditioner cards and
these 20 watt amplifiers you can now extend that signal to an
entire area so say for example they wanted to like capture everything at a
mall and all the apartment buildings surrounding it they would just install a
campus DAS and then they would have these e-femtocells that were set up at
their target locations to where it was capturing all the cell phone traffic and
everything else like that so they could do that a couple of different ways they
could either actually have a really e-femtocell hooked into that as a signal
source and another way they could be potentially doing it is by using
graphics cards which have pretty amazing capabilities nowadays and reconfiguring
them as you know a transmit and receive signal source that basically mimics a
cell site and is able to plug right into the system so again I’m this is based on
some research and I’ve actually measured some some strange anomalous signals so I
don’t want – I am speaking in kind of general terms, but I do have data that
I’ve collected about this so anyways so the point is is that since these
operatives consist mostly of non-military actors, occultists, I mean
really, a lot of a occultists that I’ve identified you know again I’m speaking
to you somewhat from personal experience with some of these people but I don’t
know that they’re specifically GK, as it were, but I know that the people that
do this, this is their methodology and I do have evidence to suggest that some of
these people are actors that have actually been in some films and
television series and use different names and they do in their daily lives
as those actors and some of these people have radio frequency and wireless
industry training which makes it even more troubling because that means they
basically have two careers and one is being concealed and the one that’s being
concealed is pretty significant work experience when it comes to doing
targeted radio frequency like brain entrainment or directed energy weapons
or point to target microwave because sometimes all these people are doing is
taking like the concepts of microwave engineering which involves
point-to-point communications that’s like a good thing you know like you
would you know if you’re trying to get it from a cell tower back to a central
office you would use a microwave path you know but what these people do is is
they take that one side of the microwave path and they just aim it at a target
you know so that it uses that frequency and just slow cooks them because you
know if a person stands in front of radio frequency long enough yeah
it’ll just, they’ll evaporate kind of, you know it’s just slow cooks you it’s not the
same as like radiation from a nuclear reservation, that’s “ionizing [radiation]” – it’s just a
radio frequency, it heats up your body tissue and if they pulse it, it can electrically arc you It can shock you basically, give you
like a low-volt tasing type sensation and so the internal operatives you know they
use covers you know and because they’re actors
they can fake being blind deaf autistic or something like that or they can
develop an elaborate storyline that integrates their “occult work” into it, I
mean, it’s pretty disturbing once you start peeling back the layers okay
and that’s just one of the many confidence games they’ve established is
faking disability and I do have evidence that there’s a specific organization
that actually specializes in this and they’ve named their company a pun
that basically implies that they train people to fake disabilities specifically
for psychological warfare operations and as confidence games and to slow people
down and at those same people that are part of those operations that’s just
that’s their cover and they’re able to get it through a Department of Justice
hack and it’s potentially through (CHIP) Computer Hacking Intellectual
Property division and (IG) InfraGard that allows them basically to take on another
personality and pretend to be a completely different person with
credentials paperwork and everything to back it up so that’s a little disturbing
to me that there’s that exploit that exists so the point is is that once they
get one of these actors and they have the all the hardware and everything like
that and it’s installed inside the building with a DAS, once the target moves
in they can now access everything because you know you move in you know
you just trust that when you plug your power in you know that you’re just
getting power right well not in these houses not in these apartments because
when you go into these places they’ve installed something called Ethernet-Over-
Power where when you plug in your cellphone you think you’re just getting
power but what it’s actually doing is it’s it’s backing up your phone like it
would if you put plugged into your laptop because your wall outlet is not
just a wall outlet it’s Ethernet-over- Power meaning it’s going to go back to a
central PC or server that’s going to back your phone up into what’s called a
ROM file or a mirror or it’s going to take a mirror of your laptop if you have
it plugged long enough and let’s face it most
people need to get battery at some point you know juice backed up and everything
so it’s gonna happen and then they got your mirror image so you can see what
happens is they once you own a little you spend a little time inside this
building they basically own your entire life, they got your password, your emails,
your text messages, they got every part of your life as hackers say they “OWN you”
you know and they can now mimic your financial websites sites they can steal
your logins because you’re not getting to see the Internet as it truly is it’s
being run through their DAS it’s like a proxy server so everything that you
think you’re doing is going directly to the Internet, they’re running
through either separate conduit that’s going to send it through their hardware
before it moves onto the Internet or they have some type of wireless hack
that’s going to intercept whatever you’re doing before it can move on to
the network. They typically will do this hardwired and I can show you an example
of like what happens if somebody tries to install some conduit nearby you know
there’s all kinds of different ways to reroute a person’s traffic because
typically the people that are behind this they’ll gain ownership over the
building or the management and then that gives them access to be able to make
changes and authorization to make you know the maintenance changes rewire
certain things and I’ll show you a little bit of an example of what that
looks like too, so, but getting more back to how this all works
basically once you’re inside that DAS system and they have you in the e-femtocell they’ll then integrate what’s called you know and it’s not always this
exact device but it’s called a Harris StingRay and there’s something that can
basically they’re sold to Law Enforcement so they can like you know
monitor text messages in and out and all the different phone calls from a select
cell tower but the people that are selling this equipment they’ll sell it
to both law enforcement and they’ll sell it to criminals they don’t care and I
guess they must see it is that you know they’re creating problems and that they
have then they have people that they can sell it to to solve those problems so as
the dealer of all the wireless equipment they don’t seem to care so I don’t know
you know that’s just something I’ve heard now when I looked into SOLiD
Technologies you know I kind of found some connections to this this guy Seth
Buechley which frankly kind of sounds like an InfraGuard name you know
frankly it actually sounds like they’re combining a few different people’s names
into one and creating a separate personality but I need to do more
research to prove if that’s the case but when I track the address down I was
really surprised to learn that SOLiD Technologies which has been a pretty
large In-Building System manufacturer amplifiers and that type of thing fiber
optic paths that they were based in of all places now again I need somebody to
verify this to see if this record systems lying to me but said that it was
in Winston Oregon near Roseburg and so when I zoomed in on that address out
there I was like well wow look at this it’s this neighborhood and you know it
looks like they were able to name the streets because right next to this guy
that sells this type of equipment is there is a road called Kangaroo Court.
Now I got to tell you knowing that a person designs these types of systems
and they claim that they they’re part of a safer buildings coalitions that’s for
public safety people and is allegedly selling to municipalities and other
groups for them to place their business headquarters and main address for the
equipment next to a road called Kangaroo Court which those are not from the
United States or maybe unfamiliar with the colloquialism is it means that
you’re being framed you’re being set up you’re being lied about and they’re
intentionally quote-unquote “railroading” you which means you know just – they’re
lying about you to get you locked up to where you don’t get a fair trial or what
some of the Germans like to call an “Unrechtsstaat” meaning an “un-right state” it
means a state of injustice where injustice is expected and by the way one of the
people that may be connected to GK Sierra seems to brag openly that they’re
creating an Unrechtsstaat so I thought that was worth noting so there’s other
aspects of this that are gonna tie back to people have historically made
reference to a “Looking Glass” and if you notice that “Lookingglass” is near
Highway 42 out in Winston Oregon and Green, Oregon – I don’t want to get into
that right now I’ll cover it on another topic but yes for those who committed
with my other interviews you must know how those stories parallel but just so
you know I think that that’s kind of a PSYOP from that group just so you and
I’ll explain that later, but let’s get into technical specs because I want to
talk about the hardware that’s being used it seems like you know beyond the
the DAS that you have some graphics cards and PC parts that involve RAM
upgrades, modules, and a high-end graphics card, typically I see them
referenced, often times the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or 1070 Founders Edition, Ti and Titan Edition so if you recall from before I
talked about you know how there’s a SOLiD Titan series 20 watt amplifier? I
think there may be some interactions that they’ve whoever’s doing this they
may have developed script files or something that mirrors or matches these
two or marries these parts together in a way that you know where a person would
just they would they knew if they buy a Titan card a Titan amplifier and all
these other things and then run a Titan software program that it’ll work because
you have to remember these are designed for non-technical professionals and
actors and actresses so they’re gonna try to find things that are as simple as
possible to reference and so when you add into that an abundance of
programming available that claims to be TITAN-this and TITAN-that it
starts to become a little bit more coincidental you start realizing that
one of their methodologies is that they pass data using streaming video and
audio and I’ll get into that topic another time but the point is is that
these graphics cards have a lot of different capabilities right and this is
kind of where it gets sinister because they really are kind of an
all-encompassing kind of PSYOP device if used improperly now what they’re
designed for is like this one in particular is designed to do like VR
virtual reality lab environments where a person can wear like those helmets and
stay inside the VR lab and walk around in a VR lab and they can offer that in
like 4k processing high-definition video so it’s really designed for people that
have high end monitors that do 4k signal processing to do special effects
that do Face Swap technology of more of a filmmaking or amateur filmmaking
design but they can create very hyper realistic looking digital evidence
meaning that if they wanted to create perceptions on top of everything else
that a person was doing something that they weren’t they could do it easily
with this technology that kind of integrates concepts of Face Swap and and
video processing using what is called the
ARC which is the Advanced Rendering Center division of Nvidia and the Dice
which isn’t that interesting that it’s ARC & Dice and that there’s a character
named Mark Dice so I thought that was worth noting but back to the hardware
here the the cards that I’ve seen are capable of being signal generators so
what that means to me in the wireless industry is that I’m looking at this
graphics card just thinking that it’s doing regular graphics processing but as
a signal you know person who’s used to dealing with radio frequency I kind of
look in there and go oh wait a second the boost clock the memory clock all
these things are showing that they have signals that are in the megahertz (MHz) range
that or the gigahertz (GHz) range of frequencies that I used to work with you
know and so that of course piques my interest because if I see that there’s a
boost clock that runs you know however many megahertz (MHz) and I noticed that those
many megahertz (MHz) you know that frequency band is also being used by AWS service
which is used for high-speed you know 4G wireless data it’s kind of interesting
because it kind of reinforces the idea that if a graphics card is capable of
being a signal generator and passing all these different bands from
you know the low megahertz (MHz) range all the way up to you know 10 plus gigahertz (GHz)
then it kind of has built into but all the graphics, as a
graphics card, it also has all the abilities to mimic a signal generator
and then when you add into that that some of them are named Titan and that
there’s Titan 20 watt amplifiers and that these amplifiers are multi channel
amplifiers what that means to the layman out there is that these cards can pass
multiple different frequencies multiple different bands into these amplifiers
and then those amplifiers will re-radiate them meaning they’ll amplify
them and send them through whatever antenna this person selects so that
could be used for telecommunications purposes that’s what they were used in
–In-Building System Performance group the like when I was there those are the
type of systems we installed where the antenna functioned as a Cell[ular] signal
right you know okay I could if I have my phone inside this place I can make a
Cell[ular] signal better you know cell[ular] call better but what these people do is is
they have hacks in that will go into the power grid and they have in-wall antenna
in some cases installed that will just send dirty electricity and magnetic
resonance and magnetic fields and electrical fields into the room to where
it has an arcing effect and basically sends a low-volt tasing signal to their
target. This happens to me actually, it’s it’s happening to me as I’m recording
this just so you know I’m used to it now okay but no it’s a it’s very
uncomfortable it’s extremely painful at times they can target specific parts of
your body like I’m a man so they target my testicles frequently or they’ll
target my throat these are designed to send I believe messages you know and
again guys I wish I could tell you that this was a something that I’m just
saying but I feel it okay I’m not I’ve measured signals I’ve taken magnetic
resonance readings and I can share those with people another presentation but
these are real systems that are happening and it seems to be the way
they’re working is arcing a person as a method of low-volt tasing and it seems to me
that these graphics cards have all the abilities to do it because while they’re
inside the PC they’re also plugged into the 60 Hertz signal source and so if
they operate at 60 Hertz and 60 Hertz is what your electricity is operating at
they can generate a signal through it then this kind of would explain the
bridge to the out external operatives that have vehicles that pull up right
because that’s basically designed to add another signal source in to amplify the
power or to play hot potato with the signals if anybody’s researching it
right so if you think about it a person with a graphics card on the inside they
would just be sending a signal to a specific outlet so say they’re in Room
One. They would send that signal to Room Two where their target is now the person
from HAMMER or one of these similar types of ops that are doing HAM radio
would park outside – they would know to aim their antenna at the window of
Bedroom Two to match the signal that’s being generated from the PC in Room One
you see and that’s how I think they’re creating the arc potentially but again
this is based on some signal measurements but I need to have more
sophisticated equipment to definitively define these things so I’m not prepared
to tell you every single signal and everything but just to let you know I
have created or rather I’ve I have lots of slides to prove that
there’s electrical fields magnetic fields and I show you what they look
like next to the signal sources so that’s relevant because it seems like
water heaters are being integrated into the systems and they use these parts
called “” and I’ve seen this on more than one system and it’s this blue
ring that stays on the top and then it seems like there’s a hack into the water
heater but because I’m not a plumber or an electrician I don’t really know that
precise mechanisms of how they’re doing it except that it just looks anomalous
to me and whenever I’m experiencing a low volt tase I can bring my test
equipment back to the water heater where all these parts are and measure very
strong magnetic resonance and Electric magnetic fields and electrical fields
exceeding the levels of day of extremely dangerous meaning I believe 500 nano-Tesla (nT) is the measurement for safety on a magnetic field and I can sometimes max
the meter out by putting it near some of these devices that I think are the
signal sources or the walls and sometimes like from the wall I’m getting
around you know 1000 or sometimes it’ll even max out the meter at over
2,000 (nT) nano-Tesla, so it’s pretty serious and again I can show you my electrical
arc burns to prove that it does happen so so that’s relevant because you know
in addition to that all those capabilities the one thing I have not
mentioned to you yet is that these crypto currency companies this is their
core hardware, is NVIDIA graphics cards. This is what they use to do their mining
operations. This is what every company that has a exchange is using they’re
using Nvidia graphics cards so in addition to being capable being a signal
generator, e-femtocell being used to create digital evidence,
Face Swap Technology, now you add in cryptocurrency into it it seems like
it’s an all-encompassing geek device to do a lot of nefarious activities if a
person isn’t being monitored carefully you know so getting back to the software
I’m gonna cover more of these topics in detail I’m just trying to give you more
of a broad overview here but the software platforms that I’m noticing
that they’re using is as far as the gaming goes has a strong emphasis on
Steam by Valve Corporation.They’re a company based in Bellevue Washington
that’s interesting to me because the city of Bellevue where Steam by Valve
Corporation is located has a pretty extensive (DAS) Distributed Antenna System
project that they did and partnered with SOLiD Technologies on, so it kind of
seems like less of a coincidence that all these groups are working together
and because I happen to know somebody that had a relationship with the City of
Bellevue. I happen to know somebody that seems to be using Steam by Valve
Corporation software a great deal. I also seem to know people that have
exploits into energy grids potentially The marriage of all these
coincidences just don’t feel very coincidental but I’m willing to sidestep
that topic for the time being but the point is is that the software Steam by Valve Corporation also has a connection to this term Nexus alright
and I want to get into that in more detail here really quick and I’ll go
into further detail later but the point is is that Nexus is like a common word
that they’re using okay and the first thing they do is is that in Steam by
Valve corporation there’s this company or a group called “Nexus Mods” well I
noticed that there’s some strange anomalies that those mods is a lot of
times are just like voice files or face files or you know what I’m saying and so
it occurred to me that this is probably the way they’re doing Face Swap and
creating digital evidence or faking people’s voices to the people they’re
doing this to is they just blend it in the gaming environment download the
Nexus mod-file and it has the person’s voice that is going to be the target or
whoever they’re trying to fool so say if somebody wants to pretend to be like I
don’t know a relative like your your uncle or aunt or something like that
they could easily just do it by having a small sample of that person’s voice as a
Nexus mod file then they add it into their gaming environment and so the
person just sits there you know pretending that they’re under control or
playing a game and that they’re talking to a friend or something like that but
they could actually be creating a disinformation clip and you wouldn’t
have any clue because they’re blending it into the background you see and
they’re using a graphics card it just seems like they’re playing a video game
you understand and it’s not just that it’s that I started noticing that
there’s a Nexus Valve company that offers these parts that say
There’s a “NEX-I-US” that does installation of in building systems like this that
are incapable of arcing a person electrically and
once I followed that company back guess where it wound up. Guess where I found
Nexius at, Leidos and Leidos is spun off from SAIC which is Science
Applications International Corporation and now we’re back to Bob Beyster and his
troubling history and we’re back to how all this connects the Department of
Energy the Mission Alliance potentially because you know Alliance parts, Alliance
amplifiers, Titan parts, Titan amplifiers you know I don’t know if these are just
exploits that somebody else determined and they thought that they would add in
you know his naming conventions or for it was always part of it or maybe it’s
just a coincidence you know it could be any of those but once you start seeing
how all these things tie together and and the way they they seem to be
interacting it won’t seem like much of a coincidence and I think I’m gonna end it
there for now but what I’m gonna do is is a keep in mind some of the naming
conventions I’m going to get into more esoteric data probably in the next
series because a lot of the people that are involved with this are occultists
okay and I’m trying to separate that material because I know that some people
see the word Nazi or occultist and they freak out you know it’s sort of like
nobody wants to come near certain words they’re like buzzwords. You know, I’m
not gonna tell you they’re all Nazis or even occultists necessarily but there’s a
thread and a pattern of this Nazi occultism that seems to be within these
groups and if it is connected to these folks I don’t know you know I’m just
saying this is might be a way that they it could be done you know and because
there seems to be patterns right in front of me that indicate that this is
how it’s done you know I at least have to share with
people in the most respectful way that I can without assumption of guilt it’s
just that you know I’m seeing these things and I am measuring them with a
signal meter you know I’m actually and as cheap as my equipment is my EM (Electro-Magnetic)
meter is about a $500 meter so it’s pretty decent as far as meters go for
measuring e/m fields electromagnetic fields just for the record some of my
equipments kind of cheap but that one’s a pretty decent meter altogether so I
don’t know I think this is worth looking into more
and when you combine this whole campus type scenario and the fact that it gives
them the ability to send low-volt tases and arcs through the walls without a
person knowing it unless they have very sophisticated equipment to measure it
you know you can see this is if this model is being used in in different
places you can see the how bad it could be I just wanted you to think in
terms of like what happens to your relatives when you send them to an
elderly home how do you know that somebody’s not going to install a system
like this that arcs them in the middle of the night just so they can accelerate
their death you don’t know and there’s people that have that kind of cruelty
because the way these get these systems work is when the controller is tapped it
sends that signal to the wall and sends a low-volt tase to the person so a person
can literally be sitting there playing a video game
and having it blend in as a video game but they’re actually tasing a person in a
separate room and the way these systems are designed is that they can select
which room which apartment which house I mean if it’s a campus design yeah they
can get right down to a node, an IP address, a radio number and everything. Do
you understand? and please trust me on this one when it
comes to like the technical validation on it it is all I’m gonna ask you and if
you want me to provide more slides I’m not just gonna tell you to trust me on a
hat I’m just gonna say that just because I don’t have every detail about how this
works doesn’t mean that it’s not happening this way I am feeling a low
tasing – volt tasing here this does seem to be happening I’ve received reports from
many other people that this is happening to them and I’m just trying to
understand why is it allowed and then it occurred to me that yeah they’ve
developed some type of psychological warfare campaign on their targets to
basically convince people on the outside that whoever this person is that they’re
doing it to deserves it but if you knew what I knew about some of the people
that were creating these programs and running these systems you would be very
disturbed that you’ve trusted their data sets and that’s about as much as I want
to expand upon that at this moment except to say that anybody who would
like to have a personal conversation with me and any of these people in a
secure environment it with law enforcement I’d be happy to do that if
it’s about security credentials and things like that because this is two
serious guys they could be putting these things into (children) day cares
and then once you integrate VR (virtual reality) Lab environments into that it gets super
disturbing you got to think about what these people
are into okay it’s very I need you to really start taking some of these things
seriously involving these systems because they are creating their own “Arkowitz” you know it’s their inside joke okay I
see it in reddit boards it’s on there they’re using computers, Signal
Generators, Intelligent Transportation Systems in cars – a whole other topic. A
lot of different methodologies to create these low-volt tases because they’re
extremely difficult to detect without the right kind of hardware and after you
do try to complain about it try to report it try to inform somebody that is
this happening because that’s what we’re dealing with right now it’s so esoteric
in nature and it’s not been officially discussed that nobody even knows where
to go to tell and the FCC I don’t know Law Enforcement? We’re gonna have to
figure this out together everybody, but these aren’t happening to people under
just circumstances in case that’s what people are under the illusion of I’m
sure some people may deserve to be low volt tased but I can tell you that there’s
got to be a lot of people this is happening to who really don’t deserve it
okay so that’s all I’d like to say on that for now I will be presenting more
information on this but I would encourage anybody from law enforcement
or any intelligence agencies that want to have a private conversation with me
about specifics and people that could potentially be involved with this I do
have a pretty extensive list a lot of screenshots a lot of slides a lot of
personal corroborative evidence that I can demonstrate to you that would lead
you to the people potentially that could be doing this so I would really
appreciate a little bit more attention on it in regards to that or at least for
that for you to make some to attempt to understand the technical concepts or
reach out to me to explain them better to you if you don’t thank you

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  1. I am not a honeypot… I do resonate with sexual power through healing harmonics, but I am not looking for that… th e world is not quite ready for that level yet.

  2. They are also MK-ULTRA Project Monarch assets…
    Corey GOODE!!! INFRAGUARD!!!
    The various personalities can be programmed to have various "disabilities"… and sooo much more.

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