100 thoughts on “Thekkady to Trivandrum, Kerala 200 km food journey Episode 7

  1. Thank you sir for such a good info about food i would like to Share a one good eating joint in govindpuri kalkaji in front of gali no 4 opposite vijay sales sardar ji pakore wale purani shop

  2. Harishji I visited Kerala 12 years back but didn't get much time to explore this beautiful state but after watching this series I am eager to visit kerala again and would do so soon…..Great work ….Keep it up

  3. आपने 24घंटे भूखे रहते हो क्या लीवर खराब हो जायेगा कम खाया करो भाई

  4. Rice Puttu mixed with crushed pappad, boiled moong daal (solid) and a little sugar is another delicious combination.

  5. kehne ka matlab yeh hai…. 😉 ki kuch to aisa hai ki maine aaj hi aaj me aapke 5 kerala vdos dekh daale back 2 back….. aur kehne ka matlab yeh hai …..ki although m 100 % vegetarian toh b muje aapki nonveg dishes banti dekh k aur uske taste ka description sun k aapke expressions dekh k maza sa aa rha hai…. lekin kehne ka matlab yeh nahi hai k 🙂 main nonveg khana shuru kar dunga . maza aya sirji.

  6. Sir, there is an order to which food is served in the south because there is an sequence to which food is eaten. Eg., curd rice last to facilitate digestive processes. It’s nice to see you enjoy South Indian food so much!

  7. Kerala is "Demons Own country"…People from different states are looted like anything….be it the hotel or restaurant or Rickshaw wala ….Somehow thye want to make maney..Kerala has lost its charm..

  8. Visa explore is a great channel…you are the best….how can you are exploring this….so good

  9. Sir app Jo rice pathiri kha rahe hai….woo assam mai bhi milte hai…Assam mai "Ghila Pitha" Bolte hai

  10. Bali sab maito aapka video dekhnese pahele like kar deta hu..keet it the good work sir…just love ur videos

  11. Bali sir,

    I compared ur Kerala and Assam looks

    U look younger in Assam tour compare to Kerala tour

    Reason :
    1. Kerala short hair and Assam medium hair
    2. U losed some weight during Assam tour
    3. U wore shirts in Assam which suits ur personality
    4. Ur face expression showed that u enjoyed Assam more compare to Kerala… U was more relaxed and free in Assam

  12. Neyyappam snacks ko humlogo ka assamese mai ghila pitha bolte he or jadator ye snacks bihu festival pe banaya jata he… same ingredients …..Great video sir….. Beautiful Kerala…..👍👍👌👌

  13. Sir it is suggested that tapioca should not be eaten raw due to poisoness properties into it. That's the reason tapioca is boiled well so that the poison properties can come out.

  14. Sir hats off to you for enjoying Kerala food with your hand & appreciating the local cuisine, the sadya style & stuff made of coconut which is very difficult for an north indian to do

  15. U touched each and every corner of Kerala ,im a big fan of u Harish ji!
    U r great,really enjoyed ur trip,nice keep it up !

  16. बहुत खूब हरी भैयाजी आनंद ही आनंद खुश रहें 🌺🌹

  17. When we boil tapioca first we remove the water 💧in which it is cooked we give for children also nobody died of tapioca poisoning

  18. आपके वीडियो देख कर मुँह में पानी आ जाता है, मतलब ये है कि" too good". 😊
    एक बात आपकी जानकारी के लिए की अगर आपने खाने के बाद केले के पत्ते को अपने साइड फोल्ड किया तो इसका मतलब आपको खाना पसंद आया और opposite side फोल्ड किया तो पसंद नही आया ।
    Enjoying your videos.

  19. ऐसा मैंने notice किया है आप खाने के साथ पानी नही पीते क्या कभी देखा नही 😜

  20. Please visit vijayawada for evening snacks of street vendars near satyanarayana puram and ask for "punugulu, mirchi baggi" few yards away from shivaji cafe. best taste of all the way you travel. you never get this type of taste anywhere in india.

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