Thermal Mass Flow Meter | The Prime by Sage Metering | Natural Gas Flowmeter

Hello! I’m Bob Steinberg, president of Sage
Metering, the manufacturer of high-performance thermal
mass flow meters for gas flow; offering a wide variety of inline and insertion
mass flow meters. Today, I’d like to demonstrate our most popular product,
the Sage Prime®. The Prime is frequently used to measure flow
rate and consumption in a wide variety of applications,
such as monitoring compressed air or natural gas flow for energy management
or to submeter gas for cost allocation. Our meters are also installed to monitor digester
gas or biogas for carbon credits,
to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A few other applications include vent air,
combustion air, and some common flare gas applications.
Sage has been a pioneer in technology development, having brought the first hybrid digital bridge
circuit to the industry over ten years ago,
thus providing a quantum leap in flow meter performance
and long-term reproducibility. We also introduced the high-contrast, easy-to-read graphical
display of the Sage Prime, with its compact design, low-power dissipation
high resolution and wide rangeability. Perhaps our most notable contribution to the
industry was the introduction over five years ago of the in-situ calibration
check which eliminates the cost and inconvenience
of periodic factory recalibrations. This three-minute
check at a no flow condition is reliable, regardless
of the test gas temperature and assures that your sensor is clean, and
that the flow meter hasn’t drifted, shifted, or changed since its initial
NIST Traceable factory calibration. I will now demonstrate an insertion flow
meter. Insertion flow meters are easy to install
and very cost-effective and are available for pipes one inch and up.
Here is an integral version of the insertion style Sage Prime.
Note the display. As you can see it displays mass flow rate,
totalized flow, and temperature, as well as providing a graphical percentage of
full-scale. In addition, there are readings in milliwatts
in the top left corner representing the raw calibration output;
it can be used for diagnostics and most importantly to verify the meter’s calibration during the
in-situ calibration procedure. One of the most important features of the
Sage Prime, in fact all of the Sage flow meters, is the
extreme sensitivity. You can see that the meter reads flow,
even if I simply wave my hand near the sensor. This is due to the proprietary circuit that
has a resolution of up to 1000:1 and a one second response time. In contrast,
some other thermal mass flow meter manufacturers have a response time of at
least 15 seconds and require a low-end flow limit or cut off.
The outputs on the Primer are accessed from a separate rear compartment
and provide 4-20 milliamps proportional to mass flow rate,
pulsed outputs of totalized flow, Modbus Communications or optionally, HART. You can see how compact
the design is, with dimensions of 4½ X 4½ X 4½ inches;
a real benefit in tight spaces. So let me summarize. Sage is a pioneer in
flow meter technology development, and we provide accurate
and repeatable thermal mass flow meters for gas flow and consumption
with innovative features long-term stability and a true method to validate calibrations.
All this at an affordable price, on-time delivery, and
dedicated customer support. Thank you for your time.

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