THICC 120 METER ROD TITAN EXPLAINED! | Attack on Titan Season 3 Colossal Titan Theory

Why is Rod’s 120 meter Titan so thick and
extra juicy? So what’s up guys Foxen here! Time to fully explain what the hell
happened to Rod. What gave birth to this beyond colossal Titan? I’ma going depth
into a lot of the questions you’ve been asking. To start this off you had Rod
Reiss that Historia had broken away from. This guy was crawling like a roach
over to the Spill Titan batter on the ground. Somehow of this resulted in the
120 meter class Titan. What in the Titan world happened? As we get deeper into
this just know that you won’t be getting into the juicy details of the Titan lore.
I’ll try to avoid any unnecessary spoilers specifically one major one.
Before getting into the meat of this let me address one popular question and
confusion I seen about Rod’s Titan form. I’ve seen this so much. Rod’s Titan form is twice or bigger than the Colossal Titan. That means Ross Titan is the
Titan shifter right?Ssorry to break it to you but Rod is not a Titan shifter at
all. There’s actually nine special Titans total, however Rod’s Titan is not among them and talking about the size, is this thing
really twice the colossal Titan size? To be honest they may look way bigger in
the anime. The official attack on Titan guidebook
revealed this thing to be 120 meters high by 40 meters wide. That 120 meters
does come from when this monster is standing upright as much as possible
anyway. Next up a quick fun one. Why the hell is Rod’s Titan called the turkey
Titan. if your anime only I totally get your confusion. Usually there’s been some
fan name given to special Titans especially when no official one has
been given out. For example fans referred to the Titan that crunched on Eren’s
mother as a smiling Titan. For Rod’s 120 meter Titan fans named this the turkey
Titan. The reason is due to his Titan appearance in the first
chapter and then you had a whole bunch of fan art that followed. Rod’s Titan has
actually been known as a turkey Titan for almost four years now although to be
fair he doesn’t really look like a turkey anymore.
You’ll see the name sticks around! Next question up why does Rod’s Titan set
stuff on fire? To answer this recall that they have
noted that a mindless Titan body does have high temperatures. Recall
from season one he saw Hange’s brief experiment on eren’s Titan. She got a
first-hand experience at just how hot a skinless Titan really is. Now take the
small burning Titan hand then multiply it by a few thousand times. Suddenly you
get this abomination from hell. Rod’s Titan is a crawling furnace. It’s
literally roasting itself. Next topic up is an interesting one why can Rod’s Titan move at night time? So far throughout the series you seen Titan so
far be more or less solar-powered. They don’t move at night time although this
does vary from Titan to Titan.Tthe one exception to this are Titans being
commanded by the Beast Titan. The Beast Titan has revealed later
on that any Titan created by him are not bound by this sunlight rule however
his timers are only able to move whenever there is a full moon. This is
the key. Notice something quietly added a few episodes ago? On their way to Rod’s
church they randomly cut to a full moon. hmm Perhaps not so random after all. You
may then be wondering what’s the deal with Rod then? Rod was not created by the
beast Titan. For this there’s two very likely explanations. The first involves
the fact that Rod was from the royal blood family. There’s been a popular
theory for years a Titans born from the royal bloodline are a bit abnormal.
Without getting too deep into this just know that the smiling Titan that killed
Eren’s mother Carla and then appeared again at the end of season 2 this
smiling Titan was born from the royal bloodline. Rod himself being from the royalblood line could help trigger this abnormal Titan trait. As for the second
option which i think is much more likely this get see deep into stuff about the
Beast Titan. The human Zeke who controls the beast Titan is from the royal blood
family. You heard me mention how Titan Zeke creates follow his command and are
able to move under a full moon. The explanation given to this in the manga
is totally due to his royal blood. The previous beast Titan holder did not have
this ability. Now look back at Rod it’s almost guaranteed that their Titan
syringes were made from their own Titans in other words Titans with royal blood
juices. This means Titan created by the Reiss
family would have had similar traits to those created by the Beast Titan. One of
those being able to move under full moon. Next up time for the main
course how did this beyond colossal Titan even become a thing? For this I had to
bring up the current popular explanation: Oh this monster came about because Rod
elected instead of injecting it that’s the reason he turned into this 120 meter
Titan instead of a normal five to ten mindless Titan. Let’s think about this
for a moment so you’re telling me if you slurp up some Titan juices then you
magically become this Titan that’s ten times the normal size? Take into account that
you get fewer of this liquid via this tongue action. hmmSsome things about this
just do not add up. Not for me anyway and I’m sure a lot of you could feel that
something is off here to an extension to this is the huge thing. A lot of you are
wondering Rod claimed that he shouldn’t be allowed to become a Titan in other
words Rod knew that he would become this Titan monstrosity. Alright so time
to tear this apart here’s the reality. Rod was a freaking coward instead of
inherent in the founding titan for himself Rod was willing to sacrifice his
children instead. You may be wondering why? Rhis goes deeper into the secret
regarding the Titan shifters. There’s a little something called the Curse of
Ymir that affects every Titan holder. Why do the powers need to be passed down
so frequently? tThis is due to this curse. The key important part is that anyone
that becomes a Titan shifter will die 13 years after inheriting the power and
just to be clear Rod did know about this 13 year curse restriction. Since you
know their whole Titan transfer ritual took place every 13 years.
Notice how conveniently he left this part out when talking to Historia. So
why did Rod not want to take the power? His ass didn’t want to die a decade or
so later and to be honest I can’t blame him too much. On top of this Isayama
has given more insight about this. In the past attack on titan answer guidebook a
question regarding Rod Reiss came up. Isayama claimed that Rod thought that
his mission on earth as a human was to have more royal blood kids. Well Rod did
get around so i guess he stayed true to his name. Anyway for an actual explanation
to the 120 meter size. This is going into the attack on titan theory territory.
i’ve actually had a theory for this for a long time.
To explain what exactly happened to Rod there’s a whole lot of factors that come
into play here. First off let’s examine the Titan
syringe that Rod picked out for Historia. This was actually something that got cut
out from the anime. The titan potion bottle actually has some writings in the
manga. This translated into “Saikyo no Kyojin” which means the “Strongest titan”
in japanese. Just know that there have been other titan syringes in the manga
so far the other has translated into normal titan. Keep this in mind. So far no
surprises here. Rod did claimed he chose the titan for
Historia most suited for battle or fighting. This is another key.
Fast-forward later use only get this big-ass Titan twice the size of the
colossal Titan. hmm Let’s think about this which Titan is the strongest and
would be most suited for battle? Oh and it has to be huge too? You might have
thought of it. Bingo! The strongest Titan that Rod was actually referring to
is the Colossal Titan. Perhaps you may not be convinced but there is a mountain
of evidence. Now that Rod colossal titan has appeared in the anime you could
actually see his Titan mid-transformation. The first key trait
to notice is the red skin color. Which other Titan has this red color? There’s
really only ever been one which has the infamous colossal Titan. If you ever
looked at a Titan 2 min transformation for example young Eren’s Titan, this
thing clearly still has skin and a normal skin color. It’s not red. A second
key thing to notice about Rod’s mid transformation it’s is Titan lacking
anything here? Rod was getting up there in age although I highly doubt that was
a toupee he was sporting. Every other Titan has kept their old hairstyle from
their human form. Once again if you look at Eren mid-transformation his hair is
kept in place. Now it back at Rod mid-transformation. Suddenly completely
bald. I’m sure you notice it’s a trait from the
colossal Titans. You can be sure that the wall Colossus of Titans are also
hairless. It may be hard to tell from the ones taking out from the wall however
each reference in the manga about the colossal Titan Stampede always shows
them looking like the OG Colossal Titan from episode 1. Next up Colossal trait
number 3 which is those glowing Titan markings on the huge long Rod.
Doesn’t that look familiar? It’s actually harder to tell from the original Colossal Titan from Season one since that thing was hand-drawn. However compare
this to the CG colossal titan from season two. Bingo you got a perfect match.
You can bet you’ll see something similar to this CG Rod Titan and done for the
Colossal Titan later in season three. Colossal key trait number four notice
how Rod’s Titan sets everything ablaze just by being near. It this is actually
something unique to the colossal Titan that’ll show up later in season three.
Bet’s colossal Titan was making things lit simply by walking next to them.
Colossal key number five keep in mind that the walls are filled with millions
of these so there’s clearly a way to mass-produce mindless versions of these. The
creator of the Colossal titans and the walls was originally the Reiss family. No
surprise at all that they will have leftover colossal Titan syringes however
you might then be wondering does this all reduce how special the Colossal
Titan shifter is? To be fair the colossal Titan is still quite powerful. Later on
in the manga the Colossal Titan is actually refered to as the “God of
Destruction”. Mindless colossal Titans cannot nuke the area like the colossal
titan shifter is able to. You could also look at it in a different way. Just take
a look at Eren’s Titan, the jaws Titan and Annie’s Titan. Are these Titan is
really that much more different that similar sized mindless Titans? Without their
certain special abilities like crystals or claws or the jaws they’re basically
on the same level as mindless Titans give or take. Recall back how Eren’s Titan and
the Jaws Titan almost got killed by mindless Titan multiple times too. I see this being
similar to the colossal Titan. Picture at the Colossal Titan shifter versus a
perhaps weaker wall one. You could bet that the colossal Titan shifter wins but
how about the Colossal Titan shifter versus two three or more? Without calling on the
nuke I’m not too sure about that. Anyway I think at this point it is a
confirmation that the strongest Titan that Rod was referring to was a Colossal
Titan. The question you might be asking now is how the hell did that colossal
Titan become that monstrosity? Now you’re getting into the actual Titan theory. A
possible explanation for this goes back to how the Titan syringe was used by Rod
in the past. Youu have seen Eren, História and Frieda become Titans via this
armed injection. In Ymir’s flashback they also showed her getting injected in the
back or neck area. Rod on the other hand quickly slurped up some Titan batter
then boom! iInstant Titan and double the size of the colossal Titan at that. I do
think that’s weird way he into it caused it but it wasn’t everything.
Rod’s colossal Titan was mutated and deformed. I actually think it could be
due to Rod stopping mid Titan transformation and then you got the
sudden blowback that occurred. If you look back at Grisha’s titan
transformation mid-transformation it looks pretty similar to the rib cage
ever you later see on Rod’s Titan when he’s standing on the wal.l I know you
could argue that Rod’s Titan stomach looks like this just due to itself being
dragged on the ground however I really think that Isayama made this shot
like this on purpose. Isayama is a master of the subtle details like this.
Do you also notice how Rod’s Titan even has organs. This further fuels the theory
that Rod’s transformation got messed up. For whatever reason the process stopped
Midway producing this mess. The question now becomes why did this Titan stop
Midway? Even if this wasn’t the case entirely why was this colossal Titan so
horribly mutated? This is where the Titan syringe could be a factor. Whether you
injected yourself in the wrong spot, in took the Titan juices the wrong way, just
like how Rod did, or whether you took too much, not enough or just had a bad
batch, this is very likely a factor to producing a screwed up mutated Titan.
However there’s even more things to consider. How about whether the human was
from the royal blood family. Surely this would affect the resulting Titan in some
way. There was that popular theory from earlier that I mentioned about royal
blood humans producing abnormal Titans. And how about the physical state of the
person? Just before Rod’s Titanization his lovely daughter Historia broke
Papa’s back. The resulting Titan just happened to not be able to walk on two
legs. Coincidence? Perhaps. Even if you ignore Rod’s back problems manga Rod
actually had his hands sliced up thanks to Kenny which he had over the Titan
juices before his transformation. This goes back to the idea of taking the
Titan liquids incorrectly and talking about physical state how about a person’s
mental state? This is a theory I touched on before about how a person’s final
influence the resulting Titan and this is pretty similar to how Eren needed a goal
for his Titan transformations. So what exactly is the reason? Since Isayama
hasn’t revealed all the Titan mysteries for now you could only be sure that it’s
a mixture of all of the above. Anyway back to Rod’s mutated Titan consider the
case that Rod used the normal Titan syringe on himself. Without any issues he
would have become a normal Titan up to 15 meters however there have been two
notable examples of deformed Titans. One of these has been Connie’s mother from
season 2. The second was this poor crawling Titan the survey corps found
outside of Wall Maria. Notice how both of them has small limbs
and quite the huge midsection. Flip both of these over like flapjacks then
suddenly they start to resemble Rod’s deform colossal Titan now consider Rod
taking in the strongest Titan syringe without any problems. He would have
gotten this mindless colossal Titan similar to the ones inside of the walls.
Unfortunately for Rod the result ended up being something similar to the other
2 deformed mindless Titans only in jumbo colossal Titan form. You may now be
wondering why the hell did Rod want Historia to become a colossal Titan? At
this one in a story the founding Titan had been stolen by some mysterious man
from beyond the walls. The warriors were also breaking down each of their walls.
The time line between the Colossal Titan busting down walls Rose gate up until
now has only been a couple weeks at most. Rod was sweating freaking bullets. He had
to do something. Combine this with how ignorant Rod truly was about the Titans
and just their world overall. Think about all the things that Rod toward Historia.
If you’re a manga reader you know how much rRd did not know you! As a manga
reader you know more than Rod ever did. You even heard Kenny drop a line about how Rod
didn’t know crap about the Titans! I really don’t think this was Isayama
randomly throwing it in either. All right so let’s piece everything together. Why
did Rob become this colossal Titan mutation? A desperate Rod was overjoyed
that he finally got the founding Titan back. The cherry on top was that he still
had one royal blood child to sacrifice. His ass didn’t have to do the honors
himself. After Rod heard about the rebellion within wall Sina
combined with the Warriors latest attack only a few weeks ago he’s
getting super worried. Why not use the strongest Titan on Historia to teach them
a lesson? Rod Titan ignorance meant he had no
idea that the strongest titan was actually a huge 60 meter class Titan. One
that you wouldn’t only want appearing in this crystal cave,
however after Historia rejected him Rod was the desperate as he ever been in his
life. Rod was about to be killed or captured by Eren’s Titan, Kenny’s dagger
Historia’s bodyslam, or the incoming survey Corps or worse Rod would have
been strapped into the one-way ticket into Zachary’s gift to humanity. This is
why Rod’s tongue action kicked in. Unfortunately due to the strange
combination of various factors Rod didn’t become a colossal Titan but this
deformed mutated colossal Titan instead. So thanks Rod now the survey Corps have
more of a mess to clear up but hey that’s just an attack on Titan theory, a Titan theory!
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