(audience applauding)
So, what image pops in your head when you hear the word powerlifter? (panel laughing)
(audience whooping) I bet it isn’t a 97-year-old woman. No.
(audience gasping) Well Edith, she is a very feisty 97-year-old from Florida. (audience applauding) She’s breaking all types of stereotypes. She started powerlifting at 91. Wow. She can bench press 150 pounds. She even has a competition that’s named after her, the Edith Traina Inspirational Open.
I love her. Right now I love her. (laughs)
That is girl power! That is girl power! My hero. My hero.
I guess it’s never too late. We know women’s health, it’s so important to incorporate weight training, resistance training, well, Edith– Keep those bones strong. Yeah, no, but, this is amazing. I actually just wrote an article about this. About, you know, because it does get more challenging to build muscle after 50, but you’re losing like 3-5% of muscle each decade. After 30.
And it starts accelerating in your fifties, sixties, seventies. There’s research done at 20 years ago that showed that you can still build muscle into your 90s and she is living proof of that. But what I love is she hopes to deadlift 200 pounds before she turns 100. She’s 97 and she’s still making long term plans.
Getting stronger. Don’t you love that?
Yeah! (audience applauding)
Amazing, that’s amazing. Edith, you really are impressive.

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