THIS Amazing Trick with Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags fantastic product but
unfortunately they’re not one-size-fits-all, especially if you have
little gizmos gadgets or small trinket that you’re trying to package up so much
bag for so little items so for this video I’m going to show you how you can
modify your Ziploc bags to be any size or shape you want. not sponsored by
Ziploc but I wish it was. now one quart freezer bags like these
are made of polyethylene which is a lightweight plastic polymer and it can
be melted which means if we took something long thin and made of metal
like these old metal coat hangers we should see theoretically be able to heat
them up and cut our bags in half now if you’re wondering where you can even get
these metal coat hangers anymore just try stopping by your local dry cleaners
they’ll probably give them to you for free if not four for a buck now we’re also going
to need some kind of a cloth or a towel and you’re going to want one that is not
super meaningful to you because it’s going to get scorched it’s going to get
burned and it’s probably gonna get covered in plastic as well I’m using one
of these shop rags and its purpose is just to provide a little bit of cushion
now what we want to do with our rag is set it down on the counter and fold it
up into thirds and this is just going to build up the height a little bit so it
provides a little more cushion next we want to take our ziplock bag and lay it
down onto the rag in the direction we want to make the cut now this is the
part where things start heating up a little bit so it’s a good idea to have
some protective gloves maybe some safety glasses if you’re into that and for a
heat source we’re going to be using either a BBQ igniter or if you have one
a propane torch works great as well you can also use the open flame from a gas
range as well if you’ve got one of those in any case we just need some kind of a
hot open flame that we can concentrate on the bottom of our wire okay so our wire is heated up now we’re
just going to drop it by the top line it over our bag and press it straight down
we can hold that in place grab the corner of our bag and just peel it right
up and as easy as that we now have a customized ziploc bag check that out
look how clean the edges are as well it’s absolutely beautiful actually
worked out better than I thought and because we’re using metal as it heats-up
it will have a tendency sometimes to bend upward so it’s not a bad idea just
to bend it down and heat up first because then when you compress it will
press down into the material rather than having an awkward middle part that
doesn’t get touch at all when it’s smoking you know it’s ready beautiful comes off just like chicken
strips alright so here we are guys we just did four cuts we turn one ziplock
bag into five different strips and here’s the coolest thing about them
these are 1-inch strips you can see the edges are still very very clean and a
cool thing is there’s still watertight as well which means you can still fill these things up with juice and put them in the freezer and make your own frizzy pop how
cool is that not only can you use this trick to make
custom frizzy pops which is awesome but you could use it to make travel-sized
toiletries as well figure out this throw a little shampoo a little bit of lotion
maybe some mouthwash in a bag you can seal it off completely so there’s not
even any Ziploc at all it’s just completely sealed and watertight now this trick doesn’t work just for
making popsicles it works really well for sorting and organizing for example
you can make little pouches to help organize your sets of screws or to make
a little trial packets of samples you want to send to people in the mail we
also found that if you heat up the bottom of the hanger and press it into
the plastics but pull it away before it has a chance to melt through it weld the
two sides of the bag together and creates little compartments in the same
bag now let’s stop and take just a second to talk about what happened first
of all we discovered today that sandwich bags are made of polyethylene the heat
sensitive plastic and by heating up something like a metal coat hanger we
could almost use it as a heat knife to cut a ziplock bag into custom shapes and
sizes we found that by cutting up one bag into different strips we can fill
each of those strips up with juice and freeze them to make improvised frizzy
pops we found that by heat treating the top once again we could permanently seal
all the liquid inside next we tried cutting out a couple of small pouches
for organizing small trinkets and gadgets and we filled up other small
bags that can be used for storage or samples and by pressing a hot hanger to
the bag but pulling away before it melted through we found that we could
create different compartments in one single bag so there you have it guys the
shapes sizes and functions you can pull from a sandwich bag are now is unlimited
as your imagination thanks for joining for this experiment today I’ll be
looking for you the next one talk to you then it just peels right off, oops that slipped
looks like my coat hanger was a little bit bent the wrong way

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  2. This man was one of the most real,and decent people you would have ever met.

  3. This is a great hack, but instead of using a heated wire, try using the heat element on your vacuum sealer. Press down on the sealing edge or repeat twice to insure it goes all the way through.

  4. You can also purchase cheap little zip bags. These are sold in every size you need.
    Or you can cut down expensive ZipLock bags into pieces…

  5. I have always loved your videos and you will be truly missed
    But as you look down from heaven.
    You will probably see me get pulled over for having a white powdery residue substance in a sealed bag

    But I still love you ?? and thank you for all I have learned from your videos ?

  6. Yeah sure, like I have a blowtorch in my kitchen cabinet protective glasses heat resistant gloves and all the Time in the World to play around with hangers and torches. You are a bonehead.

  7. Cool idea for customizing ziploc bags. Although the coat hanger trick is neat I think using the seal feature on a vacuum sealer would work better and be safer.

  8. just go down to the food bank and get an industrial crate of randomly themed sammy ziplocs for "free" well you know besides the cost of subliminal messaging/fucky psychology keeping the meat robot army consuming endlessly

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