100 thoughts on “This Is What Life Is Like with a Gigantic Penis: Monster Meat

  1. And also I wonder if he's done any skydiving and other more adventurous activities once he acquired those big balls of his. Like I'd become a firefighter or something….

  2. The German men have been cukked out by the Jews who brainwashed them. Faggot idiots should get back to basics…

  3. At least german gays are like men and not Queens. I never get why gays say they like men then act like women

  4. You can't just show me this whole video discussing this man's humongous, gigantic penis and then not show me at least a photo! Wo kann ich ein Foto davon sehen? Ooo, I'm on a mission now! Hahaha, I WILL find a picture now lol. Cheers

  5. That is stupid! What's the point! Now he's made it useless. May be getting a lot of attention but that's it.

  6. the hairy guy in leather playing his huge dick in the street must have gotten FSH follicle stimulating hormone hahahhahah that is one hairy human wolf

  7. It's heart breaking to see Germany "The Greatest people on Earth" have become a bunch of sissy fags. It is so sad and shameful, and no one has the balls to talk about it.

  8. That ain't no perfect penis. That's a fucking nightmare. What the fuck is wrong with people. Girls most definetely are not down for that. Nasty asf and why the fuck this stuff pop up in my recommeneded??

  9. Lol what a tool! Making your life more difficult and people are looking and thinking – "Poor man, he got some kind of f'd up medical condition"

  10. Kwhat does he mean no one says anything about a women's breast? If they are overly big people do. They say that doesn't like right and that's probably uncomfortable. That's their choice but no thank you. Nothing natural about that. If your so proud why did he show it. For the documentary in private not even on the street.

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  12. My wife from the other room: "what german thing are you watching where they say penis every two seconds"…not a proud moment.

  13. Na die Beule in der Hose find ich jedenfalls besser wie die im/ am Bizeps…. An sich guter Gott, doch am Ende Jedem das Seine….!!??

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  15. It was temporary, but it kept reverting. So, even though it doesn't serve him 'properly', he decided to make it permanent …

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