This Is Why People Die When Drinking Milk

If you’ve been following our channel a while,
you’ll know that there are a lot of hidden dangers in the world – some of which you
regularly drink! If you look at the British tabloid media in
2013, you might find a story that tells you a man literally drank himself to death. And no, it wasn’t alcohol. The poor guy just drank 3 liters of Cola a
day and topped it up with water. His lungs swelled after a binge and it was
game over for him. There was a similar story in the UK a year
before, about a woman who drank 18 pints (8.5 liters) of Cola a day, which was blamed for
her early demise. Even drinking too much water too fast can
lead to a very painful death. But today we get stranger, in this episode
of the Infographics Show, How drinking milk can kill you. Before we tell you how this happens, we’ll
tell you about the most famous victim of milk death. Her name was Nancy Hanks Lincoln, and she
was the mother of the famous former American president, Abraham Lincoln. She died of what was called “Milk sickness”,
on October 5, 1818, at the age of 34, little Abraham was just nine years old when she passed. While these days you don’t exactly hear
about people dying from drinking milk, back then 1000s of people in the Midwest got milk
sickness and died. We found one article on the News Watchmen
website that told us this: “The history of milk sickness shows that it was first reported
in Ohio about 1810 by Dr. Daniel Drake, of Cincinnati,” the Ohio Public Health Journal
said in 1917. “So prevalent was the disease at one time
in Ohio that it seriously interfered with migration and development of the state. Home seekers ‘going west’ would avoid
Ohio on account of it.” As the U.S. National Parks Service explains,
when people went down with milk sickness in those days it was very much a mystery. Nobody in the beginning knew what was happening. It was a kind of boogeyman ailment, that looked
different from other sicknesses of the time. That’s because people were in fact being
poisoned by a plant called white snakeroot. The plant has lots of different names, including
milk sickness plant, fall poison, deerwort-boneset, white sanicle and Indian sanicle. You can find it in different parts of the
USA, but it is most common in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. What would happen is that cows would eat the
plant and then people would drink the milk from the cow. The meat can also become contaminated. A Doctor Anna Pierce Hobbs Bixby first revealed
this strange sickness was down to the white snakeroot plant. As the legend goes, she was told by a Shawnee
(native American) woman. Fewer people died when word got around – apparently
that took some time back then – because wooded areas were cleared and farm animals
wouldn’t be in the vicinity of any white snakeroot. White snakeroot contains tremetol, which is
toxic to animals and humans. Very toxic. We looked at a research paper we found on
this toxin and how it would affect people when they’d ingested it by accident. Apparently, you don’t just keel over. The symptoms are gradual. First, you feel a bit restless and you might
have sore muscles. Soon you won’t want to eat, be able to poo
and you will then start throwing up. You may also start trembling a lot, have bad
breath, and suffer from delirium. The sickness was sometimes called “the trembles”. Early settlers also called it the “puking
sickness” and “the slows.” Tremetol disrupts glucose metabolism. Energy is disrupted and so that’s why muscles
seize and people tremble. One scientific paper said, “As the amount
of tremetol accumulates, probably in the liver, the metabolic engine is gradually shut down,
and the acidity of ketones results in ketoacidosis, which is life threatening.” If you show symptoms, coma and death will
likely follow about 2-3 weeks later. Some people do survive, but they are lucky. If you happen to have a cow or goat in your
keeping, and suddenly it won’t move, goes very stiff, has muscle spasms, stands with
an arched back, you might want to give its milk a pass until you have had it checked
out. This killer plant might still be the end of
an animal’s life, but it is unlikely to kill a human these days. Why is that? First, the last case we could find was when
two very young children were admitted to the Saint Louis, Missouri hospital in 1963. They were both diagnosed with milk sickness. The articles don’t say if the kids survived. They had drunk milk from a cow that had eaten
white snakeroot. But, could it still happen today? While pasteurization wouldn’t get rid of
the contamination, it’s the way that we produce milk on an industrial scale that is
the reason we don’t hear about milk sickness today. You see, you don’t usually drink your milk
from a single cow. As one person pointed out on a forum, milk
is often delivered in tanks of trucks carrying around 5,000 gallons of milk, so you’d need
many, many cows to fill that tank. All the milk gets mixed. Even if one cow had eaten white snakeroot,
you wouldn’t be dangerously contaminated when you had your cereal as the milk would
contain the tiniest amount of tremetol. On top of that, it is very unlikely that pasturelands
where animals graze will have white snakeroot as an option on the menu. According to Science Direct, it is horses
that are in the most danger these days, and eating white snakeroot is more severe for
them. They eat it and usually die of heart failure. Nonetheless, if you had milk from one single
cow that had munched on this deadly plant then it is still possible you could get milk
sickness. If you do get it, it’s said there is no
treatment. Death is likely, but you might just beat it. How many of you had ever heard about milk
sickness before? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to watch our other video called
– What Would Happen If You Never Left The Bathtub? Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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