This Jeep Grand Cherokee was the Fastest SUV in the World

it’s time for show-off Sunday where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner,
hello and thank you scotty Kilmer for allowing me the opportunity to show off
my Jeep now this Jeep is the Grand Cherokee with
the five nine liter v8 so it’s their five nine limited trim, and there was
only 14,000 made of these and so nowadays it’s 2019 made in 98 it’s 21
years old, they are kind of starting to become rare, and I am really thankful
that I had the opportunity to getting this vehicle, now what sets this Grand
Cherokee apart from any other Grand Cherokee from this era is these vented
hood scoops which are actually functional from 98, who’da thought
Chrysler would have done this they did and they work, and other than these clear
lens headlights that I put on, they had a more of aggressive grille than an you
know a regular stock would which would have been like just chrome or color
match this was a little buffed out, now here it is the engine bay, the five nine
all its glory now you can tell right off the bat, I installed a K&N cold air
intake and scotty kilmer had a video on that regarding that they were kind of a
joke, well in this kind of time period the EPA was trying to figure out how to
clean up cars and make them more fuel efficient and also less polluting and
really restricted this big 360 motor and I put it on and I also put on a new
Holley throttle body which adds two more millimeters to the throttle body plenum
it just sings now I don’t know what motor sounds
meaner than this, especially in a SUV probably some other European car but for 1998
this thing is mean, now here’s the driver’s seat pretty basic interior and it has
leather interior, nice leather steering wheel, leather headboard, nice all
black interior, now for the doors they have two memory seats and full control
pretty standard for the windows, window lock doors and they have these weird
pockets, don’t know what I’m gonna use these for but I’m gonna use them maybe
for maps who knows, now I got a little bit of quirks back here nothing too
crazy though leather back seats, but I got a vent I got
two vents on the floor and that’s the only vent that it’s on one on each side,
and that’s only the air vent for the back seat, never expected to have vents
in the back seat for this era and also we’ve got cup holders that come out of
the center console, heck I didn’t know that even when I purchased this vehicle
I didn’t know that, a elbow rest and that’s where the cup holders should have
went, they also had speakers so this had six speakers in total like their main
speakers, and they had a tweeter on the left there, both left and right it’s
following these same kind of idea from the Cherokee and it followed into
the Grand Cherokee, they also had a spare tire on the right side here but I moved
that in the back, so we got a 16 inch rim originaly this vehicle had 28 inch tires
now they have 30 inch tires, I plan to go with a little more aggressive look after
it all said and done, I also have back here I got a 3-inch lifts
got skyjacker shocker I just did those this summer also
see here the dana 30 can also see back here that i also installed a quick
release front sway bar, i don’t have it in the rear I only have it the front, you
can tell my Wilco off-road hitch gate, it put the
spare tire in the back and i was i just wanted that just so i didn’t have to put
my spare tire in the rear, got me a little more space in the trunk but stuff
in stock form the spare tire would be in the trunk, so here is my rear axle now in
both this generation and also the second generation they were cursed with this
stupid axle, also it had weaker shafts it was it was just not a good axle i don’t
know why they did this, I’m planning to do an axis swap on this and putting a
Detroit true track on this, making it more of a capable off-roader, we also got
a weird quirk here is that you got your heater seats, so front left front right
your rear window which is kind of weird putting it right on the right on the
dash here, then your overdrive off right next to your back window heater, why
would you do that, this is a stock head unit and what makes it special is that
it had this weird nob here, it controlled your front your right left and rear fade
it was just weird, you felt like you’re playing a video game when you’re messing
around with this, this is not stock now what makes this special is that you can
lock the transfer case and in the other one you couldn’t and it was just not
real great, when the viscous coupler goes then it’s time to pitch it, I went with a
different transfer case and it’s provided me with flawless performance, so
I bought this vehicle from a guy in Texas
and in Colorado all wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles are super popular
and for something like this would go for over ten thousand dollars, and so when I
bought this vehicle I got it for under that, and I was extremely happy
of course it needed some work and needed new shocks, brakes, air filter, spark plugs
all sorts of just vehicle maintenance, I do ride this vehicle to work and I’m
only driving it maybe ten minute everyday, right it’s pretty nice for a
solid axle car, front and rear can’t complain, so let’s pop it into two wheel
drive, nobody’s in front of me and go I’m already at 60 now that’s darn impressive
for a 1998 whoa, with its speed power
4×4 capability there’s a downside of course, this thing in city gets at best
11 miles to the gallon and on this highway 16 miles to a gallon going 75, this is not
an environmentally friendly car, pretty capable it’s fun to drive
and it can just take me places that are normally a two-wheel drive can’t, it’s a
great vehicle if you just take good care of it and you’d know what the problems
are, if you don’t know what the problems are
you’re gonna start spending a lot of money going the mechanic and trying to
figure out, okay what what else needs fixing, because they’re old vehicles I
mean rubber bushings are gonna go out, seals are gonna go bad
and it’s just stuff to expect from an old vehicle, again I want to
thank Scotty Kilmer for giving me the opportunity to show off my Jeep, if you
want to hit me up you can always go to my Instagram account which is
cole harper 73, and also my youtube channel which is coles off road
adventure, well that was this week’s video and
remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel check
this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Some guy at O’Reillys had one and was looking for parts cause he had an issue but no engine light. Ran great but he said it had a sound when driving around 60 but trans had been replaced. Wish i could have helped him fins the issue but o well

  3. I don’t recall that era Jeep having that speaker setup over the back tailgate. The Cherokee yes not grand Cherokee. The 5.9s were great.

  4. I had a 97 grand Cherokee. I loved it. That's back before keeps were marketed to soccer moms snd became pussified. I regret selling and I miss that jeep.

  5. Here are the main differences in the 1998 only 5.9 L Jeep.
    5.9 360
    46RE transmission
    Leather on interior doors
    Leather on automatic shifter
    Leather on transfer case shifter
    Waved in ground effects
    Interior Speaker bar
    Leather seat pattern
    Premium wheels
    Front Grill
    Hood lovers
    Chrome Exhaust Tip
    Wooden grain around auto shifter
    Darker walnut wood trim
    Leather wrapped emergency brake
    Chrome auto shift
    Skid plate on gas tank
    Skid plate on transfer case
    Skid place under radiator
    Armrest on rear seat
    Highly crafted spare tire cover

  6. How many miles on that Jeep Grand Cherokee?  I had one of those 360 cid engines souped up in a 71 AMC Javelin with a Borg Warner 3 speed and that car smoked everything at the time.  Now I have a 2012 JGC overland with the 5.7 Hemi and it has no problem with power. That's a really nice jeep you have and it does sound really mean. I wish I could get my jeep to sound like that!

  7. I got a 2000 jeep grand cherokee 4.0l straight 6 and its a very reliable and strong engine and the jeep does offroad like its on road. Pretty quick as well being a jeep. Only 160k miles and expecting another 160k

  8. I remember these. I remember they had a lot of TSB's. Our dealer owner's wife had one and she absolutely loved it.
    They drove really nice and could actually be used as a Jeep. Not like the current models…

  9. Thank you finally a car that I always wanted to be on this channel. I have one and I love it to death.

  10. Thats a badass Jeep! That 5.9 has good torque! Ironic the Jeep grsnd cherokee is still the fastest suv with the trackhawk!

  11. My first real keep i owned. It was silver loaded with leather heated seats everything. Had a 3.5 rough country with 33’s the thing was a fucking rocket ship. Broke a lot of axles and absolutely the worst gas mileage ever!!! But I miss mine. Def will have another one , Day

  12. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado regular cab short box with a 4.3L and I get the same fuel economy as you. Don't feel bad about your fuel economy

  13. sounds like the power steering pump needs replacing..These were high dollar New…He's taken good care of it..No Rust!!

  14. I have a 1988 Cherokee Larado and it has vents in the same place behind the seats, also much larger. So no it's nothing new.

  15. My 2000 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo Limited has a straight six, Quadra drive, it is quicker than that Jeep. Everything is stock. Nice Jeep though. It has all the same extras for the interior. But still Jeep nation is strong.

  16. I actually have the year before this model, and it's all wheel drive. It's a beast that's falling apart and needs some stupid factory amp replaced.

  17. That's a really clean 98 Jeep.
    It doesn't look like it's seen road salt.
    Here in Ohio, the undercarriage would be roached out with rust by now.

  18. Didnt plague the 2nd gen, My WJ has the dana 44, also did he have his tire locked at the end it looked like it was swaying around lol

  19. Man, I luv Jeep Grand Cherokees! Nice ride man! I saw 1st hand what vehicles go through in mountains of Colorado. If any1 thinks their vehicles tough, spend time there. Close friend of mine moved there, aftr getting n2 2much trouble here in Mo. He moved there in a early 90s model Toyota car with a v6, back in '99. When I went 2 c him ,I ask where his Toyota was, and he had blew it on th steep mountain highways! Turns out, most people in that region bought new cars every 3-4 yrs b/o auto trans failure.

  20. And in 2006 they did it again with the SRT 8 version and I believe they still hold that title till today 2019 Trackhawk.

  21. Had this Jeep, even the same color as I called it-Milk White.. This was the best vehicle I ever owned. My 5.9 never let me down in the 10 years I owned it. I truly regret trading it in, I wish I would have kept it.

  22. I truly regret selling mine!!! I didn’t realize how rare it was 4 years ago. It had some nice power

  23. Sounds like a really smooth running engine and the off-road capability is sweet but dang 5.9 litre engine you're spending lots on gas.

  24. Good video, this man has a passion for his jeep. That 11mpg city tho lol, hell my Hemi Charger does 15 city lol, thats with leadfoot cuz v8 noises.

  25. I owned two of these over the years. The first one was in an awesome color called Deep Slate, the other was white like this one. The 5.9 was a lot of fun but drank fuel like a tanker. I ended up selling both because of all the typical Crapsler electrical issues such as broken blend doors on the climate control, broken seat heaters, HORRIBLE brakes, etc. I ended up buying a 2003 Grand Cherokee Overland with the 4.7l high output engine after that. It got better gas mileage and felt just as quick, but gone was that big V8 rumble at takeoff like the 5.9 had.

    Finished watching the video and I see this one's in Colorado like mine when I had them. One of my best memories of driving the 5.9 was when I took it to Missouri once. I got off at the wrong exit in Kansas looking for a place to eat and my wife was bitching at me about it. I got pissed and floored it back up the on ramp. It took off WAY faster than it did in Colorado because of the altitude difference and even wifey had nothing to say after that!

  26. Awesome, except the lift. ZJ is my favourite Grand Cherokee generation. Has a starring role in the film, Breakdown.

  27. My challenger has vents in the back. I dont think they do anything though, sort of like the hood intake lol

  28. Hey Scott ! I hope you can help I'm having issues with my 2000 Jeep Cherokee I just put in a rebuilt head the timing wasnt touched I just plugged the wiring and everything back up but unfortunately when I turn on the car it maxes out the rpm UPONG START UP!! I have no clue what this could be help please !!!

  29. I miss my old 5.9. I got 300k miles out of it before the head gasket blew. Original engine and tranny too. And it was a gas guzzler too. Awesome jeep tho!

  30. Unbelievable quality in that jeep. Give this guy credit for how clean and untouched he kept his jeep! Amazing 5.9, looks brand new wow

  31. I have a all black 1 I live in Wisconsin so it's getting rusty ! I also put a 3inch lift on it with mud tires that 5.9 has good power for playing in the mud 👍😎 The exhaust it's just a single glass pack it sounds badass 😎💪

  32. The guy who owns this Jeep yo ucan tell he does no wrenching at all on his Jeep i garuntee all the mods hes done he paid for, he doesnt know what hes talking about half the time… as an owner of one of these Jeeps i was cringing watching this

  33. Gorgeous 5.9. Thanks for showing us it. I have a 98 5.2 and I took a mint interior out of a 5.9 at wreckers. They’re just the best Jeeps.

  34. Heya Scotty, love your show.. Ive' had my Grand Cherokee Laredo 2001 since begging.. 145K miles. Done most of my own work on it.. Hasn't been to problematic.
    But living in Texas, not long ago the radiator cracked and leaked out all fluid(replaced it 8 years ago). Got it home, but it heated up past temp max.
    Was receiving code P0307 – Missfire on Cylinder 7. Did some troubleshooting and swapped spark coil 1 w #7 and it moved to #1. So replaced Ignition Coil.
    All good? No more codes and replaced 4 sparks on right side of V8. But now it Idles bad and while driving doesn't sound/ feel right.
    Almost like a missfire.. It's noticeable right away to me, because I had it for years.
    At first thought it was a misfire or a piston not firing, But now think It might be fuel related. Will check fuel pressure and
    replace Fuel Filter(Fuel Pressure Regulator) JGC 2001 has them both in one. No engine codes. It starts and ides for 4-5 min roughly.. t
    hen eventually goes idle high then low and dies.
    Using Torque App on Android and OBDII.I think I successfully loaded all GCJ PID codes. Nothing red comes up on real time data.
    So far; replaced 4 sparks on right side and checked spark. Replaced Ignition coil #7 (solved Code), Cleaned IAC valve, Checked Fuel injector current on 1,3,5,7 (bulb lights).
    Any suggestions? Tanx

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