My name’s Jeb Here’s how the hydroponic tomatoes went this year Day 1 To get the plants started I just took some Cuttings from some healthy tomatoes in the soil garden I just put them in a jug while I got the rock wool ready I got out the rusty The rusty garden scissors Cut a little hole in the rock wool and just crammed them in I got 3 cuttings here, I just need two plants but Just in case In case one of them doesn’t make it I got a backup (plant) Day 18 I had a little metal baking dish That I kept the water level in I got some roots on these clones So i just need to make something to put them in Day 23 Day 31 I’m just using 27 gallon storage totes for these (102 liter plastic storage containers) Lots of people grow hydroponic tomatoes and Many of them use big buckets full of perlite Giant slabs of rock wool Pumps Electricity I’m just going to do it Kratky style I’m going to try to maintain a water level between 5 and 15 gallons (19 – 57 liters) I made a little home made water level indicator I just crammed a PVC pipe into a piece of pool noodle (floating pool toy) And then I calibrated it with a 5 gallon (19 liter) jug Day 38 Here you can see a couple weeks later I’ve never seen tomatoes that look like this in my life Day 44 One of these plants I’m going to single stem up this string And I’m leaving some extra leaves on the suckers (side shoots) We have hot summers in Southern California and The extra leaves should help shade the fruit Day 51 Two week vacation is coming so I’ve got to get the garden ready Back behind the shed I’ve got the backup clone still It’s just sitting back there I didn’t have the heart to throw it out This broccoli had died in the heat So I just dropped the clone in there I didn’t even change the nutrients out For the big tomatoes I just Filled them up to about 16 gallons (60 liters) Everyone is excited to see these plants grow They are like little angels at the end of the garden Magical 2 Weeks Later I came back from vacation and I was so excited to see How much growth had occured I knew it had been hot But if it’s not too hot and they have water tomatoes They can soak it up (grow well) And I came out and they were dead They had just gone dry I was so disapointed That I may not have tomatoes this year (hydroponic tomatoes) I didn’t even film for a month The backup clone, it had lived It grew fine Day 79 I started filming again when it started to wilt I was like “oh man, I’m losing another one!” It’s all happening again But what had happened The roots were not as long And the water had descended just a little But it had descended enough where some of the roots were not absorbing water So I just added some water And the next day it looked like this Day 80 Day 93 Time to add some fertilizer and trim off the end of the vines Day 101 I’m adding water about once a week now These lower leaves Are looking pretty beat up so I’ll just take some off Day 108 These leaves They don’t look right Oh no Spider mites they reproduce so rapidly in the heat I’m going to have to spray consistently Every three days Day 114 I had been waiting and watching Day 117 hoping to pick the first best tomato I came out and the birds had eaten it They had eaten it down to a nub I’m sure they won’t eat them all Day 122 Finally I got to pick some hydroponic tomatoes They are amazing! Here you can see them next to some tomatoes from the soil garden And I’ve got nothing against the soil garden tomatoes but man do they take a beating Next year I want to grow a lot more tomatoes And work out an even better watering system I can’t wait Thanks for watching Share with a Friend!

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