This Man Turned a Car Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert

– [Man] Imagine you’re
driving through the hot, Moroccan desert. Your car breaks down (metal crunches) and the nearest village is 20 miles away. Would you panic? Would you give up? Or would you convert
your car into a motorbike in a lengthy process that
might get you killed? Meet Emile Leray, the mechanical
magician who did just that. Close to a small town in
France, there is a man that loves cars. – Bonjour. – [Man] Specifically,
the French Citroën 2CV. Like those. (“Can-Can Music” by Offenbach) (tires screech) (whimsical music) And he’s got this
funny-looking motorbike with an extraordinary story behind it. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Obviously, like any
other stranded desert traveler, Emile decided to turn the
still-working parts of that car into this motorbike. First, he removed the car’s frame. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Then, he shortened
it to make a better chassis, fixed the axles, and put
the wheels on the bike. Simple, right? – No. – [Man] Oh, yeah, he also
added suspension, and, well, an engine, an ignition,
and a comfortable seat. After 12 days and 11 nights
in the desert, he was ready to go back to civilization. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Finally, to his
delight, he came upon the police who greeted him with a hefty fine. – (speaking foreign language) – [Man] Back in France, the
motorcycle ended up alongside Emile’s other Citroën creations. Like this boat, this rugby ball, a table saw, and even
glasses made out of rubber from the seat. This guy really loves his Citroëns. Makes you wonder what’s next. – (speaking foreign language) (big band music)

100 thoughts on “This Man Turned a Car Into a Motorbike to Escape the Desert

  1. Imagine escaping possible death in the desert in a clever way like this and getting rewarded with fines from the police

  2. I don't think so all the sudden get stranded in the desert and have the means to turn a car into a motorcycle nope don't believe it

  3. Here’s the real question though, if he was capable of building a motorcycle out of that car, why didn’t he just fix, the damaged axle???

  4. Imagine doing all that to your car for 12days and when you're ready to hit the road, someone stops next to you and asks if you need help??

  5. The Mythbusters tested this, trying to see if it was "possible" to build a motorcycle out of a 2CV using basic tools, and concluded it wasn't, they built a machine but found it to be unridable. What I have to wonder is why they go to all that trouble when the guy who actually did this is still alive, can tell his story, explain how he did it, and still has the actual creation which he can demonstrate riding? Granted, this video shows the supposed machine, him sitting on it, and the engine running, but we don't see him actually riding it.

  6. Bypassing the military in the Sahara desert by going off road in a street car, really stupid idea. Building a motorcycle from a car in the middle of the dessert, really brilliant. Turns out he was only a few miles from a village and could have walked in a few hours, Really stupid idea. in the end I give him 2 really stupids and one really brilliant, that balances out to one big idiot.

  7. That’s nothing! I once lost my charger for my iPhone. I custom built a miniature nuclear power station out of an old leather shoe and a pen dispenser. Now my phone has its very own nuclear power source, and never needs charging again.

  8. people talk about he couldve just walked the 20 miles, but think about it. youre in the middle of the desert, and your car breaks down but you have enough food and water to survive 10 days, plus the knowledge on cars and mechanics. why leave your shelter for the risk of the hot ass desert? walking the 20 miles in that heat would make you use up your water quicker, and you have at least some kind of cushioning to sleep on rather than the hot sand or dirt. personally, if that were me and i had the same experience as he did with cars, i wouldve done the same. better the devil you know than the devil you dont, and if its stupid, but it works, it aint stupid. the man got home safely and still has the bike, so stop trashing on him when i know for a fact most of you wouldnt last a day.

  9. Not only did he not save his own life by turning his car into a bike, it could have easily won him a Darwin Award.
    The bottom line is that he was within walking distance of town*, and had plenty of water to make the trek, but chose to stay out there and pursue his project. By the time he was done, he was pretty much out of supplies. If his bike hadn't worked out, or had broken down, he probably would have ended up being eaten by scavengers.

    *It's funny how this story was originally a few kilometers, which turned into ten miles, twenty miles, and in some retellings is now simply "the middle of the desert".

  10. How do you fab anything without cutting tools, a welder, etc… I'm not sure I buy his account of the story. He basically had a garage's worth of tools in his car?

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