This Woman Drank 21 Liters of Water in 24 Hours. This is What Happened to Her Brain…

Hello everyone! My good friend Matt and I are delighted that
you enjoyed our last episode, so…we’ve found some
even zanier stories for you. Just
listen to this one! Our main character in this next story drinks
more water per day than an average person does in a week! This won’t take long, so
hear me out: Also, be sure to watch the video all the way
to the end, where I will summarize the previous story, including giving
you all the particulars and details that have since come to light. I’ll also tell you how you can send
us your amazing tales…so that your stories can get featured in upcoming
episodes! But before I telling you the incredible fate
of our water drinking heroine, let me convey to you some watery science facts. Have you ever thought
that ordinary fresh drinking water could kill you? Don’t believe me? You
should. A first glance it seems that you should be
able drink this life- giving liquid 24 hours a day, because – for
one thing – your kidneys are capable of handling it. They can process between 5.3 to 7.4 gallons
(that’s roughly 20 to 28 liters) per day. This is – simply put – an incredible
amount of water they can process, especially given their small size…
each kidney measures only about between 4.5 to 4.9 inches – or 11.5 to
12 cm – in length. But here’s the catch. Yes, over the course of an hour,
your kidneys are able to process around 33 ounces – or 1 liter – of water. But…if you consume more than this…bad
things can happen. Really
awful things. You can end up paying for it pretty badly… Excessive water
consumption triggers a chain of dangerous events that could cost you
your life… First, the H2O level in your blood increases
dramatically, which leads to a decrease in the level of
sodium – a vitally important chemical element. The fact is, sodium helps maintain fluid balance
between the inside and outside of cells. When its level drops, excess
fluid fills the empty spaces inside your cells, which then begin to swell,
causing swelling throughout your whole body. And if your brain cells
swell – the probability of your death increases framatically… But don’t kick back, relax, and think this
can only happen in theory. Among athletes and soldiers, water “intoxication”
is a fairly common phenomenon. There’s even a recent case where a 30-year-old
runner died during a marathon due to heavy water
drinking. So, yes, a few extra
glasses of water really could literally kill almost anyone… Except, that is, for this episode’s heroine. I will tell you the full name of
this superwoman in our next episode, for now let’s just call her Sasha. It all began when Sasha was barely 2 years
old. She started demand to
drink water all day long. The unbearable thirst of this 2-year-old child
certainly prompted her anxious and frightened parents to visit a doctor. But to the surprise of the doctors, Sasha
was 100% absolutely healthy, and everyone assumed that this strange phenomenon
would soon pass… But it didn’t. The child’s inhuman desire for water only
increased with every year she grew older. Upon starting grade school, Sasha took
a bottle of water with her everywhere. She became infamous for running
to the water fountain during every break, and often wouldn’t leave when
it was time to go back to class. When this bizarre child turned 13, she
was already drinking about 3 and a quarter gallons – or 12 liters – of
water every day. When she was younger, Sasha’s parents would
put a small jug of water near her bed for her to
drink at night. By her teens it
had been replaced with a 1 and a third gallon – or 5 liter – mega-pitcher
of water. And it was always completely empty by morning. Now, you might surmise – as they did – that
this is some kind of a strange childhood condition related to hormones and
growth and whatnot and that it should stop sometime after the onset
of puberty. Well, you would
be wrong. After finishing high school, Sasha’s thirst
began to rise even further. She had to constantly change jobs, since no
company could fully meet Sas has drinking needs, not to mention
her constant bathroom breaks. By the age of 20, she was drinking about 4
and a third gallons, or 16.5 liters, a day…and by the age of
26, her fluid consumption increased to 5 and a half gallons – just shy
of to 21 liters – a day. So just why in the world would an otherwise
normal, average woman have such a supernatural thirst? That was the big question that nobody could figure out. Often, excessive water intake is a characteristic
of – for example – people with mental disabilities. This is especially true for
people suffering from schizophrenia. There was a study done in 1985, the results
of which detailed that out of 27 schizophrenics who
died at a very young age, 5 died from water overdose. But even these poor souls did not consume
as much fluid as Sasha does. If they had, they would have died long
before. However, according to her doctors, our heroine
of this episode is still 100% absolutely fine and healthy as
a horse! Her life, of course, isn’t
wall to wall comfort, as she must endure going to the toilet 40 or so times
a day, and also must wake up about every 15 minutes during her sleep
time to take a sip of water. Every time her mouth dries up, she cannot
think of anything else until she quenches her thirst. As if possessed, she
rushes to the nearest source of water, bulldozing through any obstacles
in her path. Nevertheless, her lifestyle has not prevented
her from starting a family and becoming the mother
of two perfectly healthy children. She has adapted. Life goes on. When Matt first heard this
story, Sasha was 26 years old. Now she should be about 33. Unfortunately, my friend Matt lost touch with
her and doesn’t know what has happened since then. But one thing is clear: wherever Sasha is
now, she’s probably sipping something right at
the moment, and her doctors are probably still shrugging their shoulders,
utterly bewildered, trying to figure out what is wrong with her. It’s understandably difficult to believe
such a story. But for this girl water
is pretty much like air for everyone else. Every second without a sip of
the precious liquid causes Sasha to suffer immeasurably. But again,
what exactly is fiction here, and what is truth? Give me your opinion in
the comments and tell me what exactly caused your suspicions in this
story if you think that the story it’s an invention, or if you believe this
amazing tale then also please tell me why. And show this video to your
friends and ask them what they think. It should be easier to figure this
out together! I will give my verdict regarding this fascinating
story in the next episode of this series. In the meantime, let’s examine our story
of the previous episode. You have no idea just how pleased I am that
many of you identified a variety of inconsistencies in Matts story
about our New York City account Richard Harris and the giant anaconda. I looked pored through
the comments under the video, compared them with known facts
regarding these big snakes, and this is what I got:
The fact is: anacondas generally do not really like to eat people, they are
just too damn big. Therefore, upon meeting someone like our gallant
accountant, the slithy tove would likely gyre and gimble away. But even
in an event the anaconda did attack, it certainly wouldn’t let Dicky into its
stomach while he was still alive. After the first 10 seconds or so, Harris
would have died from either suffocation, multiple bone fractures, or by
choking on the anaconda’s saliva, with which these gargantuan snakes
smear their prey. Also – as some of you noted – the snake could
only have spit out Dicky along with the boots. Paul Rosolie also – by the way –
did not spend a single second in the stomach of his anaconda. The
snake first spent an hour straight trying to break through Mister Rosolie’s
protective suit, but after this attempt proved futile, it began to try to
swallow him whole. Mister Rosolie balked at this point, and then
immediately called for help. The most realistic and believable part of
the story turned out to be the jaguars! They only love fresh food, and really
do not eat the cast offs or leftovers of their prey. The piranhas in the
story behaved realistically enough. With one exception. These fish
always hunt in shoals and are capable of gnawing a person to the bones
in just about forty seconds! If this part of Matts story were true, Dicky
the accountant would have probably died before
he even reached the shore. Many of you noticed this right away. Which is totally cool! Kudos to you. It seems to me that such vigilance tests are
a great way for stimulating one’s brain – a bit of a mental challenge,
forcing us to apply our faculties in the areas of logic and knowledge. I’m thinking we should probably
make more of this kind of episode. As I said at the beginning of the video, you
can send us your story and if Matt and I like it, we will definitely make
a video where we will invite everyone to analyze your tale, and get to
the bottom of its veracity, or lack thereof. This could be a real story from your life,
or from the life of your friends, or even a very plausible fiction. It is important that you
understand, we are not trying to mislead people with these stories. On
the contrary, our goal is to show people how important it is to subject
everything to doubt, and develop one’s critical thinking abilities. After all,
if you take even the most delusional and fantastic story, and throw some
real scientific facts into the mix, it very well might seem true to most
people. Thus, we have decided to develop this new
series, where together we can expose the fictions that are
so prevalent on the internet today, and learn to distinguish the genuine
article from fabrication. We are waiting for your letters! Thanks for watching this video! I hope for
you it was time well spent. See you in the next exciting episode!

100 thoughts on “This Woman Drank 21 Liters of Water in 24 Hours. This is What Happened to Her Brain…

  1. "when sodium levels drop, excess fluid fills the empty spaces left in your cells" that's is actually wrong, sodium creates an osmotic gradient that pulls water towards it

  2. She might be sounds like crazy but i witnessed such casses like people are obssesed with a thing but after a spirtual treatement their obssesion vanished like it was never their

  3. Cmon man. Mix up the title and thumbnail a bit. Nothing wrong with doing a video like this, but at least try to distinguish it from the series chubbyemu has been doing for years.

  4. Ur channel is non sense ..and also dont steal content… make ur own
    U cant make lie sound like truth with a great voice

  5. Ehhh, theres nothing wrong with imitation, inspiration, influence, etc…. but the title is clickbait, the method of laying out the images is more like ripping off Emu's style than imitating it, and even though the video's format is definitely different all together.. the lack of closure to the story (whether true or not) is an annoying gram for views on the next video.

    I normally like this channel, but whats going down here and with this series is definitely a no from me fam.

    Sidenote: before someone leaves a comment like "Nobody cares what you think", "He doesnt need your views", etc. A lot of youtubers like viewer feedback, so that they can better present their content. The more the better, and if theres a trend in the responses, they tend to want to adjust… A lot of people use youtube as a job, so that money is important to them.

  6. The story of the water drinking girl is true, however I'm fairly sure it was resolved with some sort of kidney treatment.

  7. i drink 9 liters or more of water a day or 15 to 25 gallons a week
    Just because i am thirsty.
    Never thought is is because I am a schizophrenic.
    Holy Shit, I might be crazy as f#ck.
    Excuse me, do you have a drinking fountain near by?

    I do pee every 40 or so minutes because i thought I have a hamster bladder, and drink water every 30 or so minutes because I thought i am part dolphin or fish.

  8. chubbyemu!?
    I am confused, I accept the idea that someone out there could be that thirsty… but 4 gallons a day sounds WAY WAY to out there.
    Maybe she has a Water Fetish… for drinking water…. Maybe she has Anti-Rabies… where normal Rabies make you refuse/afraid to drink water, this illness makes you NEED to drink water?
    Maybe a Genetic Marker is gone off…. maybe she is part Merperson?

  9. Saw the title of the video, and my moused hovered over the subscribed button. What happens next will shock you…..

  10. I think this story is a load of bull because
    1 there is no link to the story in the description
    2 there is NOTHING on Google about this particular case
    3 you said the kidneys can process 28L of water a day no they can't they physically can't process no more then up to 14L in 1 full 24hr day that is directly from Google and as i already mentioned there is no mention of this particular story on Google in fact only this story comes up in the search result now if this was an actual story there would be something on this on the net but there isn't and also the first cells affects by water intoxication is your red blood cells and to much water literally destroys them you wouldn't have time to die from a swollen brain you would basically suffocate and drown PLEASE LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT HUMAN ANATOMY

  11. I absolute love you and your channel but these kinda videos are not as good as your universe ones. <3

  12. The lady probably has a disease called Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus, I have the disease myself and drink up to around 6 or so gallons of water a day, and drink about 2 gallons through the night, it's also a hard disease for doctors to spot, you have to go to a specialist for it to really be found (hence why her doctors have never figured it out, some don't even know of it.), it's also not to be confused with other forms of Diabetes.

  13. 21 liters of water isnt too much. Depends of how much you can piss. I usualy drink 8-10 liters a day during the hot days and 4-7 during cold. I was drinked 21 liters for one day but not each and every day. On my uncle wedding i drank 27 liters of coca cola and who knows how much liters of sprite. Water i drink much. 2 liters of water are always around my bed. So 21 liters are not problem for me in 24 hours. But thats is peak value not every day standard. Still now as older i drink much less. Still is much but definetely not that much as younger.

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  15. Yeah… and they did not checked her for hiperactive kidneys and potential hyper stimulation from brain on thirst, water lvl in body and potential conter measures from a body to survive this overwatered enviroment.

  16. When parents watch this they realize they need to calm down with constantly tell there child to drink lots of water the second there child is drinking something sweat or it has the opposite effect but seriously what is up with that girl she rather have way more water than juice

  17. Sashas condition isnt hard to diagnose, theres a similiar case in germany. Turns out that it is a rare case of diabetes and its unfortunaly not treatable.

  18. Here's my story I swallowed light once and made a black hole by crushing a bunch of neutrons into nothing

  19. i drink about 4.5L of water in the summer when temperatures go over 40 degrees celsius
    i dont drink less than 3 liters even in winter, but i never drink more than 2 cups of water at once, and 2 cups only after a very salty/sweet meal
    dont worry, unless you down over 1.5L of water at once you'll be fine.

  20. u said it like she need oxygen when she kept drinking water what happen if your right like she doesnt need oxygen she need water 😮

  21. Ive drunk 10 litres in 24 hours and had no problems you just need to keep your sodium levels up. This woman probably drank it all in one go tbh.

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