Hey guys as you know we’ve been slowly creating a collection of Thor’s Hammer’s capable of recreating Thor’s abilities in the Marvel movies We’ve caught lightning with a hammer We’ve jump-started a car.. which he hasn’t done in a movie. We’ve created one That’s an electromagnet that only I can pick up and we even put a giant capacitor in one to deliver huge electroshocks. And in this video we’re gonna attempt to Make the heaviest Thor’s hammer Now currently the heaviest Thor’s hammer in existence was made by a youtuber named brain Fuu and he has a 91 pound Hammer that he custom made out of steel and filled with lead. Now for our project we’re gonna do something similar We’re gonna take one of these replica hammers that we have from The Armor Factory We’re gonna open it up, and we’re gonna try and fill it with lead and hopefully we can get more lead in it So it’s heavier than brain-fu’s. T bhe first step is getting some lead, but unfortunately lead’s actually kind of hard to come by Ian, wanna find me some lead? Alright now before you guys call the cops on us for stealing tire weights from unsuspecting vehicles That was a joke, it would have taken way too long to steal this many tire weights, and this isn’t even enough Now what we actually did was We went to a whole bunch of mechanics around town and actually bought used tire weights from them And this is actually something you can do if you guys happen to need lead Anyways now that we’ve got the lead. Let’s melt it down and fill up the hammer Alright this is gonna take a while. I’ve got a question for you in the meantime Have you ever wanted to be a Norse God? I know I have and if you have too I have a great game to recommend that’s awesome after a long day of work It’s called Vikings: War of Clans the game takes me back to my childhood with good old strategy RPG games And it’s available on mobile with great graphics. Build your empire, develop your own economy, and rule the world by destroying your enemies And as a special thank you to you guys for supporting the channel Vikings And I are actually giving away an iPhone X in a random draw at the end of the month. To enter, it’s really simple all you have to do is download the game using my link in the description below and upgrade your palace to level 5 plus whoever gets the highest level will win a MacBook Pro for more information and contest details check the description below and get a special bonus of 200 gold so download war Vikings today and let The fun begin now back to the hammer This is a bit wasteful, but we have way more than we need now that most of the Hammers done Lead zinc? Ew… I’m gonna use these ones. Avoid the shiny ones. Wouldn’t want to get your fingerprints on that eh? I’d say. Let’s get a precision mallet. Alright, so it’s not centered. We should probably put a giant bevel on that. So far so good Really having a strap on here is dangerous because someone’s gonna try picking it up and it’s just gonna break Can you carry it with one hand? 70 pounds I don’t think thats possible because I can’t curl 80 pounds get that above your head anyway yep I didn’t get the picture Hold it There you go Whoa all right Yeah, we’ve got just about as much lead as we can fit in the hammer, so let’s see how much it weighs All right, we’re looking at about 33 kilograms, that’s around 73 pounds so not quite as heavy as brain-fuus And I think part of the reason is is because of the way he designed his he was actually able to get a bit more lead into the hammer than we were But how could we make Thor’s heaviest hammer what other materials could we use besides lead and to figure that out? We’re gonna have to do some math All right so before we start the hammer weighed about eight pounds without any lead Which means we put about 65 pounds of lead in here so now that we know how much lead we have in the hammer we can actually use the density Of lead to calculate the volume available to us in the hammer Did you know lead isn’t actually the heaviest element that we could use? The first one we thought of was tungsten which is almost twice as dense as lead and in fact if we filled this hammer with Tungsten it would actually weigh about 51.6 kilograms. Bringing it in over a hundred and ten pounds So it would actually be the heaviest hammer in existence Unfortunately tungsten is really expensive. It would cost over five thousand dollars. Just to get that amount of tungsten to make the hammer But wait there’s an element that’s even heavier It’s called osmium And it’s got a density of almost 23 grams per centimeter cubed in fact if we were to fill this hammer with Osmium it would weigh over 60 kilograms, which is nearly a hundred and fifty pounds the catch Osmium is worth more money than platinum That means this hammer would cost over 2.4 million dollars To make the heaviest Thor’s hammer, so it looks like brain foo holds the record for the world’s heaviest Thor’s hammer But you know what time it is it’s time to test this thing out I almost fell backwards into the skids Alright for the views What? You thought we were done? Wow that was awesome let’s try concrete next Alright time for the final test Well I hope you guys enjoyed that video we had a lot of fun attempting to make Thor’s heaviest hammer make sure you check out Our other videos though because we’ve done a whole bunch of Thor’s Hammer’s now And we have this awesome playlist showing off every one that we’ve done so far and make sure you’re subscribed Because we’re gonna do an epic compilation featuring all the hammers in one video. Thanks for watching. The lightsaber test is coming soon

100 thoughts on “Thor’s LEAD-FILLED Hammer DESTROYS ALL

  1. FAQ:
    1. Use something heavier! Watch the *whole video*, we explain other options 😉
    2. Mercury? Only ~10% heavier than lead, still wouldn't break the record, super toxic, and we couldn't smash stuff cause if the hammer cracked we would have 80lbs of mercury on the floor =(
    3. Why is it so hard to pick up? 73lbs might seem not too heavy, but because it's terribly unbalanced it is very difficult to hold like Thor. It's like taking a 150lb dumb bell, and cutting one side off. Even big body builders can't hold this properly, because no ones wrists are that strong! BrainFooTV did a great video showing this where he took his hammer to a gym and a bunch of cocky bodybuilders failed at holding it!

  2. Я спортом вообще впринцыпе не занимаюсь уже года 3 и могу осилить 30кг веса одной рукой, а там извините, мужик – качок (спортсмен), поднимает двумя руками и то с натяжечкой

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