ToolKitRc WM150 150A Watt Meter How To Flash The New Firmware Update and TEST The Functions

what’s up you guys welcome back to a new episode of DIY RC thank you all for watching today we are going to upgrade the firmware of the toolkitrc wm150 watt meter in the last episode, we did a review of this watt meter that was excellent we really liked the way it worked and we talked about a firmware update in the end of that video and how to update the new firmware is what we are going to show today that will unlock two new features the watt peak meter and Amp peak meter on the display so we are really looking forward to how those new functions work and how they show up on the display with this new EDF unit but first, we have to update it and i’m going to show how to flash the firmware using the cable that came inside the box will be connected to the left side of the Toolkitrc wattmeter and then we connect it to the pc

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