Top 10 Babies That Are So Huge That They Are Almost Unbelievable

10 Babies That Are So Huge That They Are Almost
Unbelievable Rejoice, smile, dance and celebrate for a
new life has come to the family! Well, that’s how most of us would react
on getting the news of a baby being born to our loved ones. It is obviously a happy occasion so you wouldn’t
consider saying, “Oh what a poor, poor mother”, would you? That will change for you when you see these
10 babies! What is so shocking about them? Uhmm the average weight of a new born is about
6-10 pounds and most of the babies born are within this bracket, remember we said MOST
not ALL! So here are 10 babies born, that are WAY beyond
the so called ‘normal’ weight! Number 10. Mini sumo wrestler
When your baby is premature, you generally expect him to be weak and underweight. Moses William Hilton was born 11 days early,
so not exactly premature, is it? Anyway the important thing is that Moses weighed
14.4 pounds and was 22 inches long at birth in 2016, earning him the nickname “mini
sumo wrestler”. He was Gina Hilton’s 3rd child after two
daughters who weighed 9 pounds each at birth, so this was definitely a surprise package
for her! Being one of the heaviest babies ever born
at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center in Kansas had its side effects because Moses did have
some issues with blood sugar and was slightly jaundiced but gradually recovered. Happy endings! Number 9. Unexpected ‘Big’ surprise
Lexington Medical Center in South Carolina was shocked when a woman named Cindy Richmond
gave birth to a 14.4-pound baby boy in June of 2017! He was the biggest the hospital had ever seen
and we aren’t questioning why! Delivered by a caesarean, OBVIOUSLY, the baby
couldn’t fit into any clothes brought by his parents because he would fit into the
size for 3-6 months! They were expecting a baby around 9 pounds
like their previous two kids, but they got a bigger surprise! Colin’s dad, Arthur joked that his son should
be a football player because of his massive size! We like his sense of humor, cool! Number 8. 30 hamburgers
Baby Stephon became the biggest baby born at William W. Backus Hospital after it was
found that he weighed 14 pounds 13 ounces, equivalent to the weight of 30 hamburgers! The shocking thing is that his mother Michel
was totally unsurprised by the size of her new born! As per her, she was exhausted and miserable
from carrying him in her womb. She explains her suffering, “I couldn’t
sleep at night. My 13-year-old son had to help me get in and
out bed.” It was a tough pregnancy for her and that’s
probably what gave her the hint that she was carrying no ordinary baby in her! An interesting thing is that she had to return
all the new born clothes and buy sizes fit for 6 month olds! Number 7. Teen mother’s record
Nandini, a 19-year-old woman in India gave birth to a 15-pound baby girl in May 2016! This wasn’t the only shock; the baby was
long as well with a total length of 24.4-inches. Wow! She was born at a government run hospital
in Karnataka, India through a cesarean surgery that lasted 30 minutes. The mother weighed 207 pounds at the time
of the delivery and the doctors were afraid that it could cause diabetes and harm the
baby. You can all let a sign of relief because both
the mom and baby were healthy, happy times! This is the heaviest baby girl born in India,
yippee that’s a record! Number 6. A gift after 16 hours of pain
Doctors try their best to determine the size of the baby while in the womb but their guesses
aren’t always accurate and that is what happened with Jade! When she was pregnant in 2013 doctors had
no clue that what she was carrying would be close enough to become the biggest baby in
the United Kingdom. After 16 hours of labor, Jade gave birth to
a 15 pounds 7-ounce baby that too through a vaginal birth! The only scary part was when baby George had
his shoulders stuck, all thanks to the 20 doctors present in the room that all went
well! He could return to his home only after four-and-a-half
weeks. Healthy and sweet! Number 5. 16 pounds of love
Being twice the size of an average new born means that you are special, very few babies
are so large. JaMichael Johnson was expected to be large,
somewhere around 12-13 pounds but everyone was shocked when he came out to be a whopping
16 pounds at birth in 2011! As per Dr. John Kirk, the parents were both
large people and Janet even had gestational diabetes which could be the contributing factors. An interesting thing is that an average woman’s
uterus can handle 16 pounds of baby but the risks can’t be overlooked. Baby Johnson faced minor problems with blood
sugar due to his size but the doctors could stabilize it. We wish him health and happiness! Number 4. Heaviest of the year
A woman in New Zealand was so big in her ninth month of pregnancy that she couldn’t bend
over. Yes, this might not sound so weird when you
know that we are talking about the biggest baby of 2017 so far! It was May of this year when a baby boy was
born weighing 16 pounds, 4 ounces with a length of 22.5 inches! The baby might be double in size than the
average babies but he was born healthy, sigh of relief! In fact, the couple’s first child wasn’t
lightweight either at 11.8 pounds but 16 pounds is an entirely a different ball game! Number 3. 12th and heaviest
A Siberian woman named Tatyana Barabanova was not new to labor because she was giving
birth to her 12th! But something was odd, what was it? It was the 7th of September in the year 2007
when baby Nadia was born in the Altai region of Russia. The 43-year-old mother was speechless when
they found out that her ‘little’ baby weighed a whopping 17.1 pounds! You heard that right people, 17 pounds – twice
that of an average new born baby! But Nadia’s 8 sisters and 3 brothers were
all well above 11 pounds, so we can say that it runs in the family! Number 2. Indonesian power
Back in September 2009, an Indonesian woman named Ani gave birth to a 19.2lb baby boy
in Medan, North Sumatra. Don’t doubt your ears people, he really
weighed more than 19 pounds at the time of birth! This big boy could easily dwarf other new
born babies around him and there isn’t much reason to doubt that! He was named Muhammad Akbar Risuddin after
the local district chief where ‘Akbar’ means ‘big’ in Indonesian. Named rightly we should say! His mother was 41-years-old at the time of
delivery, not a very young mother! Guess how he was born. Yes, through a 40-minute-long caesarean surgery,
unsurprisingly! Number 1. World record baby
How can this list be complete without mentioning the current Guinness Book of World Records
holder? Weighing at a good 23 pounds, 9 ounces, Babe
was definitely a giant. Uhmmm you won’t be shocked about his size
when you know that his mother Anna Bates stood at 8 feet 3 inches! Yes, his mother was a giant so we could blame
heredity over here but the stranger thing is that his father was also a giant! Captain Bates and Anna hold the record for
the “tallest married couple ever”, amazing! But the sad thing was that Babe couldn’t
survive more than 11 hours in the world, gigantism is to be blamed! Did we forget to mention that this was back
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  1. Both my daughters weighed 5.10 and my poor kitty cat got butchered so imagine having a 10 + pounds baby damn !!

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