1. Hello, can I know how high do you guys hang your Solar RGB lights above the tank for this tank and also for your 180cm tank?
    Thank You!

  2. Not sure how you did it but, it looks even better than the concept. Unbelievable work, truly inspiring. Huge love from the UK to all at Green Aqua. Best of luck in the competition 👊

  3. What an amazing result! I think I have to visit greenaqua again soon, to see this incredible work in reality…
    Greetings from Austria

  4. Amazing , never believed the concept can be created at this perfection. Kudos to entire team from concept to implementation.

  5. Very good job!!
    It looks very nice!!
    Hello from Greece my friend!!😊🐠🦀🐙🐟🦑🦈🌞
    Very nice fish!!
    What are they??

  6. front shot didn't do this amazing scape justice as the depth seemed to be lost. I really like the off-angle view of the tank, where the depth of the scape is really pronounced and impactful. Looking forward to more updates!

  7. It is awesome, no doubt. I would like to see how it looks when the roots in the trees grow down further, i have a feeling it would look cool. (after the picture is taken ofc)

  8. great concept, i sure renicki mini will survive ,i try red sunset (Hygrophila polysperma 'Sunset' ('Rosanervig') not planting to soil,it still growup, and goodluck for trimming that ricardia everywhere:) ,i sure this will be amazing,

  9. Sir thanks for replying me and giving me time. I have one tank with hair grass carpet. I have brown algae issue. I will really appreciate if u guide me or make a video showing height of light and other parameters to get rid of this algae. Thanks.

  10. The finished product can move a man to tears.. I didnt even know these things were possible in reality! Beautiful is a woefully inadequate description

  11. I don't like it; looks very busy, colors looks unreal, there is no Real eye catching point, plants looks immature…but thanks for the nice vidéo as always !

  12. I have to visit your shop… but i don‘t know how to explain it my wife. One way 950 km to look some scapes, she thinks i‘m crazy!
    Beautiful, amazing work!

  13. Nice job. Great amount of patience Step by step' Bit by bit' made things more interesting the deptness, the elevations. Excellent transformation from a digital image to a real object. One quick question how u keep the substrate stable preventing from sliding due to water pressure r water movement.
    Nice job brother keep it up. What about the background cliff which u suppose to do it in graphix.

  14. This channel is something I never knew ever existed. I end up looking for Koi videos and here I am. Rabbit hole of YouTube.

  15. I love the idea to use the White Clouds in this tank. I wouldn't have had that idea, but as soon as you said it it made perfect sense.

  16. New to aquascaping! Had a aquarium back when I was 10, almost 20 years ago 😉 But thanks to this channel im open to try it once again, but a bit more mature this time! This tank is as mesmerizing as it is gorgeous. The reason for commenting though; you are possibly the most likeable guy i've ever seen on youtube. Subbed. 😉

  17. U deserve better, , u really added alot to this hobby

    Keep it up guys!

    I wish one day will visit Green Aqua!
    Will this Happen! 😅

  18. This tank turned out so good! The greens pop so much. In the contest picture, I noticed that the stones are redder on the right side compared to the left. I don't know if I hate it or like it because I'm a fan of symmetry but at the same time If this was a real place I'd imagine the sun rising on the west side and shine its brightest while moving and it would color the rocks. Personal preference I'm not a HUGE fan of how big the tree is because I feel like it takes away from anything the back of the tank. I love the cave. I love the depth. and I love the grandeur of it all. Despite my questioning statements, I love this tank. I know this took such a long time and everything really came life from the picture. I'm no pro, I haven't even made my own tank yet so I cannot pass judgment. But overall I think this is a really great tank! I also appreciate the videos showing how you created it all. Best of luck Balazs and all of GA. You made a tank to be very proud of!

  19. Idk, personally I'm not such a huge fan of this, there's so much going on it just seems busy and messy. The really nice shape of the large bonsai just gets lost in the background

  20. Minden elismerés megilleti Kedves Évát, mind a tervért, mind a hatalmas önuralomért amit az elkészült mű megpillantásakor tanúsított, igazán gratula Neki.

  21. There I was feeling all smug thinking this has nothing on reef keeping… How wrong was I! Equally as involving and complicated – amazing!

  22. Its awesome, but i always had a question , do amano shrimps live in your tanks which needs high amount of fertilizer dosing??

  23. Greetings to the whole GREEN AQUA team
    so this is called super work super presentation.
    I wish you much success and of course first place in IAPLC.
    In the near future I will definitely visit your store to get inspiration for my aquarium.
    Once again great and much success

  24. Hi. I am new in the aquascaping. just a beginner. ive been following you guys on youtube here to get some inspiration, after watching this video… oh my gooooood… what have you guys done. Man this is one of the best out of best master piece i ve ever seen. Really Hats of to you and the rest of the team. I am a fan now. GREAAAT WORK. Thanks

  25. i cant keep myself away from pressing the Like button and all the other buttons there(haha). wanted to press the like button say 10 times or say a hundred times, so liked, subscribed, belled icon and also link is forwarded to my friends. Being the worlds second largest population, i hope you will get lots likes and subscribers and you cant get rid off it, Greeting 😉
    A Big Fan from India.

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