Track & Field Training : How to Train for the 100-Meter Dash

Hi I’m Les Whitley and I would like to talk
to you about training to run the 100 meter dash. The 100 meter dash is an all out sprint,
one of the fastest movements moving through space of any athletic endeavor. Now with the
olympics upon us you will see a lot of the top sprinters in the world competing to have
the fastest time. Right now that is well below 10 seconds, into the 9’s. At some point you
never know the way technology is going the strength and superior performance and improvements
of the athletes it is phenomenal what they are doing with their bodies and moving through
space. The 100 meter dash, the most critical component to that is the start. You see a
lot of the athletes spending a lot of time very focused on their foot position, their
body position as they are coiled back into that just ready position getting ready to
be launched through space. The start should be very comfortable. You are spring loading
yourself down into a coil position. Ideally your feet should be about hip’s width apart,
toes slightly staggered. Some athletes prefer a more closer stance to get more of the drive
from both their legs in sprinting forward and others may prefer a little slightly staggered
little bit further back. Whatever is more comfortable for you but within that range
of about 2 to 3 inches moving forward or back from a heel toe alignment. The crouch position
again, ideally loading the hips so that you can propel yourself forward using the drive
from both the legs as well as the maximizing the force that you are putting out through
the hips. Driving yourself out through space and ripping the arms through to bring the
knees up in a good high position. Making sure that when you contact the ground, the toe
is pulled up, the knee is pulled up, you are getting the max range of motion to drive those
hips back through pushing yourself forward. The acceleration phase of when you start in
that starting position up to your max speed should be very focused in a driven straight
line, accelerating through maintaining that first speed, that first 10 meters is extremely
critical. The faster you are through there the chances are the faster you are going to
be through that entire race.

100 thoughts on “Track & Field Training : How to Train for the 100-Meter Dash

  1. i dont believe you. physically…… i dont think thats possible. because youd be right up there with the top african american sprinters at my high school.

  2. @pimpskatar: well you are showing off with one comment below. you know, when somebody says something, people want the evidence

  3. @ned7698
    U LIAR! It is scientifically proven that no person can run faster than 4 minutes in the mile….. get a grip on yourself ned!!

  4. @stokuca2
    The current world record in the mile is 3 minutes 43.13 seconds, set by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco on July 7, 1999. Know your facts, man.

  5. @gsoccerstar im not 14 budd ahaha…. im a senior, im just saying everyone who is on here saying what they run and how old they are is 95 % a lie.
    i was using the 14 year old as an excuse

  6. You kno its funny "no one cares you ran 14.9" yea o.k. you probably just saying that because you cant run it or your obese

  7. @thirdeyeblind0101 You just failed right there
    First of all the record is 9.58 not 9.7 you would know that if u did track which you obviously dont so dont give me bullshit

    Second didnt you notice the XD at the end? It was an indicator that i was joking and i was making fun of all the ppl who give false times here.

    So please if ur gonna criticise someone about lying dont do it by lying

  8. I know he says the start is the most important But I have got a big problem… Speed endurance? Any tips, my acceleration is excellent despite my poor technique, top speed is good-very good but My last 50 meters is really slow, only about 7.5 meters per second, in stead of 10 ms-1 which is what it ideally should be, Any help?

  9. @mikeyburger1
    i usually do

    – 5x50m sprints at 90% speed
    – 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m all-out sprints
    You sprint the distance, jog back , sprint again with no rest.

    Total of 4 series with 5min rest (can be extended up to 10 min if you do some stretching or mobility ex.)

    You will be tempted to stop very fast after the sprints to shorten your jogging distance. Don't do that.

  10. yea guys im 14 and i represent my country in the 100m and 200m 😀 my 100m is 11.38 and my 200m is 23.5. i really hope i can make it to the top of the world of sprinting. my dream is to become the olympic gold medalist. 🙂

  11. No one is faster than me, I'm faster then all of you, but I am undiscovered. I will be coming, I will be competing against the best and I will win.

  12. @douxyz23 Dude, that is not brilliant, but head up mate. I think your issue is that you are doing something wrong. When I was your age I was fast but could never do the 100 meters in under 13 seconds. The reason for that was I never leaned into my start, I ran heel to toe and I could never focus properly when every else was over taking me.

    My advice is learn how to run (study the technique and practice it over and over), don't compare yourself to anyone as you should only try to beat yourself

  13. @Arby119 You are dumb as fuck, did you not understand his comment? You're so dumb you don't know how to click on the reply button to reply to some one. Primetime doesn't even know you wrote this comment.

  14. @lunabird123 Depends how you mess up, If you mess up like 'trip over' then ya feet are too big. If you generally can't get out the blocks quick enough then remember to use your arms, ensure you starting stance is comfortable and push push push with short fast steps

  15. @22guitR Actually, i don't have to liee. Why should i, to a whole bunch of people i dont know ? That's my BEST time not my average time, and i got to 10.6 by using proper form which i wouldn't have if i didn't watch this video ..SO i dont have to impress youtube, only my district. That alreadyy happens at track meets 🙂

  16. @sargentdilligaf that time sucks. im 13 and my best is 11:15. i think you gotta train more…ALOT more

  17. I'm 6 feet tall and 15. Last year I got an 11 flat but I tore a muscle in my hip (too much between track and soccer) so I haven't ran it since then. I have played soccer however and I was told I am quite fast. I shall start training, slowly at first then move up to more intense training. If anyone knows how to stretch the front part of your hip let me know. Don't want to tear it again.

  18. I'm 13 and i run the 100 in 13.46 but this is my first year in track. Is this a fast time for my age?

  19. hey, i run 100 meter
    200 meter
    4×400 meter
    i runing in track and feild at eastside high school.(3.80) i pretty fast .. so i need someone teach me proper way plezzz

  20. nope falling forward requires more enery to keep you from not falling you use more energy and waist more time

  21. What frustrates me is that he does have a degree in excersise science but he thinks that he can teach how to run faster without actually having any impressive running accomplishments. If you haven't done it, don't try to teach it.

  22. Im 2 months old and i can run 0.05 how can i train to be at 0.01 like seriously guys please stop trying to make yourself feel better if you actually run fast thats cool but if you did at you're age you would be an international racing with the top please just stop

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