Trailer Hitch Installation – 2013 GMC Savana Van – Draw-Tite –

Today on our 2013 GMC Savana we’re going to take a look at, and also show you how to install, the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Custom Fit Class III Trailer Hitch Receiver This offers the 2-inch by 2-inch opening Its part number is 75189 Now, here’s what our hitch is going to look like installed on our vehicle We’ve got out square cross tube here that’s going to remain pretty visible That’s going to go into our side brackets, which go up and make our nice, strong, sturdy connections there on our frame Those are going to come here to the middle, where we’ve got our receiver tube opening This is a Class III, so it’s a 2-inch by 2-inch receiver tube opening, and it makes it very, very versatile

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