Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen Book Review

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong I just wanted to do a quick book review on Hunter Allen’s book on power if you don’t have this
book and your riding power you probably ought to go get it.
We’ll have a link here for you to go get it off Amazon but what I’ve done on this book is
you’ll see that I folded pages like this and I’ve done that on all the
critical parts that I think are critical so that I can
go back and then I’ve taken a highlighter kinda gone through and highlighted the
book also to make sure that I’ve got all the different things that are important to me highlighted and ready to go so that I can refer back to this book often
for information that I need while you’re riding with power If you’re not training with power you should
do that I use a cork power meter right now not sure what I’ll use this season but I’ve
really enjoyed the cork power meter they’ve done a great job for me so check this book out once again all
about power Hunter Allen’s the expert on that I know
they’ve got lotsa cool software out there too for you to use I use it, its called the WKO software.
If you’re not using that, you should also be using that. So, thanks a lot and I hope you like this
review make sure if you have any questions make ’em below

2 thoughts on “Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen Book Review

  1. Well that was a short review. If a book is a must-have, it doesn't have to be long indeed 😛

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