Transformation of Beautiful Dumbo Mosaic Guppy Fry Week by Week Video

Hello everyone. These are my Dumbo Mosaic
Guppies. I have five males and four females. 16 weeks ago the four females
gave birth to four broods all within a week. During this 16 week time frame,
I took weekly videos of the male and female fry. I compiled all of these video
clips and it is very interesting to see how the fry developed into mature Dumbo
Mosaic Guppies. The fry are being raised in 50 gallon tubs. This tub provides lots
of sunlight, lots of algae for them to eat, and lots of space for them to swim.
Here’s the fry at 11 days old. At this age there’s nothing much to see here. There thry are at three weeks old. At this age,
the fry are still plain looking. At four weeks old you can see some of the tails
have their dumbo mosaic patterns developing. At five weeks old I don’t see
any color developing yet. Their mosaic patterns on their tail is getting more
distinctive. After taking this video I sorted them by males and females.
Actually, I should have sorted them a little earlier because the females may
have already mated with the maturing males. The males at 6 weeks old. You can
see colors in their tail now and also their pectoral fins or dumbo ears are
getting larger and darker. Seven week old males. You can see some
are developing faster than others, blue on the body, iridescence is showing, colors getting brighter on their tails. Male Dumbo’s
eight weeks old. Really maturing well at nine weeks old. It’s really obvious which
ones have the nicer colors and are developing faster. At ten weeks old and a
big difference. The colors are really showing. Nice bright red tails, the blue
on their bodies are getting more intense,
iridescence on their backs and body, and the dumbo ears are getting larger and
bluer. Eleven weeks old and continuing to mature. At 13 weeks old the colors are really
getting intense. At 15 weeks old the dumbo ears are really getting bigger and
bluer. Finally at 16 weeks old these male guppies are pretty much fully matured. I
think their dumbo ears may get a little larger. Overall these males came out
really nice. That was a summary of the 16 week
journey that these guppies made. Thanks for watching.

96 thoughts on “Transformation of Beautiful Dumbo Mosaic Guppy Fry Week by Week Video

  1. I have 4 week old guppy fries but they are growing like yours. Please share the details about what you feed them.

  2. Planning to make a similar video about my Bettas… Just gathering the footage still and sure they're almost a month old so it'll still be a while.

  3. Super Awesome bro
    Gr8 job.👍
    Do u have any on female development?
    Also any updates on the 2nd batch of dumbos from original female? Ones that where underdeveloped?

  4. Ese tipo de guppy tan colorido no se ve por eatoa lados te felicito por esos ejemplares qu tipo de alimento les das

  5. Hi I have a dumbo female but a standard male, do you think my babies might be dumbo or not or mixed? Also can you see the dumbo fins from v young? Thank you, gorgeous fishes xx

  6. Excelente vídeo, siempre quise que alguien grabara todas las etapas de crecimiento de un guppy, muy hermosa la línea, te felicitó sigue así

  7. I bought 6 of them 2 months ago (2 are pregnant), and now i have 100+ of them in my tank including the babies 🤣

  8. Me encantó tu video el desarrollo de un alevín dumbo pero mi duda hay descarte posibilidad. Espero que hagas uno de hembras. Saludos desde PERU.

  9. I brought a pair of Guppies and after some days it gave birth to fries now I'm raising them separately
    When they get matured should I release them with the parents is there any problem if the breed each other
    Do they loss there quality,size and health
    Is there any problem

  10. Bro my guppy Fish is Giving Baby. Which food I should give to mother and babies. I already lost my mother Molly Fish and all the molly Fish babies. I don't want to lose guppy babies. Please help me. 😢😢

  11. Thank you so much for the video. My dumbo mosaics just dropped fry 3 days ago and I was wondering what to expect growth wise. So now I know! Of course I understand water conditions and feeding will also have growth at different rates. Beautiful guppies you have!

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