Traveling Beautiful Taiwan on Motorbike (1800 KM) around the whole Island!

Right, Lubomir! yes i’m ready to see 2000 km on Motorbike oh yeah a epic, epic! so let’s let’s first see some homeless people and tip them yeah a bit of money go to the shop! and buy some wierd fruit okay but before we go yeah this was
delicious didn’t you have some octopus No, I am vegetarian! and this is something out of Armageddon like astronauts this is the crew is going to lead you
all the way around Mars yeah Hells Angels right here guys Darren, where we are? Taipei! No! Taipei no! Taiwan! or Taipei? Yes, this Taipei! it’s a good approach
now we gonna do some sightseeing Look at some animals, like chicken? Elephant? temporary? A very strange Museum! Crazy shit! Round trip around Creative park, lots of art galleries and stuff like that! Lubomir: Nothing special I was special! and it was very interesting I couldn’t go
in but then I made it The metro it’s like the underground super busy People are very friendly Look at that train, super busy! Like sardine box Playing Pokemon GO or? It’s not Pokemon Go… I didn’t know its exist, like you can go to a restaurant and you see cats something that I discovered today Compare to Vietnam, if you leave these cats on the street They just take it and eat it. So It’s different comperasetion! Compare to Taipei so if you come to Taipei, come for kids! Oooh, cats! It’s good that you let you eat the cats yeah don’t make mistakes when you have to speak off in front of people, ok? Here we are! Beautiful NightLife! Uh, Let’s Party! Look at the woman! She is very shy, ha? lots of street vendors for sure Lubomir: I am going to show you how to catch this Darren: Pokemon? I don’t know the name.. Did you win anything from
this? Yeah my soul! so far so good so we had fun now it’s
time to meet other crew! That’s right! Unhealthy chicken! It’s very good! Spicy! Is it on my face? It’s the best time to start a day with food! So Darren, what do you think about this restaurant? I was pretty good amazing dumplings! Yeh, even for me, I found my vegeterian thing. Yeh, great! I definetly recommend it that anybody who comes to Taipei Lubomir: It’s very good! Very good! What are you eating? Beef noodle soup. The national dish of Taiwan! Are you ready? Born ready! How do you like a motorbike? It’s good yeh! A big? Very big, yeh! What’s behind the story? Alex: Some gay, painted colerful shit I don’t really know the story I’ll send you a link so we’re sorting everything a very important spare underwear too Where are the chimpanzees? So Lubomir, how long did it take you to jump into the water? I was scared of my life! Maybe 6 mins? It happens..:( Alex, what’s the name of the city? Nanzhuang Old street! lots of like local delicatese and snacks you can get Pretty cool! I don’t know I have just a habit to camera
dogs but anyway a good day I survived, even doing footage, and what is the next day Darren? The next day, we went into the mountains up in the clouds, it was pretty cold
because you’re so high up. What’s a happening man? Talk to you morning. So we are fully wake up, and ready for antoher day! Right, Darren? yeah batteries
recharged, ready to go! so interesting museum, but??? uh yeah we had to move the bikes after ten minutes cuz we had to park in the wrong place so that was shit. we were so lazy, but anyway, interesting! Darren: You cannot smoke here! and here is Aiden, having his 20th cigarettes of the day! (Darren’s father) so there is good advice if you go on
the sun eight hours a day or the motorbike it’s good to have protection, trust me! it’s difficult to find good food so I think this is the best option here You see? no vegetarians but I’ve cheated a couple of times so it’s like a small Mcdonald thank you!
now you could see our own source for eating food in Taiwan, right? a lot of 7-elevens and a lot of McDonald’s if you get a chance to go to Taiwan, go on a motorbike! This was the best! it’s unbelievable I love It! I believe it! You believe it? Why? Because you said it’s unbelievable, I believe it! Now you are going to see our smooth path like everything is nice and clean, BUT! For a couple of parts, we did get lost for a few hours I think Alex’s phone stopped working or something like that. We didn’t have map.. Yeh, a map is good! What did you find? show me don’t move we’ll smoke it when we get back to the hotel It looks an amazing hey hey hey what? How is the trip? How is the what? The trip!! The trip is good, interesting! fascinated by The language The culture The food Mcdonalds Kfc… interesting stuff. In this part, I was getting a bit scared I was getting out of petrol and the way was a bit bumpy Like vibrator now we finished the most difficult part!
And now we’re going from my perspective the best day of the
traveling, what you think Darren? yeh, it was amazing you’re totally up in the
mountains it’s like the Swiss Alps or something there’s no tourists it’s too early it’s 7:07 in the morning and this place
doesn’t open till 10:45 That’s why there are no tourists After breakfast, we’re gonna go up to the high speeds of Taiwan. maybe go up to the viewpoint when everyone head back down the mountain we’re gonna go to our natural hot spring. very very hot spring
you’re gonna see something special Man down, man down, man down easy! Easy yo? Child’s walk! so, Darren, I’m looking forward to your their opinion. How did you like this track? all these steps were fine except TK build
died He was like: hey la, I am not doing fuck this! made it we did yeah
three thousand three thousand meters something like, really high! Higher than Everest I think! higher than everything else but it’s
possible world record yeah the first czech guy to clime this Congratulation man! 3 Irish almost 4 Irish, but one went down. Omg it tastes like blood We were definetlly like retarded family who like to feed everyone the Grand Prix or Need for speed
to the way how we’re going right now! it looks amazing! like tunnels and the nature It’s like the Stone Age, becoming a man like Animal I’m gonna show you, it looks very good! So Darren, who is the man here? I think, you are the man! Yeh, This was on the postcard! I love it! It’s unbelievable, it’s so nice! 6 miles? Lubo, what’s happening man? at the moment, we are in the nice heavy forest we are walking up there up the mountain, it’s so so amazing and we have to wait for one old fella I puked up earlier when I got back from the hike Do you remmeber that strawberry drink I got in 7-eleven? Drank it, one shoot, come back to the hostel and blee… this road was kind of hot! Not the girl before, but the road! Anyway, this road I remember I crushed the bike, what about you Darren? my crash is coming tomorrow the next day I think It’s hot yes! I lost the glove It’s shining all over the island But I love it what can you see? big balls! what’s above it? a whole…. very big whole above the balls ha, chilling day Do you want some joint? I love the joint, do you have one? of course, in my pocket! don’t worry we have lots of time take
your time, put the ash no problem, we have all day now just put it and we want to go! at the moment we’re in hang Chung just here We just drove all the way through two one nine picked up some hitchhikers took
them for thirty-five killometer round got some nice beaches around here go
check out maybe go for swim so now we’ve arrived to the canteen and be aware
that there was a crime inside old fellas they were scared of such animal like a cockroach Rybka, Rybka, Rybicka, Rybicka Darren, do you know what is Rybicka? No! What to fuck is that? Rybicka! when you finish our loving part there is
another situation will come up the next day I don’t understand that
the situation, you Darren? Alex wanted to take us to a viewpoint I don’t know why we drive for the grass but he dropped his bike like a fucking idiot (Darren’s brother Alex) So Lubomir, what are you going to do now? I am going to do a beautiful ride From this field? part of that we got lost again Alex? but
every day can be sunshine right so you’re gonna see like in very rainy rainy rainy days because of a typhoon What a fuck? at least I didn’t fucked up my bike also, our driving skills and mood was getting a bit down after 6-7 days so it wasn’t very perfect How do you feel? Excited! Like your tinder date, no? Luxury hotel, hm? I think those are your nuts (Somebody was moody, wasn’t he) Tasty?, Who is tasty? Tasty Taxi? Taxi to tasty! Ok, see you tomorrow! Alex: no thanks! Tk: no thank you! Oh ye, please It’s for free There is a moment I want to see it spit it out Dobře, “Nice” Alex (Changed his mind) – give me one Aiden: It’s not bad actually Darren – Give me the right one Lubomir, that’s how the community work! Darren – Very bad! (I think He liked anyway) song I don’t know why but she was cute to me! We took a picture together! So anyway, now you pay attention we did the brief feedback that’s the word! nobody cared! I think the whales, it was pretty cool! Aquarium, it was fun! Old Zoo trail road (Hike in the morning) and you, your hiking skills (For his age, good job!) The beer wouldn’t even think that I end up in
Taiwan I’m gonna have like an amazing trip it’s such a great group and yeah
that’s it I you watching this video you should travel you travel having fun
and seeing as many places as possible because fauna the way the journey the
rock everything is it’s amazing. But food not good
so thank you for watching guys and see you for another video

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