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laughs laughs we are live
how is it going everybody how you doing it’s Bruce here with traveling with
Bruce welcome to the show it is Monday August 13th Monday August
13th warm kind of muggy day here in Creston
we are definitely socked in from the forest fires we’ve got we’ve got the
smoke here from forest fires big-time we are right I don’t think we have more
than three or four miles of visibility out in the sky
you know we’re surrounded by mountains here and we see nothing and
janus janus trying to sneak something onto the show here oh here we go
something’s coming get ready folks it’s our you know we had our one or one year
anniversary yesterday was the official date August the 12th my day off and
while you got to celebrate every way you can write and here Jen is making an
appearance look at that there you see her you want to see her there she is you
can see her hand right there happy birthday to traveling with Bruce how
about that look at that we go all out here with the
dollars you know we put the show on and we get the props we do it all I gotta
make a wish here and thousand subscribers there we go the wish has
been made no one will know what it is it’s a secret but isn’t that pretty
huh that great oh I love it I got a love that I don’t think I can put that in
order you can see no confetti no glitter that’s right I said no confetti cuz and
we have to clean it up a lot to be doing that what a mess that’ll make oh my
goodness ah so we’ll just leave it at that see you Jen Jen is on her way
making herself pretty she’s gone you know it’s hard it’s hard you know when
you’re when you’re you know as you know you have the looks of a Hollywood
superstar like that to maintain the appearance it’s not easy a team of
specialists I’m sure you know so how she does it I don’t know it’s just it’s
incredible it just is anyway there you have it
welcome to the show I’m glad you’re here it’s another day in paradise like I say
we’re probably gonna be in the low 80s today thankfully we have backed off from
those high temperatures that we were having a couple of days ago back on
Thursday right we were reaching you know just about a hundred here Bruce what’s
get 105 didn’t quite make it but 99 was plenty hot enough and then we backed off
yesterday to the high 70s now it’s about the low 80s and our overnight our
overnight low went into the mid 50’s I thought now that’s how you cool a house
down the problem is that we couldn’t leave the windows wide open because of
the smell of the smoke it it smells like you’re a little nut beside a campfire
but just a little away from my camp fire and it’s non-stop 24/7 folks so we’re
surrounded by forest fires I don’t mean like miles or anything like I like let
something close I’m talking about between 50 and 300 miles around us our
forest fires just to give you an idea and smoke goes up into the air and it
gets moved and it can go hundreds of miles and then you know reach the
surface again coming down to us and we we get we get it we’re in a bit of a
valley here we’re surrounded by mountains so of course air can get
caught here and sort of settle in for a while and unless we get a stiff breeze
from the Pacific it’s not going to be wiped out now we did get a windy couple
of days the last two days which is great the problem is it didn’t bring in non
smoke filled air and just brought in more of it and just move the air we had
up and we just got new fresh smoke air in here so unfortunately we are dealing
with that not the only community to do so jennifer and i jen and i did drive
yesterday to Coeur d’Alene Idaho went to our Costco so
got myself a chicken baked she got herself a hot dog as usual and we found
that tube out old but an hour’s drive south to here hour and 20 minutes it
cleared up Coeur d’Alene was beautiful cheers everybody treatment travel youth
Bruce says hi um Coeur d’Alene we could see blue sky we could see you know the
odd cloud up there we’re here I can’t see the sky it’s just like a fog second
fog that gives us about two to three miles of visibility all around and
that’s it we don’t see the sky I can’t tell you the clouds up there I’m sure
there are clouds above the smoke I don’t see them can’t see the mountains
surrounding the town we’re just socked in that’s just the way
this I’m staying indoors staying safe here and doing what I got
to do say hi to you guys and let’s talk cruise ships instead so if you’re new to
this show you’re new to my channel welcome to traveling with Bruce I love
talking about cruise ships and cruise ship vacations um we love talking about
just all kinds of topics from time to time uh we veer off the kind of the main
reason we’re on the air and people start talking about other things that kind of
get don’t and I try to kind of I try my best not to get into that but sometimes
we just you know it just gets kind of crazy but hey it’s all good
I welcome one at all tell me where are you watching me from if you’ve never
been here before where are you what’s your hometown much a high temperature
going to be today some of us compare price of gas which is your gas in your
neighborhood here it’s a dollar forty a liter Canadian that’s about four but 380
American the gallon for an American gallon 380 u.s. a gallon u.s. that’s
what we pay here for gasoline Coeur d’Alene I just bought gas at Costco for
two ninety seven point nine still kind of high for the area lately gas was
$2.99 a gallon the last time I was in Coeur d’Alene about three weeks ago
maybe but it hasn’t dropped by much it’s just not giving it up the price is kind
of hanging right in there I think the next time I’ll be in Coeur
d’Alene might be in about three weeks from now maybe four and hopefully since
it’ll be September people are back to school the holidays are over cross their
fingers I’m hoping like my camera here that it won’t change too much it’ll just
go down in price you know it’s my camera changes when I do this I move to
and then my camera makes me look orange there I am there and then I go back to
regular again anyway down in Coeur d’Alene I’m hoping to Gessle drop 20 30
cents a gallon because I save a ton of money when I go down there like I say I
save almost a buck a gallon so you know 15 gallons I put in that thing yesterday
in my car $15 that paid for the chicken bake that paid for the hot dog with the
free soda and and more Thank You America I love that anyway what can I say okay
thank you everybody for your support by the way thank you special shout-out to
Robert Brandt today Robert made a donation to my channel again thank you
sir very much I appreciate it I know you’re on holidays too which is really
doubly impressive and a big shout-out to Debbie Emanuel Debbie I don’t know if
you’re here I’m taking a quick peek at all of the folks who are saying item 8
because that and Debbie is here Debbie hi how are you a Jen and I were were
just over the moon blown away we just had got we’ve just gotten back
from the US yesterday and well we get notification through PayPal Debbie
Manuel made a donation to my channel I cannot possibly thank you enough I just
thank you so so much you are wonderful and we we appreciate it very much all of
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the ads on YouTube thank you for tolerating those and it all helps anyway
the first birthday like I say was my day off yesterday I just I just enjoyed it
with Jennifer to get some provisions and bring them back here to good old Canada
though and we we did a lot of you know talking and and and and surmising about
the future of the channel and what’s gonna happen there it is there’s a
little cupcake there and well well that’s fantastic I see that later
because we need it now I’ll have it all of my teeth is this stuff it’s not
pretty just not for now but you know we talk I talk about the
future the channel all the time what are we going to do how we’re gonna do it
where we at where we’re going where we’ve been yeah all youtubers do this
we’re all the same we have twenty five hundred and twenty five subscribers I
think right now I think we had about five in the last day or so
thank you new subscribers coming on board I’m hoping to what to attract more
as the year goes on and of course to see you folks on cruise ships in person
that’s what I’m really looking for that’s our big goal
Jennifer and I want to get out onto the sea to to experience some more cruises
and share them with you with meet-and-greets that will be just the
best I love the idea about I should like being paid to travel that’s the big goal
here for this guy that this channel will allow me to travel professionally so
that you know I don’t have to have a job that I do this continually and take it
further travel for a living that would be just oh man that’s a that’s a bucket
list for me I’m working on that big-time and some of you folks are helping me or
another I appreciate some of you folks are
really helping but all of you are helping no matter what you’re just
watching me you’re just making a comment giving me a thumbs up telling your
friends and sharing a video for me if you’re sharing any of my videos thank
you so much some of you folks are sharing my videos on Facebook and it
really makes a difference thank you thank you oh by the way on Saturday I
mentioned to to you guys who are watching me I said to you guys hey
listen do me if they were my oldest ever video the first one I ever did it’s all
about a ferry crossing it’s a car ferry crossing in Germany that doesn’t have an
engines that the the boat doesn’t have a motor on it the river actually brings it
across because it’s a cable ferry the the ferry is attached to cables up at
the sky does against a big thing cable that’s suspended across the river and
our wires going from the ship on the front and from the back attached to this
cable and the the operator of this ferry boat when he lands on one side of the
river of the cars dry off drive off the front cars drive on then drive on to the
ferry he takes these ropes are these wires and
he has a little electric motor he pulls one
wire in and lets one wire out and so the the boat instead of being like this now
is like this or it goes like this as the river flow is this way and as he
tilts the the river of the barge if it catches though the current catches the
back end of the boat and pushes it forward like a sail in the wind and our
tacking as my as Jen was saying and attacks across the river with them with
the cable the the wires that are attached to the cable go along with it
to the other side they drop off these cars bring new cars on and he needs
winches at the boat the other direction it back you go fascinating silent no
sound it’s just great to what no pollution you know no carbon going in
there off that River some people said well why don’t they just feel the bridge
you know wouldn’t it be cheaper so they actually would not be cheaper it would
be millions of euros because you’d have to design the land and the bridge you’ve
set the infrastructure up to handle all that then you have to have the
maintenance of the bridge all the time and the winter you have to plow it
although it doesn’t winter you snow uh here at this little ferry because of the
traffic is so light it just doesn’t justify a bridge but it doesn’t
unjustified the ferry crossing and so you got kind of this instead I think
this is just brilliant brings up across about Freed maybe six cars at a time
maybe it could be brought across no heavy trucks go on this thing by the way
this is not an industrial highway this is between two little villages on one
side of the river near Hon London near place called Vika Hagen in Germany where
my grandparents lived when I was a child deep memories for me there and his
little river the the wasn’t the Vasa River camera has been going through here
for thousands of years and this little ferry has been there forever it’s it was
there I believe during the warriors they’ve modified it a bit from time to
time they’ve replaced the wiring across the suspension wire all that they’ve
kept up on it and it does have a lifeboat this if you watch my video
close enough you’ll see that there’s actually a lie
but it’s a an aluminum boat that you would you’d use at your cottage to go
fishing you know and it’s got a little mortar that you know the five horsepower
ten horsepower engine on the back of it you probably yank the cord to started so
there is a lifeboat to this thing but I don’t think it’s ever had to be used
that’s pretty cool I guess if the wire ever broke the the the ferry would be on
its own would just float down the river until it ran do you know got grounded
somewhere wouldn’t go very far before it got grounded somewhere and it’s not
gonna run into any industrial nonsense or just farmland down there for miles
it’s it’s the the oh the absolute country of joy is beautiful just
gorgeous anyway you had a chance to see that video go ahead I encouraged
everyone on Saturday check out my oldest video the first one I ever made on
August that fall 2017 see how god-awful I was and you’ll see how shaky it is
it’s just me talking I didn’t know when I made the video that it would be on
YouTube ever because I was making the video for my wife and my daughter who
were back home because I was with my mother on her last trip to Germany I was
accompanying her and I just was talking into this camera as I was filming this
scene thinking well this would be just something like a home movie and I’m just
that’s all I’m doing here and I had no idea that would ever become a YouTube
video that you folks at see but check it out and if you dare share it on Facebook
to everyone you have all your friends and let’s make this thing go viral
it went from 115 views that’s where it was when I told you guys about I only
had 115 views in a year a hundred and fifteen just I’ve seen it 10 times I
know friends of mine have seen a four or five times so I mean it’s got maybe 80
views in a year that means no one is who ever watched this video it’s now at a
hundred and fifty or a hundred fifty-five views it’s going viral
because of you guys well let’s see if we have some fun and I get thumbs ups I had
only three thumbs ups and three thumbs downs on this video cuz that’s how bad
it is last time I looked at nine up and three down how about that that video has
got some comments on it and positive calm well we’ll take we’ll
take anything we can get this little old video and I did notice some of you folks
because I can see them them I can see these videos being what the second video
the third video that what you folks were watching those two I wanted to see well
what was he doing in the first month that he was on the air what kind of
videos was he posting and you’ll see if you do want to do that you want to do
like a binge watch of my channel well I invite you to do it all there’s 350
videos but these first I don’t know 40 or 50 that I did maybe more they were
all just regular videos anywhere from three to eight minutes long ten minutes
long and they’re about Germany that are about Berlin which is you know I love
very much and I did a couple videos with California I did a video about the the
largest outdoor Garden Railway in Panama Pomona Pomona California the LA the Los
Angeles fair I did a video about that that’s a fascinating place I did a video
was that I think you’ll see Jen in there if you watch that video you might see
Jen because she and I were we’re walking around there you might catch a bit of
her there uh and so many you’re curious what’s Jen look like what you might you
know I don’t know if you’ll see a hand or on an armor a leg I don’t know check
it out Oh anyway we had some fun with those
early videos again I was just starting out had no idea where this channel is
gonna go but what I started to notice not not even a few weeks into it as soon
as I mentioned cruise ships well the views would go up on courage on cruise
videos anything I talked about cruise shipping I started posting videos about
being on cruise ships on my on my travels and people were reacting and
commenting and asking me questions and I thought boy there’s a real need for
folks who want to have some of this information and they have questions they
want answered I’m more than happy to do it so that’s how it went
that’s how this channel got started January the 6th I started live streaming
because I figured out boy you know if I can do this live every day I just answer
your questions on the spot and give you up-to-date information that happens
daily this might work and it’s working people like it and and the reach is
global which is fantastic I have Australians
New Zealanders Germans Argentinians Canadians Americans
watching me from all over the place live and of course on the regular shows and
so I try to do both I did load up a video this morning if you haven’t seen
it catch it today it’s called what not to buy in a cruise ship don’t buy this
stuff on a cruise ship is what I’m telling you to do it’s about a
five-minute video check it out after the show if you like and let me know what
you think of it give it a thumbs up if you liked it and give me a comment on it
and help that helped that with a couple of shares on your facebook as well and
let’s get that video out there it’s definitely a how-to video for newbies
but even for those of you who’ve been around a while on you know a couple of
good points to consider and I appreciate all your comments and again all your
support thank you every one of you for your best wishes your congratulations
your kind words I make sure Jen sees it I show her I say look at this Leah this
comment here from this person then look at this cup isn’t this great
thank you all very very much I’m humbled Peter hekima signed in today at at 412
he said Peter his leader says hi Bruce and all a little Sun a little cloud and
a little rain in Tarpon Springs Florida today and about 90 degrees Bruce I hope
you had a good weekend and a good trip to Costco we did it was just fine gotta
tell you though coming back to Canada oh man what is going on with the Canadian
border you know I don’t understand if we had a lineup there were probably ten
cars this is just to kind of you know just understand set the table for you if
you come into Canada in Vancouver Western Ken or if you come into Canada
from Detroit through Windsor Ontario or in Buffalo New York or get ready for
lineups okay that’s typical there’s there’s hundreds of guards in line yeah
and they’ve got you know agents and agents and agents and all these like
toll booths you know and they’ll they’ll take carry on you have to declare your
intentions and all that good stuff but in Creston dress fit here we have
one lane you come in one lane and we have one booth we have our one agent
with a second or a third agent inside the little shack that we have in our
little border crossing his puny it’s only open till 11:00 at night if they
close it from 11:00 at night until 7:00 in the morning then they reopen it same
the American site and the American building is bigger than our building I
think the American building is about four times the size of our building and
they’ve definitely got five or six guys in there they got way more guys in
America’s border side then on our Canadian side by by far you know because
we are the rowdy Canadians oh I mean we are troublemakers oh man we come into
the u.s. to spend money causing havoc everywhere anyway coming into the u.s.
is a pleasure it’s an absolute pleasure I just show them your passport they ask
you where you headed they said we’re going to Costco get some groceries today
let’s have a good day folks you know they just swipe in the password to make
sure you’re not on the no-fly list or whatever those lists are making sure
you’re okay in my case and in Jennifer’s case they swipe our passports and I
think their computer says oh yeah they were just through here three weeks ago
and they were through here two weeks before laughs and they were here three
weeks before that we go through all the time so I know American side is just
yeah because we’re Canadians they just wondering are you bringing anything with
you no you got a gun on you no get just go Canada coming back Oh
Canada oh yeah you coming back to your own country oh yeah what do you got why
do you why did you buy what yeah we want to see it want to know oh it’s a big
deal they’ve become tax collectors our border guards are actually bonafide
dressed up you know with a gun and end up flack jacket and all Americans do I’m
in the American guys get the flak jackets on dude they are loaded they got
the weaponry but in Canada they’re they’re tax collectors they’re now
looking for cash it’s pathetic we have coming to Canada the worst deal you
Americans you it’s great for you guys I think you guys get an exemption that’s
massive I tell me those of you in the United States if you’re driving back in
the USA from Mexico or from Canada how much can you bring across duty-free how
much booze can you bring across how much let’s say cigarettes or or groceries or
clothing or whatever what’s your exemptions because in Canada
here we come across the border and if we don’t spend at least one night in the
United States technically you’re not allowed to bring anything zip
we have to pay duty on everything we bring back I’m allowed to buy gas down
there they can’t charge me duty on that technically because how do you know how
much should I buy but if I bring across some Costco stuff they could
theoretically make me pay duty on on everything I bring across and there are
limits as to how much I can bring across if I bring more than one gallon of milk
they could mail me more bye bring back more than a dozen eggs they can nail me
more because of the dairy quarters all this stuff we have in Canada that’s
protected to protect our farmers so that I pay five bucks a gallon for milk here
or I pay two bucks a gallon for milk in the States and bring it back
do the math guess what I do I buy it they’re unbelievable anyway coming back
yesterday cars Oh ten fifteen cars leading lines we didn’t move for fifteen
minutes did not move and the cars are piling up behind me and there’s a bit of
a distance between the Canadian customs building and the American customs
building it’s about 300 yards maybe and it was half cars as every car kept
coming from the u.s. back to Canada get in line we’re all awaiting I was
wondering Jesus are we gonna be lined up right into the United States because
what’s gonna well they had a guy because I noticed there were two RCMP cruisers
who had been brought in from the detachment in Creston apparently we had
a guy in a pickup truck with a whole bunch of stuff and they went through
everything on this guy I don’t know if he had something bad or they thought he
did but all it stopped everything and instead of having you know two or three
extra border guards to handle the rest of us so we’re just trying to get home
we had to sit there and wait and you can’t say a damn thing you cannot or
don’t you bitch about it don’t you complain to a customs guy they have
ultimate power to do whatever the hell they want and no one stops them no one
checks their actions you’re no judge will ever rule in your
favor if you end up in court with these guys they have all power on anything
same on the US side and I think it’s too much and it’s unregulated and it’s
unchecked but that’s just made I know there’s many like me who feel the same
way but oh man these be and they look at us like we’re crooks
they really do they they they say they’re here for our safety they’re
collecting taxes and in Canada it’s big business at the border it’s big business
and we average Canadians are fed up with it it’s just ridiculous
no politician in this country has the guts to run for election to say you vote
me in I’m bringing those customs guys back in line I’m gonna bring it back I’m
gonna give Canadians a two hundred dollar exemption or a five hundred
dollar exemption or a thousand dollar exemption bring back all you want
because right now it’s nickel and dime time on everything it’s ridiculous but
yesterday we did get through no problem we got to the front line and the young
guy asked us how long we were there five hours where’d you go Coeur d’Alene went
to shopping at Costco and he looked at us he said why would you go to why would
you go to nine states to buy groceries and I’m thinking to myself you idiot you
moron you’re asking me a question you know the answer to that question and
you’re asking me a stupid question and you know it’s a stupid question and
you’re pissing me off and they just look at Lee like oh why would you go to the
states of my groceries oh man I hate people like that I just don’t like it
but what are you gonna do it’s the world in which we’re in today I wonder what
it’s like for you guys out there when you cross the border tell me Robert
Brent hi Bruce and all i cool 66 in Nuremberg Germany as we sail on the
river it has risen to a passable level and we have not had to get off the ship
he is on the Viking River cruise right now in Germany and letting me know how
he’s doing and he’s joining us live how about that Robert thank you again for
your contribution to my channel you are fantastic
Tracy Dunlap is saying hi Bruce and all nice day and Naples 89 right now with a
slight breeze everyone starts saying hi to everybody else I’m just gonna whip
through here Robert Francie or saying hi everybody
peter is here Peter heck Thomas here Robert says spent the day in Nuremberg
beside the Nancy Charles it was a nice place it is a pretty place and Jordans
here from Brisbane Australia hi Anne how are you doing it’s 24 Celsius that’s
gotta be in the mid 70s fantastic day thank you for all your
wishes I know you’ve been sending me birthday wishes all weekend for the
channel thank you very much I really appreciate it and I’m glad you’re back
and I’m glad you for the study Richard C from Philly is here having
rain three inches in about an hour flooding everywhere oh man it’s been
happening in New York it’s happened in Toronto the last week has been crazy for
flash flooding everywhere it’s still e just silly Paul Wilson is here howdy
everyone it’s time time for trucking with Bruce Paulus in the truck ridin and
listen to me on the road welcome buddy thank you sir
Paul Paul Wilson oh sorry Travis Bruce laughs out loud not trucking with Bruce
I’m traveling with C keeper hi Bruce at all 86 degrees Fahrenheit cloudy 13
nights before I sail before he’s going on the Norwegian cruise getaway thumbs
ups everybody free drinks offered yes but at what price in the end it’s all a
big numbers game isn’t it I agree sir Brittany Lockwood is here hi Bruce and
all from in Baton Rouge it’s 95 and in Thibodaux Missouri it’s 93 I’ll be
leaving on Friday morning and going to college and even though I may give the
temperature for both for the next few days just to let you know how hot it is
Thank You Brittany and good travels to you on Friday to go to school Robert
Brandt very well and Jordan we will get off the ship and Budapest that we’re
extending our trip five days to Phuket Thailand to satisfy two 16 year olds and
their plea it’s like a salt yeah well it looks like you just extended the triple
are flying to tie a to Thailand from Germany my gosh that’s gonna be
something from Budapest that’s awesome and I I think that’s great Paul Wilson
hello in how is it across the seas I’m here in the US
let’s see your let’s see here and Jordan warning Britney see keeper I’m traveling
solo neck screws and I don’t drink alone drinking as a social thing with me the
soda package will work for me this time around Cruz number thirty nine and
Counting ready to go see keeper this is gonna be awesome stuff but excuse me uh
Paul Wilson’s asking Robert which groover cruise are you all on and where
we got here Britney saying my mom and I will set
sail on Disney Fantasy On January the 5th and it’ll have a Star Wars day at
sea while we’re on board that’s gonna be great
it’ll be the second cruise for both of us you couldn’t pick the better line
that Britney you and your mom going on the Disney cruise
oh yeah you guys are gonna have a blast fantastic let’s see here right Robert
saying I’m on the Viking longship it’s called their grand European
experience or something like that fantastic well well this hi Bruce and
all its 80 with very little humidity here in Virginia the weather we’ve been
having for most of July in August is more like September and October weather
is not interesting hmm let’s see Robert saying to me always my pleasure I hope
you know as I hope you know thank you so much again for your contribution my
friend Paul Wilson everyone I’m a long-haul truck driver driving right now
and that’s why I was joking saying trucking with Bruce it’s all good ball
we know you follow us on the road all the time and I love it I think it’s
great Tom Henry hi everybody 80 for fair night and nice today in Richmond just
picked up penny at the groomers she had a bath and the words will be driving
fantastic ironies here a hi Bruce and all 87 here San Diego 83 at the coast
five days to light ie D cruise five days can you stand and that’s awesome
Brittany Lockwood we decided not to go in December because the week sailing the
week after will be over Christmas and we want to be home and also want to be New
Year’s of course work the week that works for you I get it ready excuse me
uh Debbie Manuel hello Bruce and everyone home sick today so at least
work won’t get in the way of traveling with Bruce 95 for the high forecast with
wind so trying to get rid of the air all this smoke in Northern California Debbie
it’s unbelievable we’ve got the smoke do it gets in the eyes we’re using
moisturizer eye drops all the time to keep the eyes moist it’s just crazy stay
well rest yet better enjoy the show and thank you for your contribution I love
it all right Paul Robert Brandt I drive two miles to st. Thomas and I want to
shoot somebody I drive two hours 20 minutes to get to my nearest Costco this
guy drives two minutes he’s had enough unbelievable a Robert Brandt though he’s
saying that’s the greatest teacher you make that’s this the best t-shirt that
you have for trouble with Bruce there’s something about this t-shirt that Robert
Frane who’s from st. Thomas US Virgin Islands there’s something about it he
likes I don’t know what it is but there’s something about this t-shirt
that Robert grant really likes and well West 96 here in New Braunfels Texas
yesterday we received some well-deserved rain good stuff Wes if it’s hot that’s
one thing but at least you got some rain to keep the dust down way to go buddy
welcome to the show Tommy ray or Tammy ray good afternoon
everyone my sinuses have been messed up from
these from these forest fires way out there unbelievable man that’s crazy
uh Tom Henry Brittany what costume will you wear for the Star Wars show what
which one you gonna get uh Brittany Lockwood she says it’s the second year
anniversary of the Baton Rouge flooding we don’t want to have those anymore I
agree at all some junior hey Bruce and all mid 70s and rainy here in the Bronx
happy one-year University Thank You Edie us mid-seventies is OK tolerable for the
Bronx for sure nurse Nancy either a nurse dancing how you doing haven’t seen
you in a while see keeper how’s yours costco Hall it’s nice to see a bit of
mrs. Bruce ah well the cusp of all worked out we brought back some milk and
some eggs and ice cream got the Costco ID the premium ice cream got to have
that that’s the number one reason we went oh yeah a few little things just
how stuff you know for the kitchen and you know nibbles and stuff nothing
illegal I didn’t bring in back any alcohol this time we didn’t wanna get
caught with that nonsense they were asking did you bring any alcohol no not
today any cigarettes no don’t smoke he’s
custom guys oh man pinky Suzie Junko is here hi Suzie how you doing on the show
Brittany Lockwood Tom Henry I am NOT a huge Star Wars fan
neither’s my mom but I’m sure we will dress up for for pirate night we’ll get
a victory silo’s Dave Hey Bruce hey silo
welcome a Debbie Emmanuel a support ease here high end a happy anniversary Bruce
hey Emmanuel how you doing out there welcome to the show from way over there
in Africa and Jordan morning Debbie hope you’re feeling better soon Robert grant
my son smell like smoke I wonder why Debbie Manuel thank you as
well and let’s see here everyone’s wishing W had to get better real soon
Wendy Thompson 82 here Ocala sunny hi everybody Deb and Paul everybody Robert
let’s see him going through all the hi all the hellos trying to catch up with
you guys let’s see here my oldest son said it’s 622 u.s. dollars
in st. Thomas is that gas not sure if gas is that expensive save Thomas let’s
see let’s see let’s see a new snare there’s Nancy Southwest Wisconsin hi 86
degrees gas is 283 gallon cheaper than we are out here for sure
Paul Willis Robert grant Wow let’s see the C key for some days trying to find
the topic and conversation going in one direction is similar to hurting cats
it’s fun to watch you hurting efforts you’re hurting efforts oh I bet yeah you
see me working I’m working here I got I got 50 people watching me live and I’m
working the nut I love it I just love it I’m glad you tell your friends to join
in let’s get it up to 100 this is fantastic
Maurice is here hello Roo six more days to like cruise Norwegian escape I got
people going on cruises all over the place and if any of you folks can join
me live while on your cruise that would be fantastic talk to me about what’s
going on on your cruises and how your ships are doing and everything else I
love it Carla Miller hi Bruce rainy and 79
degrees in Arlington Texas gas is 237 at Sam’s Club 237 Carla don’t you move from
Arlington my goodness that’s a good deal you could travel from Arlington but just
keep coming back what a deal in Arlington Texas 237 a gallon it sounds
to me like you make the stuff it’s like it’s all around you we make it here in
Canada you know we have tons of it up here but all we text up but Jesus out of
it so that we can raise more money it’s kooky I’m being good Robert saying
and I noticed that Falwell guess yes you are you haven’t mentioned that color
laugh out loud Robert Brad wants to be a youtuber but
you do I don’t think agrees I’m not sure what’s going on here no comment AJ Walsh
3:19 a gallon yesterday in Las Vegas wow that’s crazy for Vegas normally Vegas
has cheap gas or cheaper gas it’s not as cheap as Utah but it’s not that I
usually that is interesting Debbie Manuel thumbs up Bruce you are
welcome from me to you thank you so much darling you won
just absolutely wonderful can’t wait yeah Richard C is saying debbie way to
go for giving Bruce a donation debt that’s awesome I love her but fall will
go said Robert Brandt somehow for some reason I tend to agree with YouTube and
Jordan thumbs ups uh let’s see here okay a Robert Brandt my sponsor would be
depends because everyone would be there and he stops the message right there oh
my goodness Tammy racing you know what I’m gonna
have to watch that video that video again about that that ferry crossing you
did about the no engine never realized there wasn’t an engine well that’s the
title of the video you gotta watch that video again to see how they do that it’s
really cool there’s no mortar it comes across each without an engine it’s just
incredible I love it I love it um let’s see Robert Brandt and people wonder why
the twins are a handful look at dad uh yeah Tracy donut ride it Robert Brett
doesn’t seem to be going through let’s see here Robert Robert Robert let me go
through silo Steve watched an ad last night for southern rock Cruz for the
southern rock Cruz January the six to 12 2019 on the NCL pearl remaining oh
they’ve got they’ve got Leonard Skinner the the remain of the guys who are still
alive Dickey Betts Molly Hatchet Marshall Tucker Band over forty five
performances looks like fun yeah it looks like a nice calm quiet relaxing
cruise with the guys from Leonard Skinner and Molly Hatchet it should be
just a super good time watch that folks then if you want to go
on a relaxing cruise with your children that are four and seven years old I
don’t know if this is the cruise you want to be on not necessarily the Pearl
uh be careful oh my goodness Robert Brett someone is
promoting you Bruce fantastic silencing that could be a fun cruise a Sylvia
hello everybody Sylvia here from Greensboro North Carolina 83 degrees
feels like 91 oh my gosh mg dough silo that does look good when what is a
for a balcony cabin on that girl’s good luck you guys Maurice who decides when a
ship goes into drydock what stays and what goes who decides well it’s the
cruise line the marketing department the bean counters it’s an it’s a team effort
the cruise line is constantly trying to figure out where the money is coming
from a which bar makes us the most money what casino promotion works best with
the casino players what entertainment in what bar plays out like the one we have
that seven piece jazz band over there and then we have that karaoke thing over
here and we’ve got the the three-piece rock-and-roll guys over here or whatever
they are who brings in the most money for every hour they’re playing and how
much does it cost us they’re doing the analysis the bean counters are figuring
it out down to the penny if not a fraction of a penny and that decides
what happens and so sure after five years every cabin is gonna need a new
mattress or new televisions or new flooring maybe new carpeting in all the
cabins maybe it’s time to take the the high-end cabins at the top of the ship
strip them down right down to the nuts and bolts and put in new everything
because these folks are paying five hundred and ninety eight hundred a night
you know whatever let’s make them really posh and we’ll just do some cosmetic
work on the lower cabins it’s all decided years in advance during the time
the ship is at sea they’ve got people on board all the time from head office on
these ships they may have a they may have on a casino director like the head
of the casino Department for the whole Cruise Line he’ll spend two nights on on
a NCL cruise ship from between Jamaica and Kay man and he’ll be on that ship
for that checking out the casino and the staff and how they are operate and the
condition of the slots they already know the numbers the numbers are sent to head
office they got the numbers he’s just looking at the cosmetics of the place
and he’s got a rapport he gets off the ship in came n spends a night in the
hotel and Cayman Islands the next day another cruise ‘la another ship arrives
from Norwegian he gets on that one and he takes that ship over to Cozumel and
he’s he or she or two or three of them however however many there are are doing
the same thing they get off the ship and Cozumel spend
the night the next day guess what the third Norwegian ship is coming in
that was just in Belize yesterday it stops and Cozumel it’s heading back to
Miami you get on that one and they check the cut the casino on that one and then
they head over that’s just a casino Department we got the room the part of
the hotel Department we’ve got the restaurant Department the guys
downstairs the crew quarters they got people for that the entertainers they’re
watching entertainers on stage the entertainers do not know that there are
people in the audience from head office from the entertainment hiring division
who are making report cards on the dancers the singers the ones that are on
the ship all the time making sure that they are performing up to standard
because by the time those folks get back on their their contract they’ve got a
report card on how they’ve been doing they’ve been watched 15 times in the 8
months they’ve been on board or the six months they’ve been or whatever the
number is that’s what’s going on personnel is being replaced hard stuff
like like like counters and sinks and dishwashers and televisions and
mattresses all being replaced in drydock that’s all decided a year before the
ship goes into drydock in the last three months it’s the last of the decisions
what’s gonna get painted what’s gonna get sandblasted on the outside of the
hull any engines have to be upgraded how’s the rudders working the azipods
all that stuff the engineering department it’s a big deal and it’s
three million bucks a day in drydock for every day it’s in there otherwise what
are you bringing in and dry dock for you’re wasting your time get that thing
refurbished and now so if it’s in there for 20 days 60 million it’s in there for
a month 90 million that’s real cash baby better be done right that’s what happens
that’s how it’s done Maurice Robert Brandt I’m more or less retired I mean
for any cruise anywhere but but not fond of ice area ice as in like North Alaska
yeah I hear you there icebergs Tommy Ray’s wandering mg dosing Robert stay
aboard enjoy the ship don’t go off the board I’m not a cold weather guy he’s
saying so Alaska you’re not gonna see me on Alaska cruise ice and ice in the ice
drinks question mark cabins are more than norm
si lo was saying cabins are more than normal to be expected Haven is more than
normal wonder some of the bigger acts stay in the Heyman some of the bigger
acts while some of the higher-end performers I don’t know um I doubt it I
think they would just be in regular balcony cabins I know that a friend of
mine had a son of his as a dancer on board and he would tell his dad that you
know they would bring a singer on for like a one-week on this ship and they
spend a week on another ship and he’d be enough this this entertainer was getting
like $2,000 a week to perform and part of the contract it put him in a balcony
cabin every time and so the booking department the reservation department
always had a cabin for staff crew certain crew entertainers and this guy
always had a balcony cabin part of his deal not unnormal at all let’s see here Tito saying Robert during the summer the
US Alaska is warmer than Southern California it’s not gonna work for him
Rob’s owners here afternoon Bruce stuck in Washington Delaware sorry afternoon
Bruce stuck in Wilmington Delaware these glasses there’s something wrong reading
back what’s this backhaul got cancelled till tomorrow so I get to watch the
whole show you’re in trouble now Oh Rob I’m in big trouble you’re watching the
whole show comments are gonna be coming fast and furious Tami read Robert Brent
I’m from Canada I’m surprised when out on Alaska cruise we were wearing shorts
and we found it really hot and humid why are you go there are days I mean you
know summer Robert Brett’s going mg is that true
that it could be hotter in Alaska than in California in an object itself I mean
are you sure are you sure we’ll see silo southern rock music one word sorry can’t
hi I can’t type web address it’s okay a silo and we get we know what you’re
saying out there with that big Cruz oMG what I’ve noticed is that the tribute
band shows should sound a lot better than the real deal who are a lot older
and have lost their voices yeah remember when they were in their 20s they were
screaming their heads off well now you got the cover bands who are you or this
or these it’s the bandits got the same name it’s only got
like two guys left from the eight that started the band in 65 there’s only two
guys left alive the other six guys are all 20-somethings thirtysomethings
they’re doing the lead vocals cuz they could scream for sure that makes sense
ah Robert Brett the twins are watching Bruce they’re watching you right now how
you doing guys what’s going on I don’t know what you find fascinating about
this old guy talking to a computer in his living room but I welcome you to the
show and I hope you’re joining it but maybe that’s telling me just how bored
you are on the ship tonight I’m just saying welcome to the show guys silo
Steve hey Tammy when I was on the Bliss in Alaska I was in shorts 100% of the
time and came home with an almost a sunburn it surprised me about that the
Sun reflecting off the water anywhere can get you it’s crazy
Bruce Roberts saying please say hello to my sons watch how he murders these names
oh no I’ve got a bird of these name Wow it looks like kya kya kya and and Jey
ano is janam guy and Jen oh is that how you pronounce that you guys tell me how
to pronounce your names that I’m sure I’ve blown it but if I have my I
apologize but I just read what I see I’m doing I get Robert you’re killing me
you’re just killing me but Maurice going on the celebrity edge on January the
13th and then when I get off I’m going on the allure of the Seas do you think I
should print out the forms for both should I print out the forms for both
what forms are art about referring to sir if it’s the if it’s the you know
you’re you’re booking information yeah if it’s your custom stuff yeah what yeah
whatever you need to print off you better print it off and take with you
Paul looks I’m laughing my ass off you say Wendy hi kids
Tammy yes I was very surprised to pack too warm for August for sure a silo
standard balcony on the rock a roll the rock-and-roll cruise $23.99 and it’s out
of Tampa 24 hundred bucks to see these guys whoa
Peter hekima Bruce I think the exception is $800 if you’re over 24 hours this is
coming into the United States as an American
the difference in the two customs officers are the Canadian wants to know
what you brought and the u.s. officer wants to know who you are yeah yeah yeah
oh yeah that’s exactly what it is I agree I think that’s right I that’s a
really good point Peter yeah Brittany $800 Canadian worthless stuff
Americans can bring back to the States duty-free unbelievable I wish we had
that deal it’s crazy we I have to stay a week I have to stay a full week in the
u.s. to once a year I can bring back eight hundred bucks worth of stuff for
the family okay so if Jennifer and I are in the car it’s not 800 for me and 800
for her it’s the family now she drove a car and I drove a car it’s 800 each
right bunk just total BS I just hate it Robert Brandt must be he must me must be Robert is saying maybe I had a bunch of
US postage stamps on me no no I don’t think I got Maurice Ingraham Bruce did
you see the Lolita iloko video on should you take your passport off the ship
what’s your opinion um I have not seen the video I saw that I saw the title
today I know he posted it I’ve talked about this before on on my show here
live a few times because I’ve been asked a few times about it um I would say this
if you’re in st. Thomas you’re not gonna need a passport if you’re American
but I would suggest this if you’re going on a short excursion and say you’re in
the Mediterranean and you’re going on a short excursion to say Rome from the
from the port which is what 80 kilometers outside of Rome and you’re
taking the train on your own you know group of you bunch up or you’re on a
group a group cruise like a group tour ship ship sponsored you paint the ship
for a tour and you’re on the bus and you’re going I would take the passport
with me I’d do it and I’ll tell you what I’m not afraid of mountain of getting
back to the ship on time I’m not if I’m on the I’m on a tour with say Norwegian
which I’ve done my daughter and I were on a 8-hour deal and it was fantastic
worryfree uh it was worth the money for me
it that the stress relief alone was worth it to me because my daughter and I
I’d have to worry about this it was gonna be alright
but you’re you’re in the Coliseum alright and you’re looking around at the
sights okay and beside you like you know five feet away from you a pickpocket
tries to pick the pocket of a tourist and there’s a Amelie all right and the
cops are called and security and all of a sudden security doesn’t know who’s the
good guy who’s the bad guy and they just they
just stop twenty people and don’t let anyone leave and you’re one of them
you’re now you’re now caught in something you had nothing to do with you
don’t know what the hell’s going on they want to know who you are and if you’re
with a cruise and you’ve got your passport with you or that’s legit
that’s legit you can prove your identity and the the the officers the security
people they will quickly figure out well you know there’s certain people pointing
at these guys who were pickpocket be pickpocketing them and you know they can
quickly figure out well okay we’ve got you know 20 people here 10 are with a
Norwegian Cruise Line cruise because we’ve got our little Norwegian Cruise
Line button for the tour we got our passport IDs the ship can verify who we
are so we’re not were no longer like prime suspects theoretically although
they’re maybe we’re professional pickpockets on a tour kind of ridiculous
but they’re gonna figure out oh yeah we got three guys here who are locals three
Romans from Rome what are you doing here did you come here for the Colosseum
today the cameras they’ll just look at the security cameras and they’ll quickly
figure out that these these three they’re here all the time every day and
they’ll talk to the local constable the local cops and go we’ve arrested these
guys five times in the last five years they’re professional thieves and with
your passport that comes in awful handy for a legitimate thing this is nothing
to do with getting stranded nothing to do with you got ill you had a heart
attack you got a stroke you broke your leg on the stairway on a tour in Venice
or in in Barcelona or or in anywhere I mean this is a totally different
reasoning I have it I would have it for sure and
it’s in the Caribbean too even a Cayman Islands I used to live
there love the Caymans but boy are they sticklers for paperwork oh yeah they
want to know who’s on my island who are you and if you get stranded the
McCain months you better have your passport it just makes life so much
simpler really does so that’s my opinion on that I hope I answered your question
desi from Chicago desi hi Bruce and all 85 and partly hazy in Chicagoland we’re
getting haze from the west coast fires you are and I’m sorry to say it you’re
getting it from California from British Columbia from Washington State it’s all
over the place yeah it’s awful welcome to the show
though Britany luck with that might be a storm okay Robert Brent what’s this for
I have the wrong completion to run for a political position in DC I Nora means by
that everyone’s saying hi to Desi si keeper I once went for a Sunday Drive
from Montreal to Plattsburgh New York when I got to Canada customs they asked
if I had bought something I answered a pack of juicy fruit gum they searched
the car yeah because they can’t believe it
what do you mean you only bought one pack of juicy fruit gum you smart aleck
you we’re gonna turn we’re gonna search your car we’re gonna find that bottle of
booze we’re gonna find the package of smokes we’re gonna make a liar out of
you and we’re gonna nail you because you didn’t declarant now we’re gonna nail
you with a fine and duties and taxes you found nothing
yeah they don’t yeah that’s what Canada customs to me is becoming their tax
collectors and they don’t care who you are they care what you got with you it’s
ridiculous I don’t like it Robert Brandt I would vote for you thank
you Richard see Amarista Cena Maurice Ritter Sheeran see says when you visit
Cuba they will take your US passport when you get off the ship no way I will
go to Cuba and give up my passport there’s no way to do that yeah they want
you to come they want to get off the island
they don’t want you to stay that’s how they know who’s still here who’s still
here we got five passports the ship’s gone uh gee I wonder who these guys
aren’t well we know who’s still here yeah it’s a very effective way of doing
it but you got to ask yourself you want to give up your passport
and it’s someone for a while I don’t particularly like that hi there
let’s see here let’s see what’s going on here Brittany saying hi let’s see Robert
I just wanna get through these comments Bruce I Paul Wilson Bruce I refuse to
cross the border in a semi truck last time there was the last time there was
911 just just got back into the u.s. just before they closed the border with
went within one hour oh man yeah I had Wyatt I had my 911 experience I don’t
ever want to go through that again that was a nightmare
balint is here hi Bruce and all from Argentina how you doing Bala a nice to
have you here Paul Wilson tribute for everyone I have a trailer of monkey
pickles I have a trailer of monkey pickles how about that Robert Brent
what’s this is planning to run for government governor the US version move
here so you can vote for me I want to run for governor in the US Virgin
Islands up with that let’s see her tab you’re a cow bees where I live Tammy
you’re in Calgary that’s why you’re getting smoked you’re not in Toronto
thank you for correcting me I keep forgetting thank you so much I will be
in calgary this wednesday will not be on the air this wednesday you just reminded
me I will not be on the air this Wednesday I’m going to Calgary thank you
for that so I’m on tomorrow for two shows Nina hi Bruce and all from a still
pouring Sweden much needed oh I’m glad you getting rain is sweet Nina you need
it you need the cool temperatures you need the water I’m glad that’s happening
I hope you Europe get some rain man it could use it and Jordan Olaf Alan
Robert Brent Oh traveling with Bruce the Rising Sun the huge private yacht on
your shirt was owned by Larry Ellison but is now owned by David Geffen she’s
453 feet long that’s this guy right here can you see that there okay this is the
big ship here that is the Explorer of the Seas and this ship right here is a
private yacht 453 feet long and it’s now owned by David Geffen
Wow that’s awesome stuff Wow cool nurse Nancy MGT oh yeah I will try to get on
as many cruise topic lifestream as possible love planning and talking about
cruises fantastic nurse Nancy I’m glad you’re here Robert grant that was that
was sadly glass likely gas likely premium but but gas per gallon expensive
stuff Tammy racing 49 watching and 20 thumbs ups let’s match the watching now
numbers would that be great Brittany Lockwood I’m very busy this
week with packing I’ve got to go to college so I’m not sure how much I will
be on to Chad I may or may not be at all on Thursdays I have some things I need
to do Brittany it’s okay you can’t chat with me Wednesday I’m not gonna be on
the air so you got a day off right there pack everything on Wednesday and you’re
good to go thirsty when I’m back on the air okay
Tom Henry uh let’s see empty facebook latitudes admin let’s see
her a live stream of the escaped leaving New York last night very nice even
mentioned Adrienne the Hitman so so so some kind of a live stream was on
Facebook Thomas saying and they talked about Adrienne the Hitman Robert Brad do
we know what ship Adrienne will be on for Spring Break 2019 I’m ready to send
send some fun people his way you have a ball of some of the folks you’re gonna
send oh my Adrian oh my Richard C sallow Steve looks like great it looks like a
great cruise on the Pearl too bad we already booked a long one after that
date well Robert bread follow what to say
Robert please do send some characters over to Adrian that should be fun
Tom Henry laughs without he had one person support Adrian who was an
admitted min from another group my moderator friends said let’s let’s kick
him out let’s kick about oh my yeah nurse Nancy says Richard C ain’t you but
they take your visa for visiting Cuba not your passport they keep you keep
your passport that’s what she said well that’s interesting
Robert Brent at traveling with Bruce my company gets a daily sales update of
alcohol sales and we’re and Ages groups etc they know their demographics very
interesting AJ Walsh Bruce this is of course talking
about the cruises the cruise ships putting a drydock you know what bars
were gonna redo and all that what numbers who sells the most booze robber
saying they know exactly every bar exactly how much booze are selling which
bar is outperforming the other and why they got the answers they all make
adjustments AJ Walsh Bruce Carnival horizon just canceled the port of amber
Cove stop due to technical difficulties everyone gets a $50 onboard credit Thank
You AJ for that very interesting I gotta say
with carnival they are very proactive when it comes to stuff like this I have
found you folks have commented on this from time to time whenever there’s an
issue with carnival they just write up an up goal okay it’s our fault we have a
problem here give everybody a credit apologize to everybody we’re really
sorry you know we’ll do the best we can to make it better this is this is really
good I love this Norwegian can’t say the same
Norwegian lately can we they’re just not doing it on the PR department I don’t
know what’s wrong there but there are issues Robert Brent at Paul will just
just don’t want him to weasel off to a different ship
you mean the Nazi the the yeah the Adrian yeah oh my we’re having fun with
Adrian on the up list the Norwegian bliss the cost here so so you don’t know
Adrian is a concierge on the Norwegian bliss right now in sea in Seattle to
Alaska and cruising with wheels another YouTube channel there sometimes on this
show with me they had problems with this guy and others have had problems with
this guy and all people are talking about him everywhere it’s unbelievable
any interesting stuff Tom Henry anyone else watched the new ship movie
yesterday called love at sea I haven’t seen it anyone watched it tell me what
did you like it I think it was shot on the horizon of the Seas like like the
movie last week like father with Kelsey Grammer and Kirsten Bell I I did a video
on that movie kind of curious many was seen that movie nurse Nancy at Brittany
a happy packing enjoy those college days they can be tough but also fun Robert
Brandt at nurse Nancy correct just the paper visa that’s all they need and
Jordan Tom Henry is that on Netflix don’t have Hallmark the movie love it
see see here is it on Netflix Tammy wants to know tell him Henry Britney one
of us has a stormtrooper outfit you should borrow that why do you have a
nevermind um let’s see you know what’s on hallmark the shows on homework will
be on again next Saturday and again on Sunday that’s where that movies
available to be seen nurse Nancy at a mere a funny I thought you really really
wanted to know right now I love those kittens uh Robert Brandt my the wife
wants a world cruise and we’d love to spend all our time with Adrian wouldn’t
that be a fun world cruise with Adrian Robert Southey that doesn’t work uh Paul
Wilson I was talking about trailer load of bananas okay Tommy ray
Tami ray he is 10 weeks and keeps hitting keys and shutting my computer
now Oh Tami’s having fun with a kitten or a pretty cat little pretty cat on her
computer nurse Nancy at the Richard see I just watched that one from Sharon at
sea it’s the visa they take don’t worry about your passport being taken from my
understand Robert Brent at that ball will just
already have the twins visiting our friend and trying to add to okay um quit
is as good as fired quit is as good as fired rubber bread says okay let’s see
here what’s going on here what about a dirty dance with Adrian laugh out loud
what is going on Tommy what’s happening Tommy Tommy I am amazed but you said
both names perfectly you know this is just caffeine free diet coke there’s
nothing here just that’s all there so I don’t slur as the show goes on I try to
you know I try to keep it together cheers to all of you out there in
traveling with Bruce Lam thank you Robert I said it right thank God I
didn’t I didn’t screw it up thank goodness for that all right everyone’s
saying hi smiles Robert Brent Saul Aleta look of video here’s my opinion get a
passport and a passport card he says Robert Brandt says off the boat
take the garden it’s just small like an ID okay Robert Brent but your passport
is locked away safe and you’re safe in your room Richard C&I says that nurse
Nancy yes I just watched again they only keep the visa I’m bad but visa is 75
bucks plus you need a certified insurance policy I think it’s just too
much too much of a pain to go there I agree as far as I’m concerned if a
country wants me to get a visa to visit the country not going I’m not interested
I’m not paying you a tax to then be allowed to come to you and spend more of
my money no I want you to give me something like welcomed me with open
arms with a Canadian passport or an American passport you know what I think
I think it means if you have an American passport Canadian password UK German
French Italian you’re from a g10 type country g8 country you ought to be
welcomed with open arms at we’re because you’ve got dough you have
access to cash your problem here to spend some money and enjoy yourself
I think this visa nonsense is a it’s a tax it’s just a tax and I don’t go for
it I’m just not not interested that Cuba think forget about it I’m not interested
no way see keeper the border is about customs
and immigration Canadians are concerned about merchandise customs the u.s. is
concerned about bad hombres immigration what you two of them everything is
covered I agree I rely prefer entering America than entering my own country I
really do I rather enter the u.s. a professional they’re really good at
their stuff they treat you right they’re fair and Canada you you have is playing
the lottery in coming back to Canada you’re playing the lottery you’re
gambling what kind of moron am I getting today am I getting the 50-year old guy
who’s been around a while and has seen it all and is looking at up 62 year old
guy and kind of kind of you know we we know or am I gonna get the 28 year old
punk who just started and he’s gonna do his job or I’m getting the moron who’s
trying to get a promotion and to show off that he’s super super Cup which one
am I getting I don’t know I just I just shake my head at these people and I’m
paying for it I’m paying these people out of my taxes for their service I’m
not happy I’m not a happy customer not a happy customer new not a happy customer
okay everyone’s talking about the card to go travelling with let’s see here
Robert Brett I comment on Jenni and Tony’s site nurse Nancy Richard see it
is kind of scary I’m not inclined to go there yet didn’t mean to disagree but I
understood differently it’s talking about Cuba I’m not rich there Jim Thomas
howdy everyone 102 and Anderson California City the knee is all right
just need to exercise more fire here over 200 and 2,000 acres now and this is
the smaller of the two in California the other one is over 300,000 acres
unbelievable Jim I’m glad Jenny’s coming around keep working it I know it’s hard
but do it it’s all worth that you know it I know it
way to go buddy uh Roberts saying I love Cuba so far rich
see uh nurse Nancy no no good to go I thought it was the passport I will never
hand that over to any government nurse Nancy Robert Brandt I saw your comment
about the passport card I’m too cheap to buy it to buy both I’m gonna keep trying
to figure if the risk of theft is higher or not let’s see her Robert Brown was
sent off mg toe has been to Cuba last week he said last week a group of
tourists on an excursion bus were robbed and Passport state were taken as well
but we’re mg where is that I made a small blurb on local TV in LA but did
not hit mainstream cruise blogs for some reason mg where where uh let’s see here
Robert Brandt he says he’s been to a nurse dance he wants um have you been to
Cuba he said yes I have but again I don’t want to pay the extra money to go
there just not interested let’s see here Tom Henry the NCL kept our passports on
my April transatlantic guess the that had him they had them for all EU
inspectors to review Rene some cruise lines will keep your passport but a copy
will work along with cruise card Richard see nurse Nancy got my passport card
only $35 but not good for Mexico and Canada no place else
you can’t board a plane with it either mg2 not been to Cuba from what I read
there’s too much poverty to end dangerous I don’t want to see poverty
get robbed or be us so Robert Brandt if your password is approaching six months
from expiration they seem to look harder oh absolutely
don’t try and travel with a passport right near the last six months get a new
one it’s ridiculous even though you paid for it it’s just ridiculous
Tom Henry ever watch bad boys to get great driving a Hummer through lots of
shacks no time so my stuff mg in Europe it’s common for the hotels to take your
passport for the night that’s true Christine Elkins Hybris question when
flying into Canada have you heard of any issues bringing a drone with you from
what I’ve read you’re allowed to carry on the airplane Christine I don’t know
the rules are changing like Lightspeed I would personally if I did it I would
check out the the information on the web govern of canada dot CA i guess and i
would not try to bring a drone in my carry-on I would probably have it in my
suitcase but I don’t know the rules I know that in Canada to fly a drone now
is very restrictive the federal rules were
passed last year and they’re just unbelievably restrictive everywhere
you really want to look into this before bringing a drone into this country it’s
changed dramatically in the last year Robert Brent mg Co correct many poor and
I didn’t find cried cry myself but the nation is in need of help it’s a
beautiful place let’s see here and Jordan Renee I have also been on cruises
we’ll keep your passports till the end of the cruise a passport copy is fine
with your sale and sign card mg toe the US State Department says he
cubed should not Americans should not go to Cuba well it’s changed things have
changed in the last while there’s a lot more cruises getting permission to allow
them to go to Cuba so things are changing
Tony Barnett Hey Bruce when we went to Cuba last year they didn’t keep our
passports we went through a thermal scan and had the passports reviewed and
stamped interesting server interesting thank you for that and thank you for
joining my channel today and love your channel as always buddy it’s great to
have you and thank you Tony for sending me a message
congratulating me on my channels first birthday I saw that thank you very much
I appreciate that very much and all of us do you guys a Robert Brent just got a
paper slid under our door 40% off our Viking off other Viking ships I think
that’s a common discount it probably is Roberts gonna have to check online to
compare our an online price to this price well nurse Nancy either at Tony
Barnett she’s happy to see him Tony sing hey Nancy Tammy ray I will be on the
Carnival risin this time next year get her fixed that’s right Danny they better
get her fixed and Jordan also at 24 net love awesome love you awesome we’ll
watch your video soon say hi to Janie for me Tony Barnett
Carnival is great for at that talking about credits for problems on carnival
ships the propulsion system failed on our first cruise they get $100 onboard
credit a 50% refund and 50% off a future drills that’s being proactive that’s
doing it right and that’s how you get lifelong followers and cruisers on
Carnival there’s a reason why Carnival is still in business after all these
decades people get addicted to this kind of service wine
what’s wrong with that I can’t other cruise lines work like that some just
don’t I don’t know why Tom Henry loved that C was much better and a better
promo for Royal Caribbean very interesting Toni Barnett hey and good
morning Robert Brent at travellerbruce well cheers to the name pronunciation
thank you sir for that Wendy Thompson who has who has enough nerves to put up
with Adrienne for a world cruise a world cruise with Adrienne oh my gosh I don’t
know I don’t think I can handle nurse Nancy at Tammy ray I sail on horizon
I sail her as it three times next year I’m going on three times hope all the
kinks get worked out I hope so too beautiful new ship great amenities great
reviews guys burgers I mean come on should be good hopefully that isn’t a
serious issue Tony saying to me we didn’t have to have
a certified insurance policy but that was last year things may have changed I
don’t know sir Robert Brent gold hombres I mean bad hombres is that the ones in
the u.s. paying no taxes bad arm raise oh yeah that one’s paying no taxes you
guys Robert Brent I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t
what a finger just a thought I did I’m not sure what’s going on Robert a
problem Johnny I like the passport card but you can’t use it to board a plane
it’s useless for that Robert Brandt and no one gets in New York City right no
one gets in NYC right Robert grant or no one gets robbed in New York City right
no one yeah no one gets robbed in New York City of course not
it’s the safest down the wrong Robert Brent Robert knows he’s a pain in the
you-know-what just ask his wife after 31 years he knows Tony laughing out loud
Robert I have I have one working on sainthood also Robert red Toni Bernette
you do ranee my husband is working with the FAA and equivalents from other
countries on unmanned aircraft standards and rules unbelievable Robert Brent at
Dorney Barnett no common area no common come on there I can’t figure that me
no comment Robert Frane saying no comment okay Robert Brandt guys burger
with donkey sauce a Robert Brandt donkey sauce that’s what it is donkey sauce
that’s what they have onboard the carnival ships on the guy’s burgers
apparently it’s very good I have not had one yet I’m looking for two one someday
I’d love to be on the horizon something I’d love to check out that class of ship
for Carnival I think I’d enjoy it I this food sounds pretty darn good it’s kind
of right up my alley uh I’m a horrible type or Robert is saying I’m a terrible
sever yeah I hear you there it’s it’s like short man I oh man you know my
topic for the day just to kind of get around to it we’ve touched on it a
little bit is that six cruise lines right now six cruise lines are offering
a free drink package or a drink package with your cruise depending on the kind
of room you’re booking the cruise lines that are offering this drink package our
princess MSC Norwegian ocean Oceania Oceania celebrity and Holland America
and yet we are told by the industry if you listen to you listen to any of these
the presidents of the cruise lines or you read any of the marketing material
from the PR departments from the cruise lines they will have you believe that
the numbers are up everything is up a record number of tourists on a
passengers on cruise ship record number a record number of advanced bookings
into 2019 absolutely off the charts we’re gonna
have more people on cruise ships next year than last year then they year
before than the year before it just it’s just growing prices are higher onboard
spending is higher everything is up buddy uppity uppity up if it’s that good
if it’s really that good why are six cruise lines offering free drink
packages on con cruise ships what I don’t understand it
alcohol sales on cruise ships are probably the cornerstone of profits for
cruise lines I mean what they charge us for a cabin generally speaking an inside
room or an ocean view a basic balcony these rooms here most of the time are
priced in such a way that the cruise line is kind of breaking even losing a
little making a little they’re not getting rich off of charging us say you
go on a one-week Caribbean cruise in November and you’re paying five
seventy-five for a balcony or the basic seven-day cruise forget the tips forget
the port charges you’re paying that they’re not making any money off of us
not much because they gotta feed us breakfast lunch and dinner they’re
offering the entertainment as part of the deal they’re paying the entertainers
to entertain us they’re paying the guys in the bar to play for us the comics in
the comedy club they’re being paid a salary to perform
where are they making their money from well the casino is one the bar around
that ship is another but if you’re giving away drink packages as part of
your promotion and that includes premium coffee or and/or the soft drink packages
as well where are they making their money photography on short excursions
some you know an $8 cocktail as Robert Brandt will tell you an $8 cocktail
paste with a bottle of booze right there the rest of the bottle at eight bucks a
cocktail is just profits all the way and if you’re drinking on the pool deck
you’ve got four or five cocktails going after three or four hours of Sun tanning
and dipping in the pool and karaoke singing and everything else they’re
making a fortune off of you four or five cocktails forty bucks and booze cost
them a total of maybe five dollars to serve you that you’re making them a
bunch of multiply that by 2500 fellow-passengers
all over the ship all day long now we’re going for dinner bottles of wine now
we’re going for the casino drinks there we’re going to the entertainment and
watch entertainment then we’re coming out we’re heading to the lounge the
piano lounge to learn that’s what Chris nice makes their money it’s on the
alcohol they’re giving this away for free they’re cutting off their number
one source of profits on the line what’s going on why are these cruise lines I
call in America with their beautiful five star ships why celebrity with five
and a half star quality ships Oceana six star cruise line Norwegian five star MSC
five star and Princess four and a half five star why are these guys having to
do this what’s up now I don’t see Royal Caribbean on this list I don’t see cou
nerd uh I don’t see who else don’t I see Viking
but then Viking it includes alcohol on their on their cruise line when you’re
we know that you get it automatically it’s built into the price Viking can’t
lose they’ve got your two thousand two hundred dollars for the week for the
Caribbean cruise they got 2,200 bucks from you with a balcony nice and the
drinks and the free Wi-Fi and they send it special dining everything it’s all
built-in they still make a nice profit they don’t have to give the discount on
anything and they aren’t and they’re adding ships like crazy on Viking what
are these cruise lines over here having to give away a free drink package we
know we’ve heard the stories about MSC seaside you go on the MSC seaside right
now in the Caribbean they’re offering you a balcony for what 600 bucks 650
with a free drink package including specialty coffee and soda for each
passenger take the 650 gonna take 250 off the top you might have to take 300
off the top because that’s the package if you normally buy the premium drink
package at 60 a day 70 a day times seven days that’s $400 so I’m actually under
estimating the discount if it’s a 650 cabin with a 400 all a drink package
they’ve given you the cabin for 250 bucks
start drinking is what I say and then take advantage of the deal obviously but
I wonder why this has to happen it’s gotta be because the ship’s aren’t
selling up they’re not able to sell out the ship now if I paid six months ago I
bought a cabin on the msec side or on a princess ship or a Oceana or celebrity
if I already bought my cruise and I didn’t get a date drink package I’m on
the phone right now to my travel agent or the cruise line vacations to go calm
whoever I use to book it and I’m getting that now that were you owe me that retro
actively you give me that drink package or a discount or give me a room credit
equal to the cost of a drink package because you’re giving it to the
passengers right now that are booking the cruise now so I’d be on it for sure
what are your thoughts why are they giving away free drinks on cruise lines
like these cruise lines when the story says well the story goes that everything
is great that everything is booming why are they doing it interesting and
nurse Nancy says Robert Brandt you’re typing reminds me of how my mom’s phone
picks up on her voice dictation it’s like a mystery to try to figure it out
Robert Brandt most of the titles are actually me some are autocorrect he
doesn’t like it Richard don’t forget princess they have free booze going on
now see Robert Brandt my kids are laughing Robert Brandt hey I’m 55 what
do you want I wasn’t raised on all the tech they have a little you know what oh
my goodness Angie go because they’re lying Robert Brandt Robert Brandt what
Paul were just saying hey Robert they know you’re typing all too well and they
don’t try blaming it on your age Richard see mg toe time to book if you
drink on board Tom Henry they can probably text during the the fast thumb
maneuver with less issues than I have with my stylist the cruise companies are
lying mg so is saying they’re they’re lying they’re saying it’s all great but
maybe it’s not Robert Brandt I’m tired I am dark I’m earned tired at least in my
mind I’m real tired empty toe that’s why they are giving away all these freebies
mg is saying Roberts owner robbed these cruise line people why worse than
politicians well you know they’re putting on the spin their spin doctors
they’re watching the White House to see the spin there and they’re just doing it
on their own you know talk about how the business is growing
and there’s more bookings like next year than this year well that’s because there
are more ships they’re just more cabins and of course there’s more people
cruising next year than this year you’ve got more cabins you can sell out the
question is are you getting more money per cabin per passenger
are you netting out more money at the end of the day the reality of course is
that you’re putting a symphony of the Seas on the ocean at 1.3 billion to
build that’s a pretty serious investment in the next 2025 years
you better get six thousand people a week on that ship by now a way to do it
well right now the symphony of seas doesn’t need any help because it’s
brand-new it’s got the cash a brand newness but you take a look at all
America I’m you trying to fill up you stir damn right now you’re trying to
fill up the Staten dam you try to fill up the prince and dam these are 10 12 15
year old ships beautiful but they’re not the new kid on the block anymore and
they’re up against a lot of competition all in america’s got to find a way the
first thing you do is lower the cost of the cabin the second thing you do is
offer freebies and it might be 250 minutes of Wi-Fi maybe it’s a free drink
package maybe it’s no tipping maybe there’s a short excursion maybe you’ll
give a discount to specialty dining you’ll do whatever you’ve got to do to
fill that ship up you got to get them on board the problem I find to get people
on board and you can’t sell them a drink because you’re giving them a drink where
is your upside I don’t understand this this drink package thing I don’t
understand why you would do that the rub is talking about that Robert Brandt does
seven kids three grandkids and one hour 100 hour work weeks I’ve earned I’ve
earned mine in my mind I’ve earned it You certainly have Robert you have paid
dearly my friend oh my gosh mg toe I got a call from Princess telling me they
have a new burger place that’s just as good as guys princess is owned by the
same company that owns carnival it is carnival
why are they doing that while they’re trying to drum up business keep in mind
though the princess cruise line they have their own marketing department
Carnival has their own marketing department all America they got their
own marketing and they’re under pressure under their
own little umbrellas to perform and so princess will do whatever they have to
do to get people to come on board these cruises I’ve been telling you about all
summer to Alaska out of Vancouver British Columbia the best deals all
summer long princess cruise ships more than one is
like three or four cruises cruise ships going up to Alaska out of Vancouver and
Seattle the deals have been fantastic all summer long very interesting let’s
see here mg toe these ships need passengers Tom Henry asked them to send
some samples yes send me a sample your breeder uh Paul was agrees you through
Robert you have paid your dues Robert at Bruce sup I have nicely lived off the
booze people buy you bet you buddy thank you Paul Lucas Robert is saying
absolute you learned every penny you’ve made my friend mg Joe I got a call from
Carnival offering me ninety-nine bucks three or more a three or four-day cruise
from my local port $99 wow that is something Richard C yes Kuhn art sent me
an email for free drinks on selected cruises on Kuna that’s seven seven
cruise lines offering free drinks uh Richard st. jump on that deal ng jump on
that deal a Peter heck come on we have Nexus cards or Global Entry cards a scan
of our cards and a quick eye scan gets us by crowds in airports and seaports of
course it’s coming into the u.s. we deal with a computer and not a border agent
good for the USA in Canada I agree if I were a frequent traveler like that I’d
have that too Robert Brandt I don’t discount to the
lines except based on volume if they buy big-time booze they get a volume deal
otherwise no well done sir Tom Henry I prefer the meal and port credit perks
don’t drink enough to cover the drink package there you go yeah go for that
myself mg toh people should drink responsibly
when it comes to booze if you drink too much you act like a fool and pickle your
liver and while they’re there you those of us have been around a while we know
that but try and tell that to the young have never been drunk before oh just
think it’s a sport to competition Robert Brandt mg toe I get 99 bucks for the
best available but I’m a premium vendor so I’m sure they pass
those along interesting Tortoni Barnett I wonder since it’s an easy lever to
pull since their cost isn’t that high they might be using it to capture new
cruisers it seems like loyalty programs really hook in people if you can get
them on so you know once you’ve got them you’ve just loyal the loyalty points
keep them coming back and they get a little perk in another perk and another
perk the higher they get but the first-timer you know you want to get the
first-timer on the ship Tony I have to agree with you except I gotta say if
you’re offering a free drink package to you know passengers people you know
marketing it you now got to give it to everybody and now that cruise may be a
loser you might find that that one-week cruise is a at best a break-even cruise
on the other hand Tony you could be right you know once you got him on for
the first week they’ve had so much fun the first time they’re gonna want to
come back to that cruise line a second time but it might not have a free drink
package the next time you come on board never know Tony’s goes on to say once
maybe they have repeat customers very good point
Suzanne Hoffman when a cruise company gives away drink packages if you’re a
non drinker it is sometimes a good time to go on other sailings to find bargains
that are not filling up so fast yeah you know if you’re a non drinker do you want
to be surrounded by a bunch of folks who are getting blocks blitzed because they
can I don’t know Robert Brandt a flawed individual he’s
saying about himself but a kind of guy if you come to st. Thomas probably like
me more cabins means more money says the flawed guy well there you go
you know Robert you know if filling up a ship is filling up a ship and you you
know the cruise line is probably figuring they would give him a free
drink package they’ll feel richer they’ll do the specialty 90 they’ll feel
richer they’ll gamble more in the casinos because they might be a little
loose in the casino because they’re a little loose overall because they’ve
been lighting it up and now come the casino and they’ll drop 200 bucks
without thinking about it because they up they’re not paying for the drinks
they’re happy that might be the strategy I don’t know
Debbie Manuel they still added tax and gratuities on my free alcohol on the
Bliss which was 89 dollars a person purred
a they made money off you whether you actually drank any free alcohol or not
so you take the 18% gratuity on an $89 add a drink package that they are giving
you that is almost eighteen dollars a day in gratuity fees that they’re
collecting from a free deal they’re giving you really this is free I’m
paying you eighteen bucks for a free drink package cuz I gotta pay for the
gratuity on a free what yeah eighteen times seven days that is ones that
80-plus stuff if she’s one hundred thirty six dollars a person two people
in the cabin mandatory so that’s two hundred and seventy two dollars a cabin
minimum multiplied by how many cabins some freebie that is huh now for you the
passenger okay eighteen bucks is your cost all day premium coffee soda and
drinks good deal I mean you know five colas for me that’s 15 bucks a premium
coffee in the morning another four or five dollars there’s my eighteen bucks I
don’t even drink and I’m already breaking even Jennifer Jennifer’s
laughing because Jennifer will consume the equivalent of 50 $60 at eight bucks
a drink easily put 60 bucks booze in there with coffee and and what-have-you
so that works but the cruise lines don’t lose lose they don’t really lose like I
said one hundred thirty six dollars for the week and they’re giving you drinks
that cost them twenty cents a drink to give you twenty five cents a drink to
give you drink all you want at eighteen bucks a piece we’re still ahead do the
does the crew get the $18 I don’t know about that I don’t know about that nurse
Nancy I agree try to get people on board and then you have more business mg Joe
if you drink on board try to limit it to two or three drinks on board better yet
go to a bar in the port like Roberts offered trying to viele a bar yeah I go
on board I go on the shore and hit the margarita bar Margaritaville hit
hooters hit up you know what does the fried Greek to means all the other bars
onshore and you’ll get cheaper booze there and try to drink less onshore on
boat if you can not easily done the Robert Brandt laughing out loud empty
toe I let’s see one bar restaurant in st. Thomas and I never I never name it I
do have sons now who owned some I do mention mg if you come to and I’ll copy
if you come to st. down I’ll get you copped on a on a on a short bar for sure
what a deal yeah it’s just worth it was visiting
Robert for that of course followed us at Debbie Manuel when I went on the getaway
I had the free drink package and they only charged me $119 service charge for
the whole cruise well snow you know it might have been at a lower rate you know
they might they might have charged you they might have they might have called
the the dream package a forty dollar deal or a sixty dollar deal and they
charge you accordingly maybe fifteen percent you know whatever the Commission
but you still paid a Robert Brandt they can clone a new liver smirk is saying
Peter hekimae and Bruce Nexus or Global Entry cards are good for entering Canada
or the USA right on sir thank you for that you are correct
and if you’re doing it often it’s a great idea I agree OMG – I’ll remember
that Robert I’ll remember that Robert grant loyalty works a lot my kids are
now all grown up so it’s grandkids Disney send me any great offer
Disney send me an offer I got grandkids Robert rent offer remains open at mg tow
mg it’s just not the booze that’s free but they also give away dining in
gratuities Robert bread you have to tip on the meals too you do Christine as
saying Bruce could they be offering free drinks just to get as the ship full in
order to get people traveling back to the Caribbean after the Hurricanes last
year to help stimulate the islands economies Christine that’s another good
another good question uh I’ll answer it this way this is not an uncommon thing
for the Cruise Lines to do they’re not generally trying to help the Caribbean
per se because it really doesn’t need it because we have short we we have short
memories will we’re talking about the Hurricanes today but a year from now we
won’t be talking about them anymore if they don’t have another bad season
this year we won’t mention it at all we’ll forget all about it
and life will go back to normal however you’re a cruise line and you’re offering
three or four stops on a seven week a seven-day trip okay if you’re Royal
Caribbean or your carnival or Disney but mainly cruise lines offering free drinks
right now so Carnival Norwegian you’ve got private
islands that you operate so you have a ship that can hold 3,000 passengers
you’re at 2,500 booked now you got 500 left to go and you’re putting out the
free the freebies you start put out freebies to get people in and you’re
topping that ship up okay you top the ship up to 3,000 passengers you know you
have four stops two of the stops are on private islands that you operate the
water slides the zip lines the roller coasters all kinds of activities you’ve
got cabanas at the beach you’ve got all these extras that you can sell or rent
onboard your private island all 3,000 passengers are yours for the whole day
and you’ve got two stops out of four that they’re gonna stop at your spot and
they can do on lan island shopping at the shops that you own and operate under
your banner you got a captive market so the free booze package brought in the
final 500 and then they’re spending like crazy so yeah that’s what’s going on so
it’s kind of helping the economy’s down there for the other two stops yeah but
it’s really helping the cruise line itself isn’t that something
Rob Sutter I was going to get the pop package on our Royal Caribbean cruise
but paying 18% gratuity to a pop machine so I can get my own pop was a deal
breaker I told him out I’ll drink one yeah I try to bring along Cola myself on
in my luggage and hopefully I don’t have to buy any but I know I’ll buy four or
six drinks over a wee on a cruise ship I will end up doing it
it’s just that I just built that into my cost of enjoyment but when I get off the
cruise ship say I’m in port of my order we’ll cross the street to the shopping
mall over here we’re heading to the Starbucks and I’ll get a coffee there
and another hour to walking around I’ll grab a cola a bottle of Cola for 65
cents on shore I’m drinking my diet coke there and I’m back on onboard the ship
and I’m got my cans waiting for me in my fridge if I have any left and I’ll
continue on so that’s what I do um Robert rent at mg tote its pick up your
pick up your food and drinks on land yeah there you go mg toh the gratuity is
alone pay for the cost of the booze and coffee ease right that’s right Tom Henry
late at least there’s no hidden tip cost on the port excursion credit yeah and
that’s something Robert Brent it’s all a math equation
Deb Emmanuel Paul Lucas and can watch the price change when booking the trip
depending if you take the free meals $50 room credit or drink package charged the
tax and tip up front interesting how you can see that happen and Jordan saying
what I don’t get Bruce is why are they charging so much for the drink packages
a Royal Caribbean doesn’t give free drink packages well from time to time
they may have a promotion but it all depends on the cruise line and it all
depends on the ship and the itinerary so right now real Caribbean harmony sees
symphony with seas you can’t really get a super deal on those ships right now
because they’re they’re just booking naturally they’re just filling up
because the two ships one is what six months old three months old the other
ones a year and a half two years old they’re doing well however if you take a
look at vacations to go calm and you might type in cruise deals for the
allure of the Seas or the Oasis of the Seas check those out you’ll find deals
on those two cruise ships the cabin prices have come down but you might not
find a free offer for drinks yet they may not have to do that yet on the Royal
Caribbean’s to other oasis class ships over here at all in America or
or on celebrity on some of them Norwegian ships a masse they have to
give away drink packages to get you to book that’s what they have to do right
now either that or they’re offering specialty dining deals ship extort
excursions internet deals whatever it might be with high-end cruise lines like
the six star lines they don’t really have the opportunity to give you any
freebies because it’s all-inclusive actually like Viking if you take the
higher-end cabin everything’s included including drinks in your fridge your in
your room there’s alcohol there take all you want enjoy it see you’ve paid for it
already it’s part of the cruise will refill that fridge all day long if
necessary go to the bar anywhere in the ship order whatever you want just show
them your a wristband or your room card drink is included now if you’re on
Viking on the secondary cabin that’s a balcony cabin but it’s not the high end
you get free alcohol a wine and beer I believe at least at lunch and dinner
automatically included but if you want to buy alcohol its additional but they
already give you free Wi-Fi they give you the spa access pass they already
give you short excursions on Viking you know what what else can they give you
for free there isn’t very much left so these higher-end lines that they have
pricing pressures they actually have to reduce the cost of the trip now what
Viking does is a bit of a bit of a marketing gimmick they’ll say okay if
you booked a seven day Caribbean cruise with us that starts in San Juan ends in
San Juan will give you an airfare deal for $1.99 anywhere in North America to
the to Burt re going back so instead of giving you a discount on the cruise
we’ll give you an airfare credit deal so if it normally runs you $500 round-trip
to fly into Puerto Rico and back it only cost you 200 we’ll take care of the rest
they’ll negotiate the flight on your behalf because they have more buying
power with the airline than you have they’ll try tricks like that rather than
discount the cruise and if at all possible interesting tactics they can
use a Robert Brent free drink packages cost cost in many
in categories as much as the cab and that’s true if you if you’re talking you
know 80 bucks a night $90 a day for a drink package you can get a cabin for 90
bucks a day that’s what we’re talking about it’s an
unbelievable deal Peter heck of a story to mention this
again but Nexus or Global Entry gives you TSA pre-approval also called
Fast Pass card is only 50 bucks for five years best 50 we ever spent I believe it
I believe it it’s when I was in the Caymans I was in the brokerage business
investment business I was in the US all the time
traveling to Canada and back and over to the Bahamas and back and I had an excess
card Andy Andy I used it for a year and a half two years very good
if I were traveling a lot now I’d have it myself
for sure the airport’s absolutely the airport’s I agree and Bruce mg do you get a discount if
you’re friend of Bill W and don’t drink a bill W a first I don’t who Bill W is
call me naive and don’t you I don’t know if you do a Robert grant no won’t won’t
new don’t want to turn this into another booze trivia oh I’m not sure what it
means mg tow used to be most most were inclusive then non drinker complained
now you buy those $5 coffees $4 self-serve beer and $3 chocolate milks
and you have kids with juices and sodas yikes Robert Brandt you aren’t ahead
Robert Brandt on this cruise it’s all been freaks all been free excursions
everything but it wasn’t 399 know the the cruise that Robert is on was not
$399 per person in the cabin no he’s paying premium money but you’re getting
top-notch food top-notch service inclusive everything very good Robert
Brandt bill W is the founder of American Airlines ah thank you thank you very
much or is he a founder of I’m alcohol anonymous which is with Wendy Thompson
Bill W equals a a is that Alcoholics Anonymous Christine Elkins Bruce a
little off topic but have you had a Bushwhacker in st. Thomas oh my god
yeah I know what is a Bushwhacker in Saint Thomas please bill Debbie’s a
founder of a a Robin brand no complaints Bruce thank you
let’s see Bush what’s the bushwhackers say Thomas you got to tell me I’m is
that a certain drink not sure what it is I’ll tell you what I did get I got I got
sideswiped in in st. Martin Jennifer and I were were heading back to the cruise
we had we were walking back to the cruise ship from downtown spent a
wonderful time just people watching and we came to a bar and we went into a
little little bar and we want to get a little refreshment and we were just
hanging around and was a great atmosphere and Jennifer is enjoying a
little little red striped beer which she loves from Jamaica I’m having a
caffeine-free or I’m having a diet coke with a wedge of lemon or lime and there
we’re at the bar we’re just sitting at the bar where the
bartender’s are great or talking and we’re having a wonderful time it’s just
a great atmosphere the place is hoppin the music is playing TVs are on but no
sound it’s great and a waitress walks by and she bumps into to a chair behind me
not into me necessarily but into a chair and she had a bottle of ketchup and the
lid wasn’t closed tightly and the bottle of ketchup fell off of her tray hit the
top of a chair spun hit the floor and just spit out ketchup and I got ketchup
on a t-shirt I was wearing just all over my friend just a splotch of it like an
artistic you know oh the bartender no no no and they brought them in the manager
came oh she was so apologetic she was oh my horrified oh my god she said done I’m
gonna give you a free t-shirt t-shirt for that and so she went to the to the
back of the restaurant and they had t-shirts for the bar I have it somewhere
in the back in my house yeah I don’t know where it is
I think I’ve worn it one time but I got a free t-shirt out of the deal they were
horrified that this happened to me but I wasn’t bushwhacked
I just got sideswiped it’s all good let’s see your red stripe is the best
Robert is saying it’s it’s a drink Roberts saying Bruce
the bushwacker is a drink okay Salman er I always wondered a Robert Brandt NCL
always has a group meeting for friends of BW Bill W along with the friends of
Dorothy that one I got mg toe friends of Dorothy is for the LGBT crowd crowd mg
say Robert Brandt you and I would be friends
Bob Wallace Robert Brandt lots of us love Dorothy funny stuff well there you
go yeah the old drink packages to get
people on boards what you got to do Christine just wrote in Bruce Walker
equals best drink on the island Kahlua Bailey’s dark rum light rum amaretto
creme de cocoa fraggle e co and coconut cream mixed in ice where’s the stretcher
where’s the wheelchair to take that passenger back to the ship oh my gosh
baldness they had red stripe on the getaway and it was included in my drink
package so I was in my glory while Louis is going love red stripe beer from
Jamaica Jennifer loves the stuff love the small
stubby bottles we had an in Grand Cayman she loved that stuff
oh that that wish whacker sounds like a one-way ticket oh my gosh Tom Henry is a
Bush whacker similar to a mudslide fun Sally I think a mudslide has crushed ice
and all maybe it does me I don’t know oh my gosh this is scary Paul will kiss at
Christine Elkins that sounds great I would say it’s an after drink work if
you’re drinking if you’re working would be a war you know drink after work but
on a cruise boy you know if you can get on the island at a really good price
yeah but boy you want to make sure you get
help they get back there on the cruise ship itself that could be a $50 drink
the prices they’re charging oh my gosh Paul Lucas
sounds great Christine Tom somewhat yes only way better than a much like nurse
Nancy sounds like something that would whack me on my tail side Robert Brandt
painkiller number one Bushwhacker number two hurricane and rum
punch number three a 3/4 Tom Henry I love the mudslide we’ll have to try a
Bushwhacker Christine yes ice is crushed in a Bushwhacker and Jordan my last
cruise we were in a sweet you can drink in the concierge lounge that’s where I
drink my upcoming cruise in 120 days I will be in a suite as well where I will
be drinking in the lounge right on Robert Brandt our Caribbean drinks tend
to run strong empty toe nurse Nancy start off by a deep start uh d5 wns on
yourself I have no idea what that means Christine Duncan’s about seven eight
bucks in st. Thomas $78 for this drink with all that alcohol in it what a deal
Robert Brandt yeah 79 bucks yeah that’s what their that’s what they go for on
the island $79 oh my god nurse Nancy you’re funny mg toe a better hydrate and
to take that yeah I better drink a big couple bottles of water then have one of
those drink some more water after oh my god you’re gone you’ll you’ll feel
nothing you’ll feel the pain whatever pain
you’re suffering from will probably go away oh my god a robber print remember
the bottle cost 6 bucks that’s all the bottle cost 6 bucks
no wonder oh goodness gracious unbelievable you guys I don’t know if I
can handle it unreal how many thumbs ups are we talking about here let me take a
look 32 we got 32 thumbs ups with 44 people still watching this show at 643
Eastern Time we’ve been going an hour in 43 minutes with 32 thumbs ups still on
the go thank you everybody for being so kind to me if you can spare me a thumbs
up today that would be terrific if you can watch my video I posted earlier give
that one a thumbs ups to YouTube keeps track of how many thumbs ups I get and
the more the merrier it helps with my channels ranking and rating out in the
big wide world of YouTube thank you everybody
Robert Brandt retire and buy a bar and Jordan Robert Brent that Bushwhacker of
which water sounds amazing have you tried me nurse Nancy mg – I would need a
banana bag for sure Robert Fred one tried one what do you
mean just one one thousand one thousand might be the answer using empty is
laughing the end and Jordan free drink Robert Rick
Reggie inner man love dark and stormy and Bermuda love it
Thank You Reggie let’s see here Toni Bernette i i subbed also with the old
beardless toni account here thank you Tony Kristine Magens Bay makes great
bushwhackers also sunny at alpha jewelers are so kind to bring you free
bushwhackers while jewelry shopping oh man yeah yeah I drink a couple of these
and come on into my jewelry store have I got stuff to show you oh my god Oh
Robert Brandt been there 30 years Reggie and her man ginger beer rum and lime
oh man Robert Rob red dark and stormy great – and Jordan loving it thumbs ups
everywhere Richard C off to dinner good night everybody thanks Richard see
coming back I’ll see you tomorrow but not Wednesday I’m off Wednesday
Christine Elkins Robert Brandt yes 1000 usually spend the day drink and
Rob Sauter used to go sledding in the little town Northern Ontario barmaid
b-52s in juice glasses to the top dough now is here thumbs up Bruce great stuff
what thanks don’t L from Ireland Ida and everybody welcome back to the show
Robert Brent many jewelry stores will feed you drinks oh for sure you thirsty
oh wow we’ll take care you could spend all the time you want here my in my
jewelry store you don’t have to go to some bar oh my gosh Reggie oh man thumbs
ups from Reggie inner man nurse Nancy I plan to watch your your video now Bruce
later Sharon and that seed livestream as well thank you guys 35 thumbs up they’re
showing now three thumbs downs that’s 38 on the your thumb action thank you guys
so I’ll take all I can get it helps the channel dramatically nurse Nancy
wanted to watch your video Bruce nurse Nancy buy all nurse Nancy hi Reggie and
her man thanks nurse Nancy have a great night
love having you coming by here this is arias don’t L thumbs ups for sure love
on your show thanks buddy appreciate it it’s late where you are I think where
you are it’s gotta be like 11 ish isn’t it Robert Brandt you got thumbs ups from
Jo and Kaia thanks you guys I appreciate that too
subscribe to my channel become subscribers that would be awesome
tell your friends oh my goodness I love it Virginia man hi nurse Nancy Debbie
Manuel great shows always Bruce back again tomorrow stay safe everyone
toodles toodles to you Debbie get well please and and thank you again for all
your support Tommy good night everyone Thank You Tammy for coming by today
let me take a look at my subscriber count’ here this will tell me right now
25:26 got a couple more in there thank you everybody for subscribing to channel
with traveling with Bruce thank you all so much and Jordan by Robert Brandt you
know in case I see you Debbie Bruce great show as always thank you thank you
and Jordan too for all your support Tony have a good night Bruce creature thanks
Tony you take her easy don’t work too hard and have a good life show tomorrow
there is your man bye everybody Debbie man damn email synced by KS
re-type Oh Robert Robert grant bye guys have a good one everybody this is Bruce
out of Creston BC where it’s smoky and it’s hot
what can I say it’s summer saying thank you for joining me today I’m not here on
Wednesday I’m driving to Calgary I’ll be broadcasting from Calgary it’s gonna be
kind of a kooky schedule going after on after that as soon as I know more on my
schedule I’ll let you know but I’m on the air tomorrow
I’m on the air Thursday I should be on the air Friday I’ll keep you posted on
the whole enchilada as I know it and we’ll keep her going I’ll catch my other
videos if you can AG Walsh so saying bye all I’ll be back from NCL and Adrienne
you betcha AG let me know AJ don’t L yep it’s 11:49 just in after a good night
boozing in Cork City southern island yes sir buddy thank you for joining me
tonight I love it and you can get to rerun now if you what
catch my new video I did a video earlier today check it out bye all from Renee
Tom Henry oh no the buffering spider well if that’s that’s happening it’s
just time to go rob Sodor saying good night AJ walls heavy Seattle y’all take
care and Jordan biiis have a great day CL
tomorrow laughing out loud AJ Welch I’m Henry pie everybody thanks you guys
we’ll see you tomorrow at 5 o’clock and 8 o’clock tomorrow night trivia is on
tomorrow night I look forward to that with you guys have a good one all see
you for now bye

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  1. I'm from Port Huron and I used to cross the Blue Water bridge into Sarnia, Ontario all the time. Bingo, Duckpin bowling and of course drinking since the age to be was 19 over there. It was funny seeing our former teachers that worked at customs during the summer.

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