Trifield 100XE EMF Meter-My Review

Hi, my name is Lloyd from
Electromagnetic fields are all around us. So I want to show you how you can use this
EMF meter to measure electromagnetic fields from 15 appliances in your home.
The microwave oven is switched off here, it’s plugged in on the wall, its giving us a reading
of about 10 milligauss (Mg). Here I am holding the tape measure to show that I am 60 cms
(2 feet) away from the microwave oven. You can see what happens when we switch the microwave
oven on. The reading goes way past a 100 milligauss. Microwave ovens like this one also give off
dangerous levels of radio frequency radiation, just like your cell phone, which the Trifield
meter 100xe can also measure. Here I have positioned the Trifield meter in close proximity
to the flat screen TV. You can see by the red light that it’s on stand by and when I
switch the TV on the light goes green and we get a reading of between 4 and 5 milligauss.
The ghetto-blaster is switched off and unplugged. Watch what happens when we plug it in; the
reading goes right over 100 milligauss; this is without even playing any music.
This is one of those AC/DC adaptors, which so many pieces of electrical equipment have
these days. As soon as you plug it into the wall the reading goes over 100 milligauss.
This is one of those cordless phones, which you can find in most homes now. All I am doing
here is plugging it into the electric and has you can see I am getting over 25 milligauss.
The worst part of radiation with this phone is not actually the magnetic radiation, it’s
the microwave radiation which I show you in another video.
This is a Nintendo Wii, which I plug into the wall as you can see, I get a reading between
6 and 7 milligauss. Here I am on the electrical setting on the
Trifield meter. When I plug the Nintendo DS into the wall you can see I get a reading
of about 350 volts per meter. The Sony PlayStation as you can see when we
plug it into the walls, is giving us a reading of between 3 and 6 milligauss. But your child
will be also receiving microwave radiations if they are using it in wireless mode.
Here the trifield meter is measuring the magnetic radiations from a laptop computer. We are
getting a reading of about 35 milligauss. If you are using it with a Wi-Fi router then
you can add into the mix the microwave radiations also.
Here the Trifield is showing us the electrical radiation from a conventional light bulb.
As you can see it’s well over 100 volts per meter.
Here the Trifield is measuring the magnetic radiation from a CFL; you see we have got
about 8 milligauss. But added to this is microwave radiation just like a cell phone, which an
ordinary light bulb does not give of. This electric razor is giving over 100 milligauss
of radiation when it’s plug in to the main when it’s switch on.
This electric oven is giving of about 7 milligauss when it’s switch off and 50 when it’s switched
on. This electric hairdryer gives of over 100
milligauss when in use. This electric clock radio is giving of over
100 milligauss as soon as it’s plugged into the wall.

30 thoughts on “Trifield 100XE EMF Meter-My Review

  1. I have so much to learn with regards to this. Thanks for explaining the difference between CFLs and incandescent bulbs with regards to microwave radiation

  2. A lot of people do not realize that even an electric lamp when it is switched off is still giving off EMFs (electric fields). In your bedroom better to unplug these devices as much as possible.

  3. I like to measure the best range possible:

    However, I was lookig for a good low freq meter, such as the Trifield® BroadBand 100XE (the extended version of the 100XE) Meter:

    I would like very much to buy it.

    Can you tell me the link of an online store in Europe that sells this particular item? Ordering from US is very expensive for European people, due to taxes.


  4. @lboymusic Youtube does not allow links in replies, if you go to my website electricsense you can send me a message from there.

  5. i have an urgent question so please answer!
    Say i have an iphone, which is giving me a certain reading on the rf meter, IF i add another identical iphone near the meter, would the measurment on the meter increase? or stay the same? …because it IS emitting the same emf

  6. More cell phones means more RF radiation exposure. But measuring it is a different matter – I'd be surprised if your RF meter would show any difference in reading.

  7. question: i get readings when im close to the appliances but not when im a medium distance away. does this mean you are not affected unless you are near the appliance??

    great videos by the way

  8. EMFs fall off very quickly with distance, so distance is your ally but science is telling us that we are subtle energy beings….we don't really know what a safe distance is.

  9. Minerals and crystals work at the subtle energy level….neither a Trifield meter nor even the most sophisticated measuring equipment would be sufficiently sensitive to measure their effects on EMFs.

  10. Hi thank you for this nice video.
    I have a question. I am about to rent a house about 0.2 miles from an electrical substation where there is high voltage lines come from. Should I be concerned or it considered a safe distance. What should be the reading around the house in general
    Please note that this substation at much lower attitude as well. Please advise

  11. It's my impression that these magnetic emissions are trivial compared to radio emissions. Why put so much focus on these when the radio emissions are reported to likely be orders of magnitude more "dangerous" and cause for 'concern' among a larger number of people?

    And yes, as others have said, you should use more than one reading distance, not just directly at the device. LIke maybe 0, .5, 1, 2, 3 meters.

  12. Lots of reviews on Amazon that this meter often gives too high readings which has truly alarmed some users needlessly. If one is truly concerned, reviewers recommend spending the money to get a meter that is professionally certified. I would appreciate your response as this meter is certainly more affordable. Thanks for all you do.

  13. Hello, long time follower here. Love your show on your website.

    I know its an old video, and probably you won't answer my question because you are too busy. But I would really love to know what is a safe level of radio/microwave on that Trifield meter.

    I have the same model 100XE. I had to move a year ago because I was living for 8 years beside a 25000 volt powerline, giving me migraines 24 hours per day and chronic pain. I now moved to another neighborhood and every reading I have for magnetic and electric is zero. I even painted my bedroom with RF shield paint, it successfully blocked what distance could not. I tested the zone with a cornet ED85EXS too, result, minus 65. With the help of every trick you gave us I was getting a lot better with my health issues (thanks a lot for that).

    Why I ask my question is because, on the Trifield meter, on the radio/microwave setting I have a constant reading of .05 even if I walk outside the house, everywhere in my neighborhood its the same reading. Is it a safe level? And if its not, how do I block that frequency? Do you sell something that could work?

    I would really appreciate if you take the time to answer that question. I am starting to be really sick again and I am trying to find out why I am getting so sick again.

    Thank you for your time, have a nice day.

  14. I just got a Trifield meter, however when I turn the knob to the first magnetic setting it goes up to 15 no matter where i am… Shouldn't it start at 0 or standby like you said? The electric and Radio frequency settings go to 0 or standby until i bring it close to phone etc… but both Magnetic switches go up to 10 or 100 in standby… Does that mean I have a faulty meter? also when i checked my laptop it doesnt even move from 10 where it seems to be starting from…

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