Try Not To Fail | Simon & Milkman Riddle | Riddle #8

Amazed of quick wits of Bruce McClain, baffled
and confused Simon wondered around the road, till he found a milkman pouring milk in jars. While Simon begged Milkman to give him a puzzle
to ask, Milkman pushed his milk jars ahead, and asked:
Those are three jars 7, 4, and 3 liters capacity. We need to measure 2, 2 and 3 Liters of Milk. As you see only the 7-liter one is full. Pour five times to have the bowls containing
2, 2 and 3 liters in exactly five steps. And Simon danced with joy, before calling
Bruce who was now challenged with another Puzzle. Can you help Bruce in this measurement? Take your time! So.. How had it been? Here is our Solution:
Step One: Fill the 4-liter from the 7-liter bowl. Step Two: Fill the 3-liter from the 4-liter
bowl. You will have 3 liters left in the 7-liter,1
liter in the 4-liter and 3 in the 3-liter bowl. (Let us abbreviate that as 3,1,3)
Step 3: Now pour from the 3-liter to the 7-liter bowl, and
Then pour the 1 liter from the 4-liter bowl to the 3-liter bowl. (Now it looks like 6,0,1)
Step Four: Now fill the 4 from the 7 (Now it looks like 2,4,1)
Step Five: Now fill the 3 from the 4 (Now it looks like 2,2,3)
And we are done: 2, 2 and 3 liters! By the way, Bruce had had your help and saved
the world. Because harder you attempt to solve, stronger
Bruce becomes.

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