Turning Off Your Water at the Meter

I’m Kyle from City Tigard Water
department and today I’ll show you how to shut off your water meter. In Tigard,
the rules and regulations state that city of Tigard owns everything in the
roadway and up into your water meter. Everything from the back of your meter
to your tap is a customer responsibility. The first thing you want to do is to
locate your water meter box and typically they’re on the left or right
proper corner take off the two lids to get inside your water meter box you’ll
need a meter key to shut off your water meter. These can be found at their local hardware store for about ten or fifteen bucks with the water being on both of
the holes should be opposite from each other what’s the meter key place it on
the water valve stop that will be found in front of the water meter to shut the
water off turn clockwise and both of the holes should be aligned if you don’t
have a meter key you can use a crescent wrench and a screwdriver to help shut
off your water. Place a crescent wrench on the angle water stop put the
screwdriver on the bottom of the crescent wrench and turn it clockwise to
turn your water back on put the key on the water shut off turn it
counterclockwise so both of the holes or opposite while the water is off contact
a licensed plumber to make repairs if you need assistance shutting off your
water meter please contact city of Tiger Public Works that phone number is 503 718 2591 our first priority is customer
service. You can find more information online at www.tigard-or.gov/water

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