Tutorial de Instalação do shift light e econômetro – Painel do Santana e Passat

Hello guys! I’m bringing a tutorial
today that was quite requested by messages in the Santana
Fahrer Club forum, on Facebook and also by comments made on other videos here on my channel.
So I did it with a lot of attention for all the friends who, for so long,
have tried to unravel this system, and need some tips,
on how to make it work again! so I ask you guys to
share this video with all the fellows you know that have this
system in their car and would like to see it working again. For those who
do not know, the “shift light” and consumption gauge is this system that is
appearing in the video, where the gear changes are indicated, and when
you engage fifth gear, a gauge pointer also indicates the
fuel consumption, so you have an average of the vehicle’s fuel consumption
on the roads So first, I would like to thank
the Passat home page and home page of Santana Fahrer Club, which is
where I took the pictures and also where the people discussed a lot
about it in other posts… So to start our tutorial, I’ll speak
a little about the VW vehicles that came out equipped
with this system The first were the Passats
and then the Santanas… So we can quote the Passat “Iraq” LSE, which is
a Passat that was produced in Brazil and imported to the Iraq, and the Passat Village, all
of which were considered luxury cars at the time, so that’s why they came equipped
with this system. Also, soon after, the Santanas, first generation,
were released with this system both the Santana and the Quantum SW but what many people do not know is that
there are several types of fuel consumption gauges even within the Volkswagen line, as
we can see in this next image, on left side, we see gauges that
have a consumption scale in Km / L which indicates from 6 to at
most 16 kilometers per liter… these gauges equipped both
the Passats and Santanas powered with ethanol Those on the right, they present
a scale from 7 to 25 kilometers per liter of consumption… so these
are the ones that equipped the Passats and Santanas powered with gasoline… And this
one, in the middle, is an imported gauge, used in the United States, in the Santanas that
were released there under another name and they measured fuel consumption
in miles per gallon. So now going to the 1st important
circuit of this system, we analyse the vacuum system.
Here I show the “depression” switch and the electrical outlet that
connects to it… What is its function? This switch
is responsible for enabling the shift light and this is done with
the aid of vacuum, so when the vacuum passes by this switch,
it turns the system on or off. And this is done with a setting,
which is triggered around 2000 RPM then every time the vehicle has the
engine running at 2000 RPM, the vacuum generated by the motor causes this
switch to turn on, and then it sends a ground (-) to the “shift light” system that
starts to operate, indicating the gear shifts… In the next image, we see the
OEM number of this depression switch and the place where
it is installed… So it is connected right to the base of
the vehicle’s distributor… On the next image,
we see the piece installed so note that a vacuum hose
comes out of the distributor’s base, is connected to this depression switch and continues
until the carburetor… There it has a specific “input” which is a vacuum output in the
carburetor that connects up to that switch and to the distributor’s piece. In the next image, I did a very simple
summary, I apologize for the quality of the schematics but it’s the best I
could draw with our hyper tool Paint, where I outline which
are the main vacuum connections that need to be made for the system
to function in the original way If you look at the image that is
higher up, we can see that duct that comes out, in fact, is a vacuum duct
that comes out of the vacuum servo and connects to the intake manifold that lies below the
carburetor, and then that vacuum duct is interrupted in the middle by a double T there,
that “yellow” tube, which has two exits… In that case, it has two outputs… Why? If you notice, the duct that sits to the
right, which is a purple hose, that I I put it in the purple color there, it’s the vacuum
that is responsible for moving all the controls of the air box and air
conditioner, when the vehicle has the air conditioning system installed… The vacuum
hose to the left, is the most important line for that the fuel gauge can
operate in fifth gear so you must connect this blue hose to
this dual-output connector, straight through the vehicle’s dashboard…
Behind the dashboard there’s an inlet like a spout, where you
fit this hose, a metal spout where you fit that vacuum hose,
so it will provide the variation of the fuel consumption gauge… And another
important vacuum duct is the one I mentioned earlier, which is evidenced in
green. It comes out of the carburetor, the vacuum output of this piece, enters the
depression switch and continues until it reaches the distributor.
So if you have these two hoses blue and green connected, with the depression
switch installed in the middle of the green hose, you have the system
as it was originally conceived by Volkswagen And then, that vacuum part is
ready to make the system work. In this next image, we can see zoomed in
both ducts connected to the two exits of the vacuum derivation (piece nº 4),
and the outputs that goes to the air box which is the number 6, it passes through
a valve that keeps the vacuum closed, for when you turn off
the vehicle, the air controls can operate for some time, and it splits in two, why?
The blue duct on the right go straight to the air
conditioning controls the left duct, in the Santana’s case,
commands the opening and closing of the circulation of natural air in the vehicle
and then, the number 5 is that other duct to the left, which takes the vacuum
directly to the vehicle’s dashboard and goes into that metallic input that I told
you… So the nº 5, is the one that it’s going to be responsible for making the
consumption gauge variation Here I show another picture of the mettalic input
where the duct number 5 goes on the dashboard, you just have to connect a 2.5
mm – 3 mm hose there and then the vacuum connection is ready.
Now we move on to the second system of great importance in this
consumption gauge and shift light which is the electrical part,
mainly controlled by this relay unit, with the code 171 919 091C, This relay controls everything,
the “shift light” (yellow LED) on all gear changes and the activation of the
fifth gear fuel consumption gauge There is the OEM nº of the relay, which
I will now explain in details, Showing each electrical connection,
so you can fix this system in your car that already has installed the
system, or if you want to adapt it, you can also use this schematic
to adapt the system in another vehicle, a VW Gol (Brazil), which came with a
similar dashboard to that of Santana, a Voyage second generation (also in Brazil)…
You can install this system in several cars using low cost parts… So there are two positions in the Santana,
where the original relay is found… This first position that I show is at the fuse box up to 87.
You can see that it is located in a socket that is
next to the relay number 13 so right at the top of the fuse box and from 88 on, up to 90 – 91,
the relay is located at the position 3 of the fuse box.
So now, I move on to the most important part of the explanation,
showing what goes into each point of the relay Then, on the left, we have a
schematic of the relay, as shown, the numbers of each position, and
I’m going to describe what each one means So we have the common points in
all the car relays… The number 15 is a 12 volt switched
which is, in this case, fed by a wire of the original circuit… All these wire colors
that I show, refers to the original circuit of the Santanas… Maybe in the
Passat is a little bit different, but the important thing
is that you know the correct position Then the number 15 is fed by a
black wire with yellow stripe, which is a 12 volt switched…
The pin 31 is powered by a brown wire which is just the negative
(ground). The U / S point is fed by a white
wire with a red stripe, which is responsible for the ground that
comes from the depression switch And the G pin is powered by a white wire with
green stripe, which is the 12 volt signal which feeds the consumption gauge…. The pin 1 / W is powered by a red wire with black stripe,
which is the signal that comes from the ignition coil. The pin L is fed by a blue wire with yellow
stripe, which is the negative signal that goes to the “shift light” LED, and finally the pin K is fed by a brown wire with yellow
stripe and it sends the negative signal of the fifth gear switch, located
on the car’s gear box, to the relay. So if you have this relay and
this schematics, using some skills you can make
all the electrical connections, setting the whole circuit easily so it will work exactly the same way
it was designed at VW. This mechanical switch that I show below it’s the fifth gear switch…
It is identical to the reverse light switch which is installed in the gear box,
and it also has a specific place on the gear box of the cars
that came out equipped with this system from factory… I show you, in the next pic, that the Volkswagen catalog shows
two switches numbered 013 945 415 which are the same… Two appear in the
image, precisely because the same switch is used for the reverse light indication
and also, used for the fifth gear indication system on the vehicle.
Then, in this next image, I show the right spot for the fifth gear switch
to be installed on the gear box… The problem is that some gear boxes
didn’t come out equipped with this hex bolt, which you can remove using
a hex wrench, and others comes with it, So you need to check if your gear box has this hex bolt in it
or if it already has the switch installed that is not being used.
If your car already has the system but it’s not working, you can check
if this switch is good or bad So, removing that bolt, as I
show in the pic, you just screw the switch and make the electrical connections…
The electrical connections of this switch are made as follows: One of the wires you
put directly on ground, connecting it to one terminal of the switch, and the other wire, you will depart from
the other leg and guide it until that position K, of the relay, so is a wire that
carries the negative signal of the fifth gear swich to the relay. Then
making that simple ground connection you already set up the consumption gauge,
“feeding up” the pointer. So this image that I show is
this system connected in my Santana which has the fuel consumption gauge
and shift light originally installed. So, just fixing the idea, the depression
switch: to make its connections It is similar to the way you’ve
just made on the fifth gear switch. You connect to ground one of the pins
of this electrical outlet and the other terminal, you send out
a wire that, in this outlet, originally comes as white and red wire,
taking it to the U / S position of the relay. So, the fifth gear
swich and the depression switch, both work with a ground signal,
they are not feed with 12 volts! So, in a nutshell, what we need to have
in order for the system to work the way it was
originally conceived by VW is: First, a “shift light” and a fuel consumption gauge
installed in the dashboard; Then a relay, which is the relay nº 171 919 091C A depression switch nº 171 919 825 And a fifth gear switch, which is that simple
mechanical switch we’ve talked about So, with all of this, you can do both the
maintenance of your system if your car already has it installed,
or to adapt it in a vehicle that you want, using the Santana’s or Passat’s
dashboard (in Brazil)… So I left you the “print” of a video that’s
here on my playlist, showing the operation of those two features installed
in my VW 1987 Quantum… And I hope you guys have enjoyed the video, the idea is always to bring
high quality content for you with this exclusive material, unveiling
these circuits that are interesting because they bring back some of the luxury items,
right from the 80’s and 90’s that equipped our good old VWs! So if you liked it, please give a thumbs up
and share it with everyone, ’cause It’ll be very nice to see
more friends enjoying this system. OK, so cheers to everyone, thank you for watching
and see you in a next video!

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