TVJ Midday News: Residents in White Wing, St. Andrew South Fearful – October 16 2019

grafton luna vachon brown with a midday
news special welcome if you’re watching on one spot Mediacom residents of
white-winged in the st. andrew’s self police division are fearful following a
triple murder in the community on Tuesday as TV Jay’s Prince more reports
since the shootings last night there have been a few reprisals these pictures
only tell half the tale of what transpired at this shop in the white
wing community in Saint Andrew last night it’s reported that sometime before
seven o’clock persons entered the neighborhood and shot three men who were
in front of this shop the dead men have been identified as 48
year old Andre Clark 47 year old Gilbert Wade and Mark pinnock Clark and Wade
died on the scene at 6:50 p.m. while Pinnock died in hospital at 11:50 p.m.
the residents claimed that another resident was killed on Monday they say
it’s unclear what has caused the upsurge in violence meanwhile about 4:15 this
morning 47 year-old David Mackey was in his yard on mewho Drive when men with
high-powered weapons shot him he died on the scene it’s understood that Mackey’s
death is in retaliation to the chipra killing in white-winged the police and
military are now conducting a major operation in Olympic Gardens following
the killings however TVJ News understands that while
the cops were probing the shootings gunmen struck a short distance from the
Hornsby police station killing a security guard he was shot and then
stabbed by armed thugs while on his way to work about eight o’clock this morning
along Marcus Garvey Drive the man who works with the Ju TC is from majestic
gardens it’s believed he was killed as part of an ongoing feud in the area
several persons have been detained in the Olympic Gardens operation Prince
more TVJ news and as the government opposition and other stakeholders get
ready for Thursday’s sumit there’s an appeal this afternoon
for participants to attend the forum with an open mind the call came in
Parliament on Tuesday as the states of public emergencies in James
Hannover Westmoreland st. Catherine and Clarendon were extended we are doing so
expectation that the discussions that are to start on Thursday which I don’t
expect will be concluded on Thursday will be approached not just with a
decision to participate but with open minds and a willingness to search for
solutions that are acceptable to the national community as a whole in giving
an update on the progress made on the VSO ease out west prime minister Andrew
Holness says a number of persons have been arrested and charged for various
offences charges with the division for viewing offences to include breaches of
the firearms breach breaches of the dangerous jobs at 86 well rested and
charged for murder 45 were arrested and charged for shooting 42 were charged and
for robbery 3460 firearms and 4133 rounds of ammunition have also been
recovered in the space significant improvements have been made at the
retirement dump in st. James in a bid to reduce the outbreak of fires the issue
was discussed at the latest meeting of the Sen James the Municipal Corporation
we have the details in this report and we will return to that story later
on but for now we’ll take a break more local stories after these messages
please stay with us welcome back time now to continue the
news and we go to Bob walk taxi operators in Lynn Stinson Catherine are
appealing to the authorities to fix the stretch of road from Bob walk to your
turn we have more in this report that question from taxi operators in Lynn
state to the Transport Ministry on Monday taxi operators in Lynn state
staged a protest in a bid to send a message to the government they claimed
the road leading from for almost a decade promises no promise we we need an
acquittal next an MP Cola promised everybody to add to their frustration
the tanks operators argue that is hard to keep their vehicles intact because of
the poor state of the road they also raised concerns about the road
projects taking place in the corporate area the fixture would you know whatever
it is it’s in downtown if I wheel three mile with our rapid off again – guess if
they fix would hop collective suffer from Pierce Okanagan our water kaliesha
Williams TVJ news and we now go back to an earlier story where significant
improvements have been made at the retirement – dumping sand James in a bid
to reduce the outbreak of fires the issue was discussed at the latest
meeting of this and James the Municipal Corporation more in this report in May
the last fire the st. James based retirement don’t left communities
including sections of Arizona of Montego Bay blanketed with thick smog and after
years of residents complaining about frequent fires at the garbage disposal
site Regional Operations Manager at Western parks and market garnet
Edmondson alternative measures to address the problem once and for all he
addressed the latest Municipal Corporation meeting in a new teapot
shock that will do daily covering to ensure that we minimize the risk of fire
we have also trained or trained to fire wardens thanks to the fire department
mr. doorman to assist with identifying potential risk of fires and also
responding before the fire unit arrives other efforts include the establishment
of a 23 thousand gallon water tank also we have equipped or Fire Warden with the
ATV motorbike to traverse the thoroughfare of the landfill we have
fixed some 1,300 kilometers of dream to ensure that we have proper drainage on
the line and also we have resurfaced the road
he says the authorities are also looking at using technology to prevent
spontaneous combustion at the landfill we have also invest in a
technology out of China that is called gas venting system with which released
methane gas from the the landfill so that we have installed some 76 pipes
that will release the gas in the atmosphere machine masters TVJ news and
here’s a preview of what’s coming up in this evenings health report in the next
edition of the health report we’ll look at perinatal depression with our
screening methods we have been recognizing the lifestyle survey shows
that the incidence of depression and suicide have decreased so we are
recognizing more people and because we are increasing with mental health
treatment programs we are screening for depression more effectively than we are
able to bring down the level of depression and individuals who might
attempt suicide that’s the health report this evening in primetime news and you
know for today’s healthy living tip practice self compassion
prior to rise sleep know your signs and seek help early and share your
experiences Pandavas sports Malik Foster scored of
brace as the reggae boys remained perfect in Group C of the CONCACAF
Nations League after spanning of spanking Aruba six nil on Tuesday night
in Curacao Shivani Willis opened the scoring for the reggae boys in the
seventh minute before Foster doubled their advantage in the 17th minute the
Jamaicans made it three nil with 19 minutes on the clock as Clarendon
college player Lamar Walker scored his first senior goal Shamar Nicholson
continued his good run in the competition so far when he made it for
nil just before the halftime break following the resumption junior
Fleming’s added his name to the score sheet with Jamaica’s fifth coming in the
47th minute foster returned for his second and Jamaica’s sixth on the night
with an easy tap-in on the 53rd minute the result also sees the Theodore
Whitmore coach team earning a fourth straight clean sheet and a Jamaican
Brandon King is one of the three new faces called up to the West Indies squad
for their tour of Afghanistan starting early next month but while three new
players have gotten a maiden call-up the new selection committee has opted to
leave out some familiar faces stand out year for Jamaican batsman Brandon king
with a call-up to the windes a team followed by some outstanding innings in
the recent Caribbean primarily campaign King ended as the leading run-scorer in
this year’s CPL making 496 runs at an average of 55 point one one with a
highest score of 132 not out the king son cricket club player has been
selected for both 2020 and the one-day international series against Afghanistan
he’s joined in both squads by another new face the CPS leading wicket-taker
hidden Walsh Junior who made his international debut for the United
States earlier this year Danny’s faster bowler romário Shepherd
has also earned his senior call-up for the t20 squad having played for the wind
is a this year against India a the new selection panel led by Raja Harper with
assistant Maz Bascom has decided to leave our previous t20 captain Carles
Brathwaite and Jamaican ashamed Thomas they’re limited over squads while Darren
Brava has been dropped from the test side after managing a mere 47 runs in
four innings at an average of fifteen point six six against India there is
also no place for Jamaicans Chris Gayle Rothman Powell and Auntie rustling the
limited / squads the t20 squad reads the current pollard captain Nicholas Perrin
Evan Lewis shimmerin Hamer chef Ian Rutherford
jamaicans Brandon King Fabian Allen and Sheldon Cottrell jeiza Hold’em hidden
wall junior care appear and Dennis rammed in with Keswick Williams and
Lendl Simmons returning to the team and as re Joseph coming back from injury the
ODI squad is made up of Karen Pollard she hope Evan Lewis shimmer and him
Arsenal ambrus Nicholas piranha Brandon King Rosten chase Jason hula hidden wall
junior car appear shell and Cottrell kima Paul as are Joseph and romário
Shepherd Jason holder will leave the Test side
which includes she hope Jamaica and John Campbell Creek broth achievement Marcia
marks Rostand chase she endure rich Sanel ambrus Jamel workin Rakim Cornwall
kima Roach kima Paul and Al sorry Joseph the Caribbean side will play Afghanistan
in 3 t 20s three OD eyes and a one-off test from November 5 to December 1
Bernardo Brown for TVJ sports and that’s the midday news on Vashon brown join us
at 7:00 for prime time news package on behalf of the news sports and production
teams have a gravity you

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  1. listen to these politicians no one fi them no get killed so they don't care about poor people none of them no want to fine a solution to the gun crimes because they profit from it garrison community ????

  2. There’s such a demonic spirit of violence and bloodshed on this island it’s insane!! A person can just walk up to people minding their own business and take their lives ; it’s really sad .

  3. the security forces are useless , totally useless , this flare up has been going on since last week between these communities , and they havent put any contingency measures in place to prevent this ? now they are going to go in these areas and harass innocent ppl ,because i am sure the murderers have gone into hiding by now KMT

  4. As long as human beings continue to live a life of material and vanity crave we will always have crime, violence, and war.. we are uncivilized and think that we are civilised… we should go back to tilling the soil….

  5. Bah bah bah black sheep they practicing satanism in that place. To much murder and mayhem. The police involved they are some pitiful ass cops


  7. Useless crime fighting strategies. What's the point of SOE and ZOZO. Garbage. Need a better strategy. The government should stop scaming the people and invest in new crime fighting technology.

  8. Rip Boom, Mark and Fidel ????????…… 3 innocent men lost their lives to some nasty dutty shit house careless hungry belly freak of nature satan picni dog vomit ? animal… GOD NA SLEEP

  9. in order to solve the crime, we must fix the prison system in a way that enables inmates to be re-educated from the basic school to an associate degree level. the prison system should resocialize the inmate from being a criminal to a skill productive human being. the heart programs should be placed in the prison system.

  10. wow , that's a big blow to the unlawful community, would that finding be possible without the crime plan the JLP, have going as we speak??? hell now, all the PNP a do is running off their mouth that full of shit like crabs, this is a crime that escalated out of control under their watch, they just talking a bag of shit over a crime they watch grown out of control something they have being involving in as well , in many ways now acting as if they never see crime before, they're a set of asshole, all they going in office to do is to drink milk, and don't give a damn about counting the cows, those asshole mouth should be where their asshole is and their asshole be where their mouth is, they just left office little over 3 years ago and could not do one thing about the crime mainly because they were so deeply involve into the lawlessness, asshole PNP leave the prosperity team alone, all you asshole was doing in office was to destroy Jamaica, go to hell you all

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