100 thoughts on “TWICE “Feel Special” Full Body + Ab Workout to Burn Belly Fat (No Jumping!) ~ Emi

  1. Emi can you do a reduce bloating workout because I suffer from sever bloating and I can seem to find results of working out because of the bloat
    (Ps. I love you emi❤)

  2. I have so much trouble dieting and I always give up

    Please write encouraging things in the comments to help me keep going ?

    I really need help

  3. Hi, Emi
    Wanna ask smthg abt HIIT Cardio.

    I've been 2 weeks following the workout from your video. But, I do 15 mins thigh fat, 10 mins for arm, and 15 mins full-body workout in a row. Is that okay or is it too much? Bcs I try to find on the internet the max time for hiit cardio only 30 mins.

    Tell me if it is wrong, bcause I want the best result.

    (or if anyone see this comment and know the answer, please dont hesitate to tell me 🙂 )

  4. Workout always work for me.. But my diet… Uff.. I just hate my brother because of this.. He always need tasty food then what do i do.. ? and yes indian festival's cannot be avoid…

  5. I did one of your other work outs two days ago and I almost cried because of the pain in my abs. I'm happy though. I'm just pushing myself really hard because I hate my body

  6. The exercises looked easy when she did them… but when I started doing them 30 seconds in i’m already breathing hard?..

  7. I love your Kpop workouts so much! And i'm so obsessed with Feel Special that I just want to do this work out again and again! Thank you so much for making exercise fun!

  8. Awesome short workout! I tried others 10mins workouts but they are not as seamless as yours. The transition into each exercises are important & you have manged to get that balance! Thk u

  9. Hi Emi I have a question, what is the best fat burning work out you ever done? Can you make a video for it please

  10. I am pairing this with another workout and treating it more like a warmup. I will try to give updates. I'm on a exercise journey.

  11. Hi Emi!! I would love to have a workout based on 'I Like That' by Lee Jinhyuk!! The song is so hyped up I think it would be an interesting workout ?

  12. Y'all these workouts really make a difference, I lost a couple pounds and for once my weight has actually been the exact same for at least a week now, when I've been struggling with suddenly gaining and losing weight for a year
    Every day I pick my favourites from these videos and do them until I either run out of time or get too tired and making small changes to my eating habits. I'm at 110lbs my goal is to slim my legs a bit and get abs, my stomach is already sore lol but it's the best kind of soreness when you know it's paying off and you're having fun

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