Two Spires (333 meters)

Hey Vadim, do you know what these two spires are reminding me of? Remember the documentary about that dude who walked on a high wire between WTC Towers? Which documentary? The documentary with the dude on the high wire between the towers They are now making a movie based on that story I think it’s called ‘The Walk’ Really? Yeah. But I want to make a statement – I am not doing this..ever I will not be going on a wire! Like hell you will dude! And then IMAX will definitely make a film about us Im coming up It is so f…ng high to climb! I say it is f…king high to climb! Oh shii….. What The lens cover is gone Which one? Mine From my camera

100 thoughts on “Two Spires (333 meters)

  1. Turning on subtitles made me realize that you guys are hilarious, it's so weird when you hear a language you don't know because i always assume you're serious, but then turns out you're just talking about a documentary haha

  2. wow…
    that's so amazing. i love you guys.
    when you are there on the top how do you feel??? isn't there any fear?

  3. Ребят вы из всех самые лучшие и почему у вас так мало

  4. Скажи свой киви кошелёк я перикину деньги и купишь себе новую крышку)

  5. Пацаны на таких высотах чувствуется отклонения здания из за ветра или там всё жестко, просто высоко?

  6. Блин блин какая странно даже я боюсь когда смотрю на это видео очень странно

  7. Jesus Christ.
    okay you can climb up to places like this but standing up, getting close to the edge and messing around like it's nothing… dude. You are not a superman. You can, just like any other human being, someday stumble or slip and ten minutes later, some poor git will scratch your remains from the asphalt.

  8. У меня один вопрос : почему у вас прорисовка в 16 чанков, когда в 340 не проблема?)

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