TWS-i9s: Unboxing & Review [Fake $40 AirPods]

Hey guys, it’s Greg with Apple Explained
and today we’re gonna take a look at these tws-i9 earbuds, they’re essentially knockoffs
of the AirPods, and I was given this pair by my friends at Knockies and lucky for you
guys they sent me three extras to give away. So if you want a chance win a pair make sure
you’re subscribed and leave a comment on the video. And even if you don’t win, Knockies is offering
a 10%-off coupon code just for you guys. Now you might remember a previous video I
made about the TWS-i7s which is an older generation of these earbuds and I wasn’t so excited
about them, but I’m pleased to report that these new i9s are a huge improvement. So first, we’ll begin with an unboxing and
review, second, we’ll compare them to the i7s and the official AirPods, and lastly I’ll
give you guys my final thoughts so you can decide whether or not these earphones are
right for you. Now these TWS-i9s are $39.99 from Knockies
website and they’re available in white, just like the AirPods. When you order these things they arrive in
this nice little box that’s not too different from the AirPods, with a picture of the earbuds
on the front, model name on either side, headlining features on the bottom like its built-in battery,
calling capabilities, audio quality, built-in microphones, and wireless technology. And on the back we have a picture of the earbuds
in their charging case and detailed specifications like its model number, battery capacity, and
more. Now the box is sealed by these two circular
pieces of tape on either side, and after those have been broken we can go ahead and lift
the lid which slides off very similarly to the AirPods but with less resistance. Now once inside, we’re immediately greeted
by the i9s charging case which sits front and center. We can go ahead and easily lift the case out
of the box and right off the bat you’ll notice how tiny this case is compared to the
previous i7s, but we’ll take a closer look at that in a minute. For now, let’s see what else is in the box. After lifting out the plastic tray we find
something that’s new to this generation of earphones, a white silicon case complete
with a safety hook to easily attach the charging case to your belt hook or backpack. This isn’t something I used but it could
be very convenient for hikers or travelers. Next we find a micro USB cable to power the
charging case and a manual to help us pair these things with our phone or other device. So that’s everything included in the box,
now let’s take a closer look at the TWS-i9 earbuds themselves. The charging case is the exact same size as
the AirPods which is a huge improvement from the previous generation. And it has the same rounded design as well. The lid is magnetic and very easy to open
one handed which allows us to access the earbuds much quicker than before. On the back you’ll find a silver hinge that
looks almost exactly like the AirPods and a Micro USB port on the bottom with a nice
silver accent that matches the hinge. And although the earbuds shake a little bit
when the case is open, they’re nice and compact and very easy to remove from the case. Now I should mention that just like the AirPods,
these TWS-i9 earbuds cannot be charged individually. So if you lose the charging case, the earbuds
will become useless. Now wearing these things in your ears is very
comfortable and secure, which is a huge improvement from the previous i7s. And keep in mind that these i9 earbuds are
the same size as the AirPods so you can expect the same level of comfort. Now these earbuds charge up in about 45 minutes
and provide three hours of music playback or talk time, which is more than enough for
most users. And the charging case provides about three
recharges to the earbuds before running out of power. So these earbuds have blue and red LEDs that
are used to indicate pairing and charging status. While pairing, the earbuds flash blue and
red which means they’re ready to be discovered by your device. And while charging, they shine red inside
the case and turn off once fully charged. As for the charging case itself, it also has
a red LED that turns on while charging and also turns off when fully powered. Now while in use, the only way to check the
battery life on these things is directly from your device. So let’s go through the pairing process
and connect these earbuds to our device. Now I have an iPhone 7 here, but these are
bluetooth enabled with means they can be used with any bluetooth device. So the first thing we have to do is take the
earbuds out of their charging case and find the multi-function button on the back, we
hold down on both buttons for about three seconds, or until the LEDs begin to flash. And if we look in our bluetooth settings we’ll
find the earbuds listed under TWS-i9 and all we have to do is tap on them to connect. Now I didn’t have any connectivity issues
with these things since they have Bluetooth 4.1 and there wasn’t any lag in music playback
thanks to its EDR or enhanced data rate technology. Now let’s get into a little more detail
about music playback with these earbuds starting with sound quality. While they aren’t at the same level as the
AirPods in this respect, they do sound much better than the previous generation TWS-i7s. Music still sounds a little tinny but I was
definitely able to enjoy the songs since the quality is more than passable. As for controlling music playback, the multifunction
buttons are able to pause and play your music with a single press, but double pressing actually
initiates a call to your most recent contact. And while we’re on the subject of phone
calls, let’s discuss call quality on these things. Right off the bat I noticed that call audio
only played through the right earbud. And that’s not uncommon with third party
wireless earbuds since audio from phone calls are mono instead of stereo. Now there’s a microphone at the end of each
of these earbuds that picks up your voice quite well and makes phone calls much more
convenient considering you can go completely hands free. So now let’s talk about how these TWS-i9s
stack up against their predecessor the TWS-i7s. Lets start off with the most obvious difference:
their design. With the i7s, everything was bigger. The charging case, the earbuds themselves,
the packaging. This meant carrying the charging case in your
pocket was pretty inconvenient and uncomfortable but now that isn’t a problem thanks to the
i9s compact size. Also, the smaller earbuds fit much more comfortably
in your ear and are more secure compared to the larger i7s. Even something as simple as opening the charging
case has been improved drastically. The magnetic lid on the i9s can be opened
effortlessly one-handed and closed with a satisfying snap. But the lid on the i7s has a lot of resistance
to it and requires quite a bit of effort to get open. They both have a MicroUSB port for charging,
but as you can see, the newer i9 case has nice silver accents whereas the i7 case does
not. It’s also much easier to insert and remove
the earbuds from the i9s case since there’s not a pin that you have to push the earbuds
onto. Another difference between these two models
are their packaging. Once you open their boxes it’s pretty easy
to see which one is more appealing. The TWS-i9s are presented beautifully without
any plastic bags or clumsy cardboard inserts. This may not be a big deal for most people,
but I value a nice unboxing experience since it’s the first interaction a user has with
any new product. Now lets talk about sound quality. This is another area where the i9s have improved
considerably since I can actually enjoy listening to music with these things. And if you remember what I said about the
sound quality of the i7s, you’ll know that I didn’t recommend them for music playback
since the sound quality was so thin and tinny. So the battery life of these two models is
about the same which is pretty impressive considering the compact size of the i9s. But what’s more important is how these earbuds
charge. The older i7s have to be pushed down onto
charging pins inside the case which becomes pretty annoying after you’ve done it a hundred
times, while the new i9s fall right into the case without any effort at all thanks to the
contact chargers that connect to the earbuds after you’d closed the lid. Now let’s talk about how these new TWS-i9s
compare to the official Apple AirPods. But I want to make it clear that these i9s
are $40 earbuds compared to the 159 dollar AirPods. So the packaging is pretty similar although
no one can deny that Apple provides the best unboxing experience of any company on earth. The plastic tray that presents the i9s does
a great job framing the product but things get a little messy underneath. The audio quality of the i9s are a big improvement
over the i7s, but still not on same level as the AirPods. One area where the i9s really impress is with
design. It’s the same exact size as the AirPods
which is a pretty amazing accomplishment and that means the earbuds are just as comfortable
and secure in your ear. The i9s also have something the AirPods don’t
and that’s the multifunction button on each earbud. These buttons make it easy to play and pause
music and answer calls, although they don’t activate Siri like the AirPods can. And finally we have to keep in mind that the
AirPods do play phone call audio through both earbuds whereas the i9s only play call audio
through the right earbud. And the beam-forming microphones on the AirPods
are more advanced than the standard microphones on the i9s, but they still do a great job
of picking up your voice clearly. Now let me give you my final thoughts on these
TWS-i9 earbuds. They’re an enormous improvement over the
previous TWS-i7 model, without a huge increase in cost. So if you already own a pair of i7s and are
looking to upgrade, I think the i9s new design and increased performance definitely justifies
making the jump to this new model. And if you’re someone who has always wanted
a pair of AirPods for the convenience and comfort, but haven’t pulled the trigger
yet because of the high price, then you should take a serious look at the i9s. They’re a really fantastic alternative to
the AirPods at a quarter of the cost. And while battery life may be a problem if
you listen to music for hours at time, I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker since they do charge
back up pretty quickly. So that is the unboxing and review of the
TWS-i9 wireless earbuds, if you want to check them out for yourself go ahead and click the
link in the description and don’t forget to use the 10%-off coupon code if you decide
to buy them. And if you want a chance to win a free pair,
make sure you’re subscribed and leave a comment down below so I know you’re interested. Alright guys, thanks for watching and I’ll
see you next time.

100 thoughts on “TWS-i9s: Unboxing & Review [Fake $40 AirPods]

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  5. they doo doo. last like 20 mins. Everybody roasted me bc of the flashing blue lights. Ended up throwing them down the toilet and copping a pair of real pods.

  6. Thank you for the help. I almost got ripped off. I'm trying to get a pair for my daughter and unfortunately I'm out of work due to having brain surgery. So financially I can't just go out and buy a brand new set from the Apple Store. If you haven't given away all three I can assure you if I was picked as one of your winners Not only would it make me feel like I just won the lottery but it will put a smile from ear-to-ear on my 13 year old daughter. Other than that this video helped me out tremendously and saved me some money that I really don't have to spend. Thanks again!

  7. Hey, so i have had a pair of i9s for around a year now and one of the only things that annoy me a lot is the audio delay. The audio to video delay is probably around 1 second, so i can not watch videos with them :/ Is there any fix to this?

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  12. I have the i9s, the print was so small I am not sure if I did things correctly. Your vid really explained what to do. However, when wearing outside while jogging, I started getting break up, not all the time. This didn't happen when I started using back in Sept. Maybe I didn't pair them correctly, I have an phone X. I also just found a bit of ear wax on the left dust screen which I cleared. No problems when connected to my iphone wired air buds.Any one else getting any break up?

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