Typhoon Lingling is to hit South Korea starting Friday

heavy rain on Thursday has now come to a
temporary halt in most parts of the country but more rain is in the forecast
with typhoon lingling fast approaching let’s go live to our ‘man son she is at
Cham suger bridge in southern Seoul mins and so how are conditions looking like
hi conn-young the heavy rain that poured down last night in most part of South
Korea including Seoul and surrounding gyeonggi-do province has stopped in most
areas but typhoon Ling Ling is moving up north at a rapid speed and is expected
to bring strong winds and more rain to the country
– Ling Ling is a medium-sized typhoon with very strong intensity and maximum
wind speed of 145 to 180 kilometers per hour the typhoon is making its way from
west of Okinawa Japan toward the Korean Peninsula and we’ll hit waters west of
Jeju Island from Friday morning it is forecast to affect most parts of the
country on Saturday some parts of Jeju will get more than 400 millimeters of
rain and some parts of Terlato province and the west of Cheongdam the province
will get over 150 millimeters of rain on Saturday the typhoon will then leave
South Korea and move over North Korea and China China on Sunday right so we’re
hearing that type of Ling Ling is going to be a quite a strong typhoon how can
we better prepare for further typhoon so that we can minimize the damage
– Ling Ling is expected to be one of the strongest typhoons to his South Korea
previous typhoons that travelled along the west coast of Korea had severely
damaged the country – compassed in 2010 which followed a similar route as Ling
Ling killed six people but Ling Ling is
travelling even closer to the peninsula and has stronger winds and winds that
can knock down trees the power man is holding a meeting to consider activating
the main disaster control headquarters local governments are also an emergency
watch and are inspecting vulnerable areas people are advised to stay indoors
during the peak hours and check sewers and windows in residential areas that
avetis our back to you conn-young

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