Typhoon Lingling to slam S. Korea this weekend

Be sure to have an umbrella handy this week,…
because the autumn monsoon season is here. On top of that,… Typhoon Lingling is forecast
to slam into the Peninsula by the end of this week. Eum Jiyoung has more. The 13th typhoon of the season, Lingling,
is likely to reach Korea by the weekend. If it stays on its projected path, the entire
nation will be under its influence. Currently, it’s lying several hundred kilometers
southeast of Taiwan and gathering strength. According to the Korea Meteorological Agency,
as of 3 p.m. on Tuesday, Lingling is forecast to approach the country’s southernmost island
of Jeju Friday morning. It is then expected to pass through the capital
region,… en-route to the eastern Gangwon-do Province the following day. An expert at Kweather, a private Korean weather
agency,… corroborated the national weather bureau’s forecast,… saying the typhoon is
currently headed North toward Jeju Island .
“Lingling is projected to reach full-strength on Friday around 9 p.m. packing winds of up
to 37 kilometers per hour and the Peninsula will be under its influence this weekend.” He added that heavy rain is expected. “Typically, autumn typhoons bring heavy downpours
that are caused by the combination of warm oceans and cold air. Also, heavy precipitation is expected with
the arrival of the typhoon coinciding with the autumn monsoon.” Meanwhile,… the lower regions of Gangwon-do
Province and the southern parts of the country are already getting drenched,… and by this
evening, rain will also fall in the country’s central and western regions. Also, parts of the southern coast and Jeju
Island are receiving heavy rain of 10 millimeters per hour. Seoul and the surrounding regions will see
up to 300 millimeters of precipitation by Thursday. Weather experts say the storm could cause
serious damage if it hits the Peninsula,… so people are advised to make thorough preparations. Eum Ji-young, Arirang News.

5 thoughts on “Typhoon Lingling to slam S. Korea this weekend

  1. I just worry that the flood water contaminated with South Korean radiation which is 3 times of Japan might flow out to the Sea of Japan…
    (As of July 2019 →Tokyo = 0.038 µSv。Seoul = 0.125 µSv、New York = 0.044 µSv、Paris = 0.043 µSv、Beijing = 0.072 µSv)

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