Typhoon Tapah expected to bring heavy rain nationwide starting from weekend

earlier this month South Korea was hit
by typhoon ling-ling three people died in that storm and more than 20 were
injured not to mention all the property damage now Korea is bracing for another
typhoon our wonder one has the latest typhoon pathi is heading towards the
Korean Peninsula it was reported on Thursday evening that the typhoon is
near Okinawa Japan and is expected to reach Jeju Island early on Sunday
morning the Korea meteorological administration forecasts typhoon Tifa to
then pass over the southern city of tongyoung before advancing fast towards
Tokyo Island and the East Sea kapha is predicted to gain force as it passes
through a warm stretch of ocean the indirect impact of the typhoon will
begin from Saturday as Jeju Island will start to see some rainfall the rain will
expand to southern Korean provinces impacting even southern condo province
on the same day the downpours are likely to spread across the rest of the country
including Seoul on Sunday and will continue to Monday the rainfall will get
stronger from Sunday where 30 to 50 millimeters per hour is expected to pour
down on the southern coast when speed of 110 and 245 km/h are expected in Jeju
Island and near the south coast but the winds won’t be as strong as typhoon
lingling high waves along coastal areas could cause damage and residents in
those areas are advised to be prepared for some flooding as well window on
arirang news

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