Typhoon Tapah heading now towards Busan

we begin with the latest on typhoon
topper which is currently in waters near Korea’s Teju Island the 17th typhoon of
the season is expected to travel northward affecting the southern coastal
regions of the country in particular for more on how the storm could affect
weather conditions here in Korea we have our eg on who’s standing by at the
Weather Center Shion what’s the latest hello – oh well
topper passed through Jeju a couple of hours ago and it continues moving in a
north easterly direction but also moving at a faster pace the typhoon is now
heading towards near Yasu in telemundo province and will reach the southeastern
port city of busan around 10 p.m. tonight then a will approach near
Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo in the East Sea early Monday and – Thapa is
a very wet storm nearly 700 millimeters of rain was seen in some mountainous
regions unchanged in less than 24 hours and more than 200 millimeters in the
Terlato in chungcheong-do provinces so far but prays for more rain storms into
early tomorrow Jeju and the eastern coastal regions are
expected to see more than 400 millimeters of heavy showers and the
typhoon is also packing winds of 125 to 160 kilometers per hour that’s strong
enough to uproot trees and damaged power lines
so typhoon related weather alerts are in place across various parts of the
country and it is very likely strong wind advisory will also be issued in the
capital areas and komando province in the coming hours be careful and keep
yourself up to date

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  1. This is happening to me and I live in busan, when i tried going outside i got pushed and flung, and i have bruises. A tree almost flung into me, IT IS DANGEROUS.

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