Typhoon Tapah to bring heavy rain and strong gusts nationwide

we start with the latest on the typhoon
that is quickly approaching the Korean Peninsula the 17th – of the season Tata
is currently heading in a northeasterly direction and this forecast to arrive in
Plzen tonight the whole nation is under its influence with strongest sand
showers expected nationwide on Sunday to get more updates on this let’s connect
to our Qin day who is coming to us live from Conley beach in Plzen
so today what do you have for us hi Sue Ellen I am now standing at the Conley
beach in Busan where the typhoon is expected to pass through later tonight
the typhoon hasn’t arrived yet but rain has already began falling and high waves
are being seen in the waters the storm is currently located some 210 kilometers
away from Jeju Island it is tracking in a northeasterly direction packing winds
of up to 126 kilometers per hour typhoon warnings have been issued for Teju
island and a few southern regions of the country including parts of
chungcheong-do and jeolla-do provinces according to the latest forecasts the
typhoon is expected to pass over Jeju Island at 3 p.m. and Busan later tonight
at around 10 p.m. heavy rain of up to 540 millimetres have already fallen in
some parts of Jeju Island and even now downpour is continuing a 72 year old
woman was found dead after a home collapsed in Busan late late last night
possibly due to strong winds while public safety is the top priority of
course what kind of safety measures are in place at the moment the interior and
safety ministry raised its typhoon alert status to its second highest level after
the storm strengthened into a medium-sized typhoon on Saturday
also the Callado bridge connecting busan and ho detto island has been closed off
to all traffic as of 11 a.m. Sunday the city of Busan is currently operating a
24-hour disaster safety countermeasures headquarters staff 240 personnel the
port of Busan has been closed since 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and vessels have been
moved to safe docking areas the poor of Busan has been closed and some
international fights particularly those flying in and out of Teju International
Airport have been canceled as well that is all I
have at this hour but I’ll keep you updated throughout today back to you

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  1. Busan should be grateful have those waves! It's a surfer's paradise!.. Wearing a helmet? Really? Are you a weather woman or construction worker? LOL

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