Typhoon Tapah to strike Jeju and Korea’s southeastern regions

good morning it was a chilly start to
the day but highs will soar to the mid 20s with more clouds building up in the
afternoon but now there’s a storm on the way the 17th typhoon of season Thapa is
heading towards Korean Peninsula Jeju and the southern and eastern regions
will be affected most through early Monday the closest point of contact to
Korea will be on Sunday at 3 p.m. on Jeju approaching cruising by Sunday
night and it will keep traveling in a north easterly direction until Monday
and unlike the previous typhoon ling-ling which brought furious winds
typhoon top is forecast to be much wetter
Jeju could see up to 500 millimetres of rain from tonight up to 300 millimeters
for south and eastern regions into Monday along with strong gust so
residents in those areas must stay on alert for potential flash floods or
landslides that’s Korea for you and here’s the International weather for
viewers around the world

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