Typhoon Tapah to strike Korean peninsula this weekend

good afternoon it was a chilly start but
highs are soaring fast to the mid 20s with more clouds expected to build up in
the afternoon and if you have any outdoor weekend plans you might need to
revise your plans there is a storm on the way and it’s packing torrential
showers the 70s typing of season top ice heading towards Korean Peninsula Jeju
and southern and eastern regions will be affected most through early Monday and
unlike the previous typhoon ling-ling which brought furious winds typhoon
Thapa is forecast to be much wetter Jeju could see up to 500 millimeters of rain
from tonight and up to 300 millimeters is in the forecast for south and eastern
parts of the country into Monday along with strong gusts so residents in those
areas must stay on alert for potential flash floods or landslides that’s Korea
for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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