I am back on the road, sadly not with Vicky. She will leave with her car. Thanks for bringing me to this nice spot here on the Way to Anchorage We will see us in the next car. Ok, that worked well. I am here at the Junction.. Everybody who wants to leave to Dawson City will turn before me So everybody who is passing me will really go into my direction There are not to many Cars going into my direction I just hope one will pick my up since I have that nice Sign So far I am at least 15 km out of town So far, it works perfectly. To Fairbanks are only 1.000 km left. And to Haines Junction it is only 150 km Wow friends, I have arrived Haines Junction. Nice ride with Mike, thank you so much. And that is just beautiful here… Just look at it, these mountains rise into the sky so nice! And this street down there, is the one I will take to get to Anchorage So here I will try to get my ride I just think about the best place, so the cars can easily stopp Here is good. Just right here. I am here since two hours now… There is really nobody going this road That doesn’t make me too hopeful to get another ride today The distances are just way to big, so most people drive in the morning… I just hoped for a truck, and there passed two or three Trucks, they usually drive longer distances sadly non stopped So I will try to find a place to camp Human thinks, God guides. While searching for a place a nice Girl picked me up. Yeah, my friends. Super nice, here is a nice shelter right at the lake I have arrived her with Collin in here nice Pick Up Truck I will take me all the way to Anchorage tomorrow Super nice is, that we have this shelter, because it is raining outside nice Good Morning friends, This is the shelter where I slept in next to the shelter is Collin’s car just look at this view. Super NICE, soon we will enter Alaska wow, look at these colors from green to red and white we have arrived in Alaska. Just like a dream. These Mountains, just beautiful, isn’t it. The Bordercrossing was easier than I thought Luckily Collin took me all the way I just had to fill out a paper, because I didn’t apply for an ESTA and answer a few questions The Dude was super nice and gave me my VISA right away So I can stay in the States until the 28. of Nov. within that time I may cross the Border as often as I like to. Super nice. everything is easy and I am in Alaska and drive with Collin all the way to Anchorage where I will buy a drone 😀 Thats our vehicle I have arrived Anchorage The ride was a jackpot. From Haines Jct. to Anchorage I want to buy my drone here at Best Buy so great footage is to come There is also a Walmart around the corner, I will probably stay there for the night One after the other, I am happy that I have arrived here but I am also really tired Great Adventures ahed This will be my place for the night I just textet this guy spontanes with Couchsurfing three people declined my request they where busy then these nice Dudes are willing to host me they are a nice… nice couple first time Couchsurfing. I have my own couch they are out partying they are super kind got a beer and have the flat to myself right now I even have my own key thats a Jackpot so I will organize the stuff I need to tomorrow buy the drone and outdoor gear than it’s Sunday and I will go to church and then I will hitchhike to Homer First Time Couchsurfing experience: super easy and spontaneous super easy, I am freshly showered have my own couch so over all a super successful day Hitchhiking all the way to Anchorage and the day after tomorrow adventures will start for real Subscribe

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