UFC fighter RAKIC & weightlifter TOROKHTIY // How to build explosive power for MMA

my name is Alexandra couch and you see lightweights ranked number 11 the reason he was a shock water shoe your thighs of you are so so explosive and you can learn it very fast okay let’s go so today we’ll have a private session with the Aleks will try I will try to do MMA or I will try to do something in MMA or I will just lay down on the floor and Alex will hit me we’ll see but probably I will try to to do something and to protect myself first we’re gonna warm up ten minutes we’re gonna do some typical warm-up for striker for wrestler or grappler then we’re gonna focus off some countries maybe some kicks close the distance takedown on ground control because your body type is more for a wrestler and a grappler short strong so if you choose to be a MMA fighter I would recommend you to start from that start from this close the distance with your power you can hold everybody on the ground from home now restart right to touch the quarterback how many rounds you have doing this play we fight three rounds five minutes huh one minute between is break and if you fight for the belt you fight five rounds five minutes it’s a beautiful small thing yes it is and it sounds a lot five minutes but when you are in shape I know yeah I think it goes like this [Music] [Music] it’s learn you learn how to fall because if I lift you up and land really yeah you have to know how to fall if you fall wrong if you form maybe like this yeah you injure your shoulder and this is the secret about this strange yes I can fly basically you do like the first one but I don’t want to recommend you to justify so this is about the weight lifting they explode he is explosive and that’s the reason he can do it 90% of the guys who do it the first time they land like this okay you stand like this yeah the cumulative closer with the right foot yes and you do like like like in the weightlifting the first 10% on from like this yes down me on the ground pop steady and dance like an elevator down down me step yes I go down you’re like okay it means that when I say like this I have center of the balance yeah yes and you need it like when you will do a step you need will be a transition yeah elbows close close yes make fists yes and relax basicall it’s all the same like relax you relax you yeah here relax relax pull up the jaw look up almost you’re slapping ablation of wobbling they said a tiny dose of it’s writing it does not break their hands in boxing you have to true the hand with your power yeah like you want to catch the hair hope hope hope if let’s get a slab on if you do like this you can do it for a minute yeah and they all can you’re so yeah okay guys I started English so I will continue in English if you don’t speak English with inattentiveness I will make a transcription the goal is today we have a one hour one and a half and do this hour will speak about the jerk special jerk because it’s gotta use for the Mme the cleanest split jerks I will speak about the balance will speak about the correct position now I will write the program which will do today and during this each of step I will explain and you will be with us enjoy if your fly together you gotta pull from this position you can hold like this like that wherever you want so just stick slow down and without snap and up with the same and not full extension so basically we’ll do before the workout for the 15 reps uses the next one it’s it good morning and sports so this is the star position our goal is to do the God Squad good morning and so this is fire the way is not important 15:24 for the beginning cysts PVC because it looks easy but it’s a little bit difficult yeah that’s why I don’t recommend to do this with the 15 20 kilos it’s just if you are like not first time in this work if your muscle is ready do this for there I do this my smooth the particular okay I told my biceps ligament and I was like almost the doctor said to me you cannot train anymore you cannot compete anymore in this level and then I was like physio and the bridge way we will work on it and it was my life the same with the knees with the minister like 10 doctors told me that like eat no more and just one told me like come on you are walking if you’re walking you can continue when you will can walk in to just come and it will do something what does this professionals for in school no it’s not quite it’s a job it’s a job and when your professional nobody asks you like or you want this or you how to feel just [Music] a moment is forward your cat is on this side yeah dot here yes and I move step forward yes this is the way you have too much power there is another way where you don’t need so much power here here step my head is next to your hip so what I do I push with this leg there and push with the head I’m too white huh go down like elevator if I can to touch my chest oh yeah you have to go like an elevator like a surfer like a surfer here here so the way it’s not so it’s not so far I mean that when you squat yeah do you like distribute the way more on the front neck another than the real like it already for the first or is lifted and then yes and now yes so I move slow down I do stop make a pun you make a pun yes do I need to make a stab stab because okay you want to close the distance yeah you if I do if I shoot here if I shoot here you regular nice yeah and then you just go away like this yeah and you lose the center of the balance yeah to use the support keep your elbow here here here and relax okay punch first put your chin down chin down yeah you yes this is this is hiding this is protecting your chin Wow I never know if you like head up and I’m here mm-hmm or here yeah it will protect ya see mm-hmm and here you protect your liver if you don’t protect your liver if you punch like here I can take what you’re the closer we would a shock water shock if so the next one the risk eggs a few exercise how to develop the strength of the risk the goal is to place not so far from the knees when you will move a little bit more forward you’ll feel more pressure on the wrist and it should be together not like together [Applause] and to think about this of course it’s a small exercise it’s not like it’s not something journal but again if you do this if you’ll spend just you 10 15 mins before the workout maybe especially if you’re sighs it’s a good because when you fold the bar it’s very important for this position so that’s why you need to develop this movement and yeah clean drip it should be a little bit wider than your shoulders we will sit and from this position the role of press will hold the PVC EF 6x 1 2 3 4 5 6 there’s not a lot of people ready to see it and to do the press with this type of grip from the squat position and basically what I recommend if you have not enough mobility which was not for you just for camera so to start to do the press from the bank on from the box because from this position to be much easier to just press from this position but each time it should be five six seconds Tarnovo cap week by week you can crazy bhai for example you can put ten plates on the next week it will be nine plates one minute or one week less it will be an eighth-place or step by step little bit lower level and lower and the goal is to do the press from this position from here just without a cue from here Oh uh-huh directly from here yeah yeah you can look good you can turn heel out yeah go on you’re on this yes yes you’re here go back down me between my legs Kronus the legs mm-hmm yes so the law is if it will the lower position is better yeah as long as you go this it’s better for you if I go here yeah yeah Lucy you have just to put your hips back but if I’m here I can do that yeah yes yeah and when you hit it’s like the note this rule when you want together you need to look on the elbow yeah when you look an elbow you’re always walking okay when I do the sparring or a fighting I watched the opponent here like a sir like like a like a triangle uh-huh and here so when you see to this the solos on the shoulders chain entity okay thank you let’s do the second hand although because you’re ready to step with the right hand like you do here and now you do the right hand and step forward with the right foot 1 1 2 2 ok see how I protect pretend with the shoulder might almost my whole head and this it’s also protecting again yes yeah haha yeah go forward better and I feel that like I’m tight that’s the reason I told you not to be like this like relax but the shoulders up and trim down I like to do like this with the left all the time order the style with my style this what I use in my last fight like this and going down I like more to counter if if mine if my opponent passionately I like to step out counter or counter immediately first I want to propagate my opponent like with this so you get a little bit angry you want to party and this is my time where I have connected where I can do your counter all day you know it’s a lot of mental health yeah if I close here it’s good if I not it’s okay nothing no no you can it’s it’s called sprawl you put your both flags back no okay this is a typical sprawl this is more less this is more a good striker who don’t like to go on the ground he had you need to have a good sprawl as sprawl is it its defense from the takedown but when I jump back I’m like you have to you have to I can change the final like the timing in the weightlifting from here you have to catch it even before you keep my legs with your hands i straw yes bro and in this position you can use it yeah and put me on the ground yeah take your bag when you just need clean split jerk it’s very important how you balance if you want to lose correct of course need to take correct position how to determine your individual split position see it’s a shoulder width apart toes new bow make a line in front of your knees and put the leader has after this make it one step and please pay attention this report should be parallel to each other so I mean not like this not like that this report should be parallel yeah and now draw has it’s how it should look when you do split Foligno splitter when our faces look straight forward we have this area if you would turn we will be 1015 degrees inside we’ll have extra it’s for somewhat it’s not comfortable they do that this first time but we use this new admitting and if you know a little music so we when we did the training session together and yeah and she told me that I never know about this before but they always when they hit they always turn outside when we turn outside we’ll stay and a five so this position is more stable than that position so let’s try maybe my tomatoes one two three it’s okay it’s better so it’s means if anything to do its water again okay good good it’s like Animal Farm if you have if you need to repeat this amount of a lot of times so the same in with lifting the same when you do was split when you split for the claims of the jerk it’s very important to do this automatically so that’s why in Soviet Union in China school the kids after school after workout they spent around 30 minutes and they do run one or two hundred times this just like you don’t need to develop your movement like and you don’t need to live a lot of kids you need to like to feel good and to use different position and to stay to stay stable now we’ll take baby see and they will try to combine all of this together on number three and I’ve sent but the most important item do press and I’ll go to the PVC one ready to check so here it’s not enough here is again people may lose they check course we should fix and I have a little check out for this it isn’t with you this is maximum we don’t try to sit just because it’s difficult to stand up for you you can always play with this deeper higher more so just in case if you sometimes you will work with a coach and you’ll feel that like a split jerk and you feel like you pain in your knees probably very often this happened because when the at this state and this bless the night degrees it’s big pressures of this community this angle should be wrong 90 degrees or more it’s more safe in their main we have this position under over okay now crazy power crazy power you don’t raise the power of it without control yeah you don’t you need to breathe it’s like a movement also I follow you it’s like a wave you are the wave and I’m the surfer you put your power so I take your power against you okay the next one let’s check your hips I’m trying to hold your legs you can push my head you can do everything so I need just move out to move out from your grip yes okay okay you want to take a bit give me a few more yours motion on the sky at absolute Na Nog where it’s absolutely another to have a power it’s not enough you need to manage your power you need to control yourself breathing balance something similar with with later but first practice practice and practice but as we know that Simon cholesky he was a good weightlifter and now he is the good anyway you know maybe I will not for example wanted like like on the on the turtle position you go here like this yeah so I’m here we was here so it’s not necessary that I do like this no look I’m here I just control it look this is enough this is enough and I follow you you put power I put short power to control you like this and then again if you put all the time again after 30 seconds you’re done yeah yeah you know you need to know the right movement when you put power yeah okay yeah I take your I take home is the move oh yeah you can’t push my head down put your hips back everything so you will hold I will hold like this and follow you and you can do whatever you want and my goal is to move ours from every yes you can push my head down okay you can shake me off everything yeah I think it’s the best moment to stop Matt it was good experience thank you so much probably it’s just the beginning of the big and this man has potential to become a thank you so much all right fighter and yes much but for MMA mean 90 what is Mir in the UFC you know how old he is 35 14 41 whatever so especially for a heavyweight division and the light heavyweight division 33 is not age and all MMA fighters there basically come from another type of sport it’s statistic statistic saw the most people it depends it depends from which country the u.s. fighters there are more based on wrestling because they practice a lot of wrestling the European fighter came here from striking because in striking in Europe is very good Brazilians are more focused on graphing jiu-jitsu jiu-jitsu you know so it’s a mix it depends on which country they came but now them amazed growing every day so if nowadays everybody can do everything wrestling grappling striking that’s the reason this is sport is so one quick question what is your next goal for the next 12 months I want to be in the top 5 of the UFC I can do it in one fight if I get out ponent he’s a top 5 fighter in the UFC I beat him I take his label two weeks ago I beat the number 11 in the world Jamie manhwa so I am now 11 ranked in the UFC and one step closer to the top 10 so if I get a opportunity to fight the top 10 or top 5 even better and to climbing up the ladder to fight for the title my body weight now is 107 kilos and your category it’s light heavyweight I fight 93 kilos my afraid but I fought in Virginia Gilmore but I fought two weeks ago so I eat now two weeks whatever I want put some weight on karate hide one 195 back squat back squat 165 165 kilos two years ago dead leg deadlift 210 kilos three years ago batsmen best clean 130 kilos thirty kilos 130 jerk and also in a split screen politically and yeah well I guess I saw the video and I will put this video in this video yeah oh you send me this video a jerk 110 but we didn’t test it for the maximum it’s not important yes two months three months ago I start with rich leave my coat we’ll start with also training with a mental coach I see the improvement although also in the last fight I went in this octagon I was like hungry like a fucking liar I want to kill this guy no I was like I’m here I’m you know and this is one you know when you make a cake and this is a sherry you know yeah yeah so I call this when you dance like in ballet you went under tens dance and and then you don’t do this yeah so it’s like everything was perfect and you all not did this it’s like you finish what I did for myself I always two days before the competition I try to imagine everything what will be on the competition how all will be no platform about the light it all just like ringtone someone shout like Alex u.s. ship ok so this guy with the red t-shirt this guy with the yellow t-shirt so need to imagine this and as mold it is more details you can imagine in your leg vision it’s the better because our mind can for our mind is difficult to work with something new when it’s not new situation for you for the mind and for the body is much comfortable so that’s why I need to imagine everything what will be like how you will move your body what you will do and when it will happen it would be much easier or to work with this I know from this from somewhere we did this in my last fight now we was sitting in a room and he give me the instructions like now think on the way to the Octagon and I think now how you step in the Octagon now how the fight is you know how you celebrate now how you do the interviews you know imagine everything sweetie and every ok as it more is more details you can put in better rebirth was absolute video when Glee’s come the ocean just recorded a video naruse come Italy rebuttal to his town Chitauri trauma by the more niggas right is over the truss yes the butis Madrid which cited our superior energy sue penalty card his partner DC da da da it was quite or more Sybil’s or small details but suppose the washer come inside a wash Aloha I do as a medium pussy but believe me mister yes but you’ll be really pleased Nevada another games need to pitch the rubato organismic debris my console Anita near of kin or attached Jelena Jelena katawa pasta online a grocery done doc cusamano risky business program posture and blood lipid Kotick basalt the higher mobility from DC TSP dr. Shaw Vanunu which not a rainy you know the strategy justify Tomo back or chest some is one we what was that what’s in your annuity muga videos by time is poor Sammy Stewart rooster Sakamoto more profile investors kisser yes so guys if you like this type of video write about this if you have some questions to the Alex you can write the same below this video and Alex will help with the answers below see you bye-bye

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