Ultimate Mexico Roadtrip 🇲🇽| 7,000km in 28 Days

as you will realize in just a bit Mexico is an absolutely magnificent place I just spent 20 days driving 7000 kilometers is literally all around an origins gorgeous country with a friend of mine but here’s the thing we didn’t know where we were going so we hit the road as far away up north from Mexico City as we could until we’d completely run out of time then went all the way down south in the world-famous Yucatan Peninsula then once again turned around and went all the way back to Mexico City a few hours before our flights out of the country this journey took us from incredible mountains to beautiful jungles to the next level epic caves to massive cities and small villages and tens of places in between are you ready to see what it’s like to hit the road in Mexico without really knowing where you’re going wonderful let’s go when we landed in Mexico we spent three days exploring its capital called Mexico City visiting dozens of beautiful places all around town then we’re entering part and finally hit the road the very first place we visited during our Mexican Roku was of course Delta Wakana the most famous archaeological site in all of Mexico that receives millions of tourists every year Delta Hakan is an ancient Mesoamerican city where the Aztecs believed their gods were born over 1,000 years ago tallyhawk on was the largest city in the pre-columbian americas with a population estimated at 125 thousand or more making it at least the sixth largest city in the world during that time he turns out these guys are actually selling these really interesting whistles that look like a stick warriors let’s try one we continued our road trip up north visiting various spectacular towns on the way until we finally hit the breathtaking mountains of the Hidalgo province [Music] [Music] it really did feel great to finally be out of the big cities in the touristy areas of Mexico and we were incredibly excited to see what else we could find the only problem though was that the weather was turning sour and it was getting darker and darker at an alarming rate okay quick status update we are completely surrounded by clouds and the problem is that in order to reach our hotel we need to drive for another four hours even though is gonna be completely dark in about an hour or maybe an hour and a half and we’re secretly hoping the weather conditions might improve but it quickly started raining and the further we drove the worse it became it was raining dark and our visibility was literally just a few meters because of that our average speed was anywhere from 30 to 35 km/h and our progress was excruciating ly slow the further we drove the more dense it became the less cars we met and the faster our minds ran [Music] [Music] luckily Hidalgo really did prove to be one of Mexico’s safest states and we safely made it to our hotel we spent around 12 hours in the car today Pro we just came to please that apparently has a really really really interesting history so some time ago there lived this guy called Edward James from California and he wanted to build a Garden of Eden somewhere in California but he couldn’t find a proper location so he decided to look for it in Mexico eventually came here and over a period of 35 years built this massive thing literally inside a jungle by the time James died in 1984 he had spent over five million dollars for the destruction of the last bosses and had built 36 surrealist inspired concrete sculptures spread out over more than 20 acres of tropical jungle [Music] upon leaving the Garden of Eden we continued exploring the mountains admiring the absolutely gorgeous views [Music] [Applause] as beautiful as the views were you can probably imagine there were some downsides as well those to have the whole in order to reach our next destination we need to take this really crazy off road for the next 20 minutes or so the more we drove the more convinced I became that we’ll certainly get a flat tire as we went through thousands of sharp prongs but luckily that didn’t happen and we safely reached our next destination the black hole of Mexico you’ll see it in 1 2 3 the cave of swallows is a huge open-air pit cave also known to be the second deepest pit in Mexico every evening a large flock of birds circled the mouth of the cave and about once each minute a group of perhaps fixes brace up and head straight down towards the opening we’re gonna stop smiling after having witnessed this magical place and excitedly continued our trip up north crossing various remote towns and villages along the way as you can imagine that we certainly didn’t have the luxury to drive on concrete [Music] [Music] we have just come to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Mexico and looking at the color of this water look at the color we quickly made our way down to the very bottom of the waterfall and to be completely honest with you couldn’t believe what we saw [Music] famed for its turquoise water the mold waterful is the result of two rivers merging which create this magnificent 3 metre wide and over 100 meter high waterfall not only is it one of the largest but certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls Mexico has to offer eventually went all the way back to the very top and decided to go in for a refreshing dip for some reason we left our swim shirts in the car I have no idea why but that’s the situation however there ain’t gonna stop [Music] all I can say now is I’m back at this point we were already many hundreds of kilometres up north from Mexico City but we still weren’t satisfied and drove even further towards this crater we’ve really wanted to see but eventually we faced a bit of a problem and now we came on this really interesting off-road there’s some sort of a sign we have no idea what it says but it’s all shredded by bullets if we’re gonna go on some sort of a plantation or something or of something that belongs to the people you don’t want to deal with and we’re basically we have no idea what to do there’s all these wires and all these fences and this gates and we were not really sure what to do and so I approached a couple of locals I could find in the area who told me about this other road leading to the Creator just a few dozen kilometers away now if you think we weren’t quite adventurous with the roads we took in the past get ready for something on another level the coolest most remote and most deserted road of our Mexico road trip we felt incredibly like it to have that gorgeous vast expanse all to ourselves and happily trudged onwards until we reached our northernmost point of the trip the Hoya Honda crater this crater is 800 meters wide and 200 metres deep and has been the source of legends and mystery for generations according to a legend the crater has not only housed bandits and their treasures but it’s also a place where witches can be sited some nights and where UFOs and to land from time to time unfortunately we didn’t get to see no witches or UFOs but I had a great time admiring the news nonetheless this is basically the northernmost point of our trip here in Mexico and from now on everything’s gonna go down south down safe then we finally start making a way down south and since we had spent most of our time in the nature we decided to see what the Mexican cities had to offer first stop the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site the city of Guanajuato there’s one o’clock it began burn when people discovered it silver mines in the 16th century the gold rush lasted for hundreds of years and at one point one Akata produced over 30% of the world’s silver which made the city incredibly wealthy these days when a quater plays an important role in Mexico’s cultural life it’s the birthplace of one of its most famous artists Diego Rivera the location of Latin America’s largest festival called Sorrentino and the home for various well-known churches theaters as well as a big University as you can see the city is steaming with action the legend says that there was a man and a girl we loved each other very very much the man was living to the right side I think on the right balcony the woman on the left one and they’d be kissing but then at some point the girl’s dad found them out and then he killed the girl literally everyone here they came here to take pictures this place next up we found ourselves in san miguel de allende a place that was once named the world’s best city for travelers where we caught up with my Mexican brother Alejandra and explored as much as we could San Miguel played a major role in Mexico’s war of independence in the 19th century it is the birthplace of some of the most important figures of the war and it’s also the very first town in all of New Mexico to gain its independence from Spain the city features tons of colorful streets incredibly tasty food great music and stunning architecture and a hammer kept telling me most interesting stories about the city and its culture but one of my favorite parts was learning about how to use the MIDI gadgets who are so popular here when do I want to ask her to be your girlfriend do go fishing yeah yeah you go to her house and then you bring some much and you start to play for her and you start to sing took her window and if in the three songs she doesn’t show or she doesn’t do anything listen oh it’s a no-no once we learn all about showing your feelings to mexican girls we listen to anybody I choose we could find and then all of a sudden one guy went much further and proposed his girlfriend [Applause] [Music] next morning we said goodbye to my boy Alejandra and continued driving down south as one week of our trip had already passed and we were kinda running out of time [Music] [Music] [Music] we spent literally the whole day driving on this tiny Mountain comes to reads this place and it’s closed as disappointing as this was we didn’t waste time worrying about something we couldn’t change and decided to fill our stomachs with some epic Mexican food before joining off we are gonna get the best dinner ever right here we not only got ourselves some legendary food but also made best friends with this wonderful Mexican Family Court eating in the same place we’re part of the family now bikal cept also everything’s great [Music] Mexicans are the nicest people in the world it’s insane the locals told us that if we go up to the security guard and we sort of bribe him a little bit maybe they’re gonna let us in for like 10 15 20 minutes or something that this well come the ceremonial autonomy Center was built in the 80s in order to preserve the ancient automate culture before the a stick in flux at the most elevated spot of the monument are twelve cones each representing a generation of autumn ease and on each is a sculpture of the Sun we have the whole thing to ourselves oh right we admired the gorgeous sunset for as long as we could and continued our trip down south crossing multiple mountain ranges of New Mexico [Music] [Applause] we kept driving on and on and on until we finally reached the state of Oaxaca known for its historical sites and indigenous cultures at first weeks for this large archaeological site that was incredibly well-preserved and had very little twists then admired the magnificence of the world stoutest tree with a diameter of over 14 meters eventually we made our way to these mountain water poles and obviously jumped right in as much as we absolutely loved this place it’s really cool now because the science behind the cars through water is gone and I think we’re ready to bounce when we finally left the water pool place we thought we had already seen the best of our haka but we had no idea what awaited us later that evening which if multiple Mountain dirt roads got fully covered in clouds parked our car in the bush spent quite a bit of time walking up the hill went through a couple of large rocks and finally arrived to the viewpoint of a famous mountain village that also featured a super land hanging bridge that’s it over here this is the viewpoint that’s the village I think the bridge though is just here it’s very very very long from those rocks to those rocks right there nice we felt so free and alive crossing that gorgeous bridge as we were literally the only people in the area and we were fully surrounded by all-encompassing clouds that feeling became even stronger when the Sun was setting and the clouds got died in all these wonderful colors [Music] I think we might have overstayed our our welcome a little bit we’ll try to make our way to the car which is somewhere down the mountain and then drive an hour and I have in these mountains on dirt roads because therefore this is a car at this point we were once again a little short on time and Dez decided to spend the next few days driving pretty much all the time enjoying the gorgeous Mexican nature on the way [Music] [Music] [Music] I feel like we have actually been rushing our Mexico trip a little bit and because we’ve only been traveling for just over ten days and we’ve already done way over 3,000 kilometers we would rarely stop at one of the locations and just you know relax and and and take everything in but I feel like this place right here this massive insanely beautiful Canyon is the perfect place to do so welcome to the canyon of sumidero located in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico the canyons creation began around the same time as the Grand Canyon in the United States by cracking the area’s crust and subsequent erosion by the Grijalva River which still runs through it sumidero canyon has vertical walls which reach as high as 1000 meters and look out of this world beautiful then it was finally time to see her first true my in town we just came to this really tiny mountain town called is the Meccan pond and the really interesting thing about it is the fact that there’s 4,000 people living here and 99.1 percent of all of them are indigenous Mayan people so they look very very different from from a lot of the other people who’ve met they have their own clothing their own traditions celebrations and most importantly their own language it’s a very interesting site for some reason Zurich the locals are not too friendly but the tourists said we’ve been getting these really interesting looks I guess but it’s a very very very interesting site for sure next up we briefly explored the capital of Chiapas called sixth level tiaras and decided to check out some more waterfalls in Mexico as her first one took our breaths away as you can imagine I wasn’t going to be satisfied but just looking at this gorgeous place I had to jump in for a dip [Music] great jump janna the first jump didn’t necessarily go too well so had to give it another go having had a wonderfully refreshing bath it was time to go over thousand years back in time we have just entered one of the most important and powerful Mayan cities that was ever built melanca was first inhabited around 100 years before Christ and it was the westernmost city-state in the Maya world even though Palenque is by far the most well researched of all the Maya cities it is estimated that less than 10 percent of the total area of the city is explored leaving more than a thousand structures still covered by the dense jungle it’s crazy how thousands of years ago people living in these jungles without any you know technologies or whatever could build stuff like that Brazil insane we spent a very long time admiring this incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site and unfortunately had to leave the place just as a jungle rain storm was approaching since the security guards didn’t think it was safe to stay and later we found out why [Music] as always we didn’t face any issues and finally made it to the Yucatan Peninsula the place we had dreamed up for the longest of time this is the first local women my boy the crocodile just chill then we went for our first long ride on the coast of Yucatan and finally realized why this place is such a popular tourist destination any source of dreamlike stories I mean look at this place [Music] right now we are next to this really beautiful k4m and we’re gonna go on a cave adventure tour this was the first real Sonata we explored in Yucatan and it was so large we couldn’t believe it we’ll get swimming and swimming and swimming some more while also exploring things [Music] later that evening we came to a large lake hoping to go for a refreshing swim but the locals told us the place was infested with crocodiles and we shouldn’t jump in but I discovered an even cooler thing to be where the crocodiles couldn’t reach me check it out [Music] then we danced on the streets hopped on a ferry left the ferry walked for a bit and found ourselves in one of the most remote and well-preserved islands in Mexico called haul box the whole box island is just over 40 kilometers long and is separated from the mainland by ten kilometers of shallow Lagoon that is owned to flamingos pelicans and other rich bird life the streets of hallwas are made of white sand common of Caribbean islands and there are very few cars as most people commute with golf carts or Bisons in spite of the islands natural beauty and accessibility as left at unspoiled by mass tourism which obviously made us incredibly incredibly happy around this beautiful island the water is beautiful this ends beautiful everything is great no one cares about anything whatsoever eventually we rented ourselves to bicycles and at the time of our lives riding across thousands of huge puddles on the island [Music] my back to nature day is apparently coming to an end and this is the perfect way to pendants we spend the next hour chillin at the most beautiful sunset spot on the island admiring the views and feeling absolutely grateful for the world we get to live in we really felt like Hoover in heaven but then completely out of nowhere millions of aggressive mosquitoes started attacking this and we had to run for our lives I promise you I’ve never been bitten so many times by mosquitoes in my entire life it’s insane and the problem is that my boy just broke his bike oh look at that look at the chain and so now he has to run because if he stops he’s done go bro that’s the voice faint gather a day later we found ourselves surrounded by pink salt flakes that also had real flamingos living in them can you believe it real pink flamingos I mean what yuca todd has to be an absolute dream [Music] so just stopped at some random town and as Jacob said man I feel bad so now he is drawing up oh there he is [Music] [Music] terrible man threat literally in the middle of the sheet there were like cars passing by well how you would say hashtag my hashtag life all experiences are good as you can imagine I certainly didn’t feel too well that night but that didn’t stop my boy unders from exploring everything we came across we just thought that some kind of to be completely honest with you I’m quite happy I didn’t get to see the rodeo myself as in don’t support treating cannibals like that at the same time events like this is a big part of local culture and I’ve respected with all my heart it’s up to the local people to decide if they want to continue this kind of entertainment or not every single day is a really beautiful day but today it is going to be especially picturesque because we are located in Valladolid and today we’re gonna explore three of their best-ever cenotes which are these caves where you can go swimming basically our first Sonata of the day was located literally inside the city center I mean imagine Oxford Street in London or the Times Square a lawyer can you believe it crazy we are entering the second scenario today and this place is so Theresa’s great when we came in the Sonata it had a traditional performance and it was completely packed with evil we really did admire the views but the place certainly didn’t have that magical feeling you’d expect but then all of a sudden it all changed for some mysterious reason most of the tourists have just left and there’s probably 10 other people with us right now in this absolute magnificent cake we had tons of fun having this whole magnificent place all to ourselves and couldn’t believe our luck unfortunately the third sin order of the day had even more twists so we just jumped in for a quick tip and you got barricaded inside this note later that night we came to our last place in Yucatan the city of Medina and since our flights from Mexico City were just a few days away we began making our way all the way back up north as fast as we could sometimes driving up to 800 kilometers per day we crossed large bridges lush forests gorgeous beach small villages large planes and of course tons of beautiful towns to dress up for dinner at this UNESCO World Heritage Site and look at the main square there’s absolutely no people in here but there’s a million words the town was called Lakota fan time machine that took us hundreds of years back in time with its tiny bars and restaurants gorgeous lanes parts and calm idyllic life bye bye bye four policemen with machine guns stop this for an inspection and then we started talking basically we made friends and we’re laughing about I don’t know what eventual they’re like Jeff drugs were like no you can check they’re like knives fine whatever and and then we asked them to take a picture and they’re like yeah big big news Jill gave everyone a high five [Music] eventually we came to Veracruz a city that was developed during Spanish colonization and is Mexico’s oldest largest and historically most significant port at first we got some next-level epic coffee at the oldest coffee shop in town that was built over 200 years ago and went to check out the city’s most popular fortress that served as a battleground a prison and even a presidential palace back in the day just a few hundred years ago they had they had big ship battles battleships would probably come from that side and try to attack it for like weeks and then people have to barricade themselves in and starve but all that’s just some years later where we’re here and chillin at this place taking pictures with our iPhones and cameras and stuff it’s everything changes so fast well for our last day in Mexico we decided to take this really remote pilgrim mountain road eventually leading to Mexico City so we have fun apparently just hit 7,000 kilometers around Mexico which is a lot more than we could ever have imagined and even though the roads were not always the best but but it’s been incredible the roads were certainly not the best but the views the views they could hardly have been any better [Music] over 7,000 kilometers later we are back to the same place where all started Mexico City and after all this time in this card discussion all I can say is Heba may to be completely honest with you it took me very long time for everything to sink in after the road trip I got to do so many wonderful things in Mexico met so many kind people explored some of the most beautiful places I attained in my entire life and faced absolutely no trouble I love you Mexico and I can’t wait to come back in the future [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music]

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