Ultra Measure Master Dimensional Math and Conversions How To

Now let me show you how to do linear area, volume, dimensional math and conversions using
your Ultra Measure Master. First off, you can enter dimensions pretty
much the way you say them. For instance, thirteen feet – you just label it – eight inches and three slash eighths. You can do fractions all
the way down to sixty fourths of an inch just the way you write them. But
you’re not required to stay in that format. You can mix formats, for instance, plus 23.5 feet minus 3.25 inches plus 10 centimeters, minus 12 yards. Hit the equal key. It comes out in the
format we started with, which was feet- inch-fraction, but using the convert key
you can convert to any one of the other dimensional bases. For example, convert –
you want to see it in feet and tenths and hundredths, back to feet-inch-fractions, you want to see it in inches,
inches and fractions, you want to see it in millimeters or centimeters or meters, yards or back to feet-inch-fractions. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide.
Say this is an increment you want to multiply twenty-five times.
[x] [2][5] Gives you a larger number. You could
figure out areas and volumes – say that’s one side of something you want to calculate
the square area or square footage of. Let’s say times a hundred twenty-three
feet seven inches, gives you a large square foot area or square yards area or
square meters area, inches, centimeters, what have you. You can even enter large areas like
acres and say 2 (over the 5 key it says acres), I hit
convert acres, two acres. Convert to feet – that’s 87120 square feet or how many meters is it. Or you can
convert to hectares. There’s all sorts of linear, area and
volume conversion units built in to the Ultra Measure Master. So that’s a quick overview on the linear,
area and volume calculations. For more details you can download our user’s guide
at www.calculated.com/support.

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