Ultralight backpacking gear for the wainwright loop (3.46kg)

eyup and welcome to Impala on trial I’m
Impala and in this video I’m gonna be talking about my continuous Wainwright
loop and the gear I used to accomplish it
it’s 325 miles long it’s 214 summits in Lake District and it’s got one hundred
and twenty-two thousand feet of ascent so it’s a bit of an ass kicker that’s
why I need its go ultralight I’ll start off by exploding my pack and showing
you everything I’ve got at the end of the video I’ll pitch everything up and I’ll
show you how I’d pack camp in the morning to make it as efficient as
possible and keep her finish dry as I possibly can
tacos we’ve made heating come on the trim I’ll go through all everything that
was in my pack and you can just see it so it’s the ula CDT really liked this
pack frameless built in a mode girl so on the outside I have my poles I did
start with two snapped one so I had one carbon distance flz Oh have a hug lofts
limp waterproof gore-tex jacket a polychrome on shake at red light gear
stuff sack with my pegs for MSR carbon calls and two mini groundhogs totes long
handle titanium spoon with the polish ball in the orange carry che my poof kit
deuce of Spades Charl some hand sanitizer a little bag to put my used
toilet paper in and some tissues and all that’s in a ziplock and up lids
on the outside so I can grab it quick because when you need to go you need to
go I also have some um waterproof trousers
these are rubbish dump pile and a Patagonia Houdini wind shirt I really
like having a walk through under winter when I’m in the UK because when you’re
getting wet a lot you want proof will fail this just buys you a bit more time
and also if it’s blowing it’s too hot for your walk proof you can wear this
instead got a 500 mil bottle I did on the loop for some stages carried to 500
mil bottles and sometimes I just carried a one liter bottle but in the way I only
put one 500 mil and one that’s all the stuff pockets empty so the hip belt
pockets have a Mitch head nap a pair of low alpine glove liners above if you
want to know all the uses for a buff check my video and and it’s a well
versatile piece of kit to carry I also have some salad bar gloves plastic
gloves put these over the top of my liners and that means I’ve got walked
through families have a pencil head torch it’s not the best not the lightest
but it does and I’ve had this for over 8,000 miles some body glide some lip
balm to keep your lips nice and aqua mirror chemical water treatment only use
this a handful of times in the Lake District there’s water everywhere and a
lot of the sources are really good but I use this any point where I thought there
was potential for catching something at aqua Miller also got a Sylvia compass
and I use this a lot and I also carried the OS one in fifty muffled Lake
District that covered most of the trip bitsy dink cover I just used view Ranger
on my phone into the main compartment at the top I’d carry my food is the granite
gear stuff sack 11 liters in here I can fit about four days worth
food MLD solomid cuben fiber this is just the top really good what I like
about Cuban 5 when it gets wet it doesn’t stretch like most of our fabrics
so you get a tight pinch it stays tight till you drop it the next day cut about
it gear baby this is just a splash baby so it’s not waterproof but it’s water
resistant it also has a bug mash Halfmoon face net plus it adds quite a
few extra degrees to your sleep system so the combo of that and the tarp luxury
I’ll open it so next up I have the Neo small this an inflatable pad pretty good
is popped at the moment so I’m currently trying to get a new one on one we have
the RAB neutrino endurance sleeping bag spare power socks got a pair of karf
compression sleeves if you’re doing a lot of ups and downs
get yourself parodies they make life a lot more fun pair of New Balance running
tights these dry insanely fast if it’s wet windy what these on tie gain and if
you’re cold at night sleeping on a climate X pulao Patagonia nano Apophis
emphatic jacket more than warm enough for summer conditions and the likes and
last of all is my electronics first-aid and repair kit I’ve been inside that I
also have it in a ziploc could really bitch it stuff sack out some tenacious
tape first aid kit repair kit USB plug with
two ports the charger for my Garmin watch which is the full 125
it’s got a step counter and it’s kind of a cure for dead reckoning charger cable
for my phone spot device didn’t really need the spot device and Lake District
but I like to carry it anyway because you never know when you might need this
bad boy charge for my battery pack and anchor 10,000 milliamp pack I mean the
only other thing left in the top is much Lobster
this is just the woolsack stuff everything in there twister top I mean
you actually submersible so that is what I’d carry on my back fanny pack this is
the through proximate but inside here I carry a trek mates waterproof case for
my phone and it’s a hella light up in them death Proof cases or whatever they
call some earbuds if you want to conserve your battery life get one with
a inline button I have a cuben fiber wallet with my house keys and inhaler
the Clipper lighter these are really good because that can pull out to poke
stuff our tiny knife if you’d like to check
this out I’ll put the review just up there some Vaseline I love this on my
feet and just helps them keep walk closer so neosporin and a spare ziploc
bag just in case it starts raining I can put anything in that I want to keep dry
inside my fanny pack and it just stays nice and dry and then on top of that I
also have the sony xperia x Compaq this is a great little phone it’s got a good
camera on it small light and you can put memory card in so I’ve got 128 gigs of
memory in there which is more than off all your tunes audio books films videos
or shahboz I’ll pack my bag in the order of packet
so you can see how efficient this system is and how well it works
sweet let’s go I always like to hang my pack just in case there’s any mice or
anything around so they can’t get to my food this is just hung off my walking
pole loop I’m so first things first I’ll get my pack down inside my pack I have a
wobble bag and this makes the pack walk both those in then I’ll let down my
sleeping mat the first thing I’m gonna push in is my sleeping bag because that
is the last thing I’m gonna need so it’s the first thing I’m gonna Park to push
it in feet first I sleep well my puffy under my feet that’s gonna be the next
thing I’m gonna put next thing to go in is my pillow so I’m going to deflate up
get in with the pillow boom I must I fold that like a little shelf then that
goes on top of all that stuff aspects which I’ll also use to sleep in
cough compression sleeves my tights so next to go in is my electronic and
repair kit they also go in the big plastic bag push it in nice and good
twist the top and tuck it away now everything in there is walkthrough
and fully submersible in goes the katabatic gear baby okay then I always
have my poop out because you never know when you’re gonna need to poop so that
goes in that okay then this is where I put my shoes on get both water bottles
goes inside pouch that goes on there just wrap know it’s time to unzip pop
her open and jump out all bar bags packed just grab my poly coil is really
quite balanced I’ll just scoop up quickly
stuff that in flop out chip my pack back underneath with my fanny pack got a
little stuff sack for my eggs and then I’ll drop my top this way everything
inside my tent is still staying dry a nice phone to drop the top all mistakes go in the bag like Southam
and I was doing my foot stuff pouch if my tarps wet I’ll keep it on the outside
of my pack and try and dry it out if I can during the day if it’s dry I’ll fold
up and stick it inside your pack compress it all down nice like if I had
any food in my pack I’d keep that into my food bag that would go on top of my
pack last of all put a little strap over the top pull it tight pull your
compressions in goes on the side so that’s it we’re all packed up
packs done three point four six kilos if when you need for ultralight in in UK
elements thank you very much for watching if you’ve enjoyed this video
give us the thumbs up if you’d like to know any more information on the gear or
the route leave it in the comments below hit my logo down here to subscribe and
until next time peace love and happy trip you

11 thoughts on “Ultralight backpacking gear for the wainwright loop (3.46kg)

  1. Very interesting video and impressed how light you've got your kit; given my a few ideas! I noticed you don't have any cooking kit or utensils? Also, what food supplies do you take if you don't cook?

  2. Hey man you said you have an 11L sack for food are you doing a vid about what you carry for 4 days to keep you going on the trail?
    ☮️ ♥️ & ??

  3. Loving your work these days – nice to have a UK voice talking UL and thru-hiking. I’d love to see the route you used, and hear a bit about how you came up with it. I’d like to do something like that myself at some point in the next few years. How long did it take you? Daily mileage, zeros, all the usual questions. Cheers dude 🙂

  4. Nice kit and rundown. What are you cooking with and drinking out of or don't you bother with a brew and hot food? Best wishes, Michael

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