[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. I am Srinivas Lingam. I’m a systems and
applications engineer working on TI’s MSP430
microcontrollers for water flow meters using
ultrasonic technology. Today I will demonstrate the
tests we perform for water flow measurements with TI solution. We use a pipe from Audiowell
that is widely available. And using the MSP430FR6047
MCU flow meter EVM. The excitation frequency of the
pipe is nominally 1 megahertz. We measure flow rates in the
range of 0.1 GPM to around 4 GPM. The flow set up, we
have an overhead tank. We have a pump. We have two reference meters,
and the meter under test is in series to the
reference meters. We have two parallel reference
meters, one for low flow and another for a higher
flow range reference meter. The GUI is used to
configure the software, including the excitation
frequency, number of excitation pulses,
the ADC sampling frequency, the delay
between excitation and start of the capture, and
the capture duration. We will change the flow
rates over 0.05 GPM to 0.25 GPM using the left
arm of the flow setup. We can see the computer
time of flight, or the ToF value on the
GUI, ToF waveform panel respond to the flow rates. Now we will use the right
arm of the flow setup for higher flow rates. We can again see
the computer ToF respond to the changes
in the flow rates. We will also need calibration at
two or three points on the flow rate curve, which depends on
the characteristics of the flow tube. This shows the
measured flow rate against the flow rate displayed
by the reference meters. This demonstrates
the high accuracy of the solution
at all flow rates, including the lowest flow rate
of around 0.1 liter per hour. In summary, this demo
shows the test setup that we use for testing the
ultrasonic based water flow meter, MSP430FR6047 MCU base
solution, as well as the tests. Please visit the links
below for more information on solutions from TI’s MSP430
for ultrasonic-based water flow meter solutions and
software offerings. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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