Hey everybody this is Randy Santel Atlas with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com! Extra extra excited going for overall win number 407 it’s my fourth time I am back in Liverpool, England i am at Uncle Sam’s I’m taking on Uncle Sam’s Burger Challenge! Now this thing looks freaking delicious! Haven’t had a burger in a while now but basically the fries and onion rings are on top of one full kilo of meat so there’s about 2.2-2.5 pounds of beef along with that there’s some bacon cheese and some ketchup on top along with all these fries and then the onion rings along with this massive bun but I’ve got one full hour to take this challenge if I win I’m going to get this delicious burger for free I’ll get a sweet t-shirt and i’ll be one of the few people on the wall of fame and hundreds and hundreds of people have tried this thing only about 15 to 20 people have been able to win within the hour so let’s get on that Wall of Fame! Party in the USA Miley is rockin the record for the challenge is exactly basically 20 minutes so we’re going to try to beat that but I think i’m gonna do the fries first and we’ll see from there and then just get all this burger down but one two three. . . Boom! Reason the fries first because it’s they’re steaming hot but it’s delicious and the cheese really helping all go down definitely one of the better burgers of this before the trip 7 and a half minutes in! Beat 15 minutes! 14 minutes and 52 seconds the official new record for Uncle Sam’s Burger Challenge here at Uncle Sam’s and Liverpool, England. That was so delicious I was able to beat the old record which was just around 20 minutes like I said but for winning I’m going to get the delicious burger for free especially loved all the cheese’s they used on there I know there was a white one along with American on there but then the fries and then the onion rings but the beef was perfectly good so thanks to the chef for that and then the bread was good as well but like I said 14 minutes 52 seconds I’m gonna get the meal free I’ll get a sweet t-shirt that to my collection and overall win number 407 and i’ll be one of the few people on the wall of fame as the new record holder so thank you to Uncle Sam’s thank you guys all for coming to watch and thank you guys for watching too!

100 thoughts on “Uncle Sam’s BURGER CHALLENGE in LIVERPOOL!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching!! It is always great to be in the city of Liverpool, so thanks to everyone who came to watch that day back in June 2016!! Next Monday's video will feature my rematch vs The Hibernator Breakfast Challenge in Congleton, England at Bear Grills Cafe!! We appreciate everyone watching and supporting our channel!!

  2. People are so unattentive that even in a video they clicked on to specifically watch….they point out backround bystanders who have nothing to do with the video content…sad, very sad.

  3. does anyone feel Randy isn't being totally honest on the food quality, every video he says the food is delicious

  4. Love ya Randy, 314 Represent, but your taste in music is terrible. Thanks for not playing that as the overlay for the video!

  5. We went here a few weeks ago and the food is awful. You only need to look at the thing to see how bad the food is there. Arrogant staff as well.

  6. I wasn't entertained until I saw the two cute brunettes in the background. Only reason why I watched it all the way through. Thanks ladies

  7. Matt Stonie is The Best and None of these Guys on Youtube can not be even compared without Being Ridiculous ! Matt Stonie For President ! 😀

  8. Hey Randy I've been enjoying your videos for years, thanks for each one of them.
    But lately I've been starting to feel concerned for your health. Sorry to be so blunt, but your body seems a little tired from all this high fat and fried food. Do you eat super healthy in between shooting videos to compensate ?
    From an old fan~

  9. OMG,Uncle sam's, it remains me best days back in liverpool Uni, that blue shirt old man is the boss of that restaurant, he is so nice!

  10. I tried this yesterday and it was a disgusting burger, my bun was stale and the burger itself tastes like cardboard, they cooked the shit out of it.. also the fries were really undercooked and dry, so hard to swallow :/

  11. Watching this dude eat always makes me hungry even if I just ate .. now it’s about to be 12AM n I’m starving again lol

  12. What a joke lmao little ass limeys think this is some sort of challenge 😂😂🚮🚮🚮🚮🚮

  13. That burger needed bacon, and toppings like some healthy vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and some pickles on there along with some sauce

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