Undefeated Big Game Burger Challenge w/ Bison, Deer, and Wild Boar!!

Hey everybody!! This is Randy Santel,
Atlas, and I am very very excited tonight. I”m going for overall win number
781. I am for the first time in Richmond Hill, Georgia which is just outside
Savannah. My first time around here, but I am at Fia Rua Irish Pub. I’m taking on
their delicious looking Big Game Burger Challenge. Now there’s three pounds of
meat. There’s no beef on here which is very very exciting. We’ve got one pound
of wild boar, one pound of venison and then one pound of bison. Along with that,
there’s three cheeses. There’s American, Swiss, and provolone. Then we’ve got some healthy vegetables on top along with the pickle spear on top of this big thick
dense bun. Then we’ve got one pound of their truffle fries which smell delicious.
Then we’ve got one pound of coleslaw. I’ve got 30 minutes to finish this thing.
48 people have tried and failed. Nobody’s won so it’s undefeated and if I fail is
gonna be $35, but if I win I’ll get the meal free. I’ll get the first spot on
their Wall of Fame and best of all I’ll get a sweet t-shirt to add to my collection. Let’s get this challenge started!! Alright like I said, nobody’s completed
this thing. Last night’s challenge, win #780 in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina went great, with all 29 of those grilled cheese sandwiches, so now my stomach’s ready to dominate. It’s just about five or five-and-a-half pounds, but let’s
shut up and dominate! 1, 2, 3, Boom!! Alright, I am going to start out with, I’ve got the bison burger on top! Oh yeah! (crowd laughing) All these meats are very lean so they’re
gonna require a bit more chewing, but very very moist. Oh, last bite of bison. Oh yeah, that’s juicy and delicious too, so
much flavor!! These feel very hot! Ah, done with the deer! This is freakin’ hot, this wild boar. I’m gonna let this cool down and eat the
fries. Don’t quote me because I’m not one hundred percent sure, but I think this is my first time having wild boar, just in general. Ah, alright eight minutes and eight seconds in. Still have tons of time left. Now on to the last patty, the wild boar. A lot of the
cheeses have melted down to it, so it’s going to be delicious! alright that was a terrible strategy. I’m
gonna take smaller bites and use water to get it down. The wild boar is the
leanest so… healthy haha Last bites of the boar. 11 and a half minutes in. Alright all the juices from the meats
soaked into the bun so this bottom bun is going to go down easy. Last bites of the bun. Let’s finish the 1 pound of coleslaw
and then we’ve got the victory! I’m gonna beat 23 minutes, give me a break! (crowd cheering) I should have kept one of my plates, this coleslaw is getting everywhere. That burger was so frickin amazing. I’m the very first winner, so I’ve got the new record, 20 minutes and 48 seconds. Thank you guys all for watching!! I don’t really know which one I liked the most, because I loved all of them. The boar, the deer, or the venison, and the bison. All of those were so great
with all that cheese. That coleslaw was irritating me but I got it down, but those truffle fries were amazing too. So for winning, being the very first to win, I’ll be the very first
person up on the wall of fame, I get a sweet t-shirt and I’m probably going to have a Guinness since I am here in an Irish pub. They’ve got a whole bunch of beers, and also, if you’re not feeling man or woman enough to eat that whole challenge they’ve got a normal-sized big
game burger here too, with quarter-pound patties of each, so three-quarters total,
but yes let’s see that shirt. Alright, we’ve got Fia Rua Irish Pub’s logo on
the front and then the back is related to the challenge. The Big Game, we’ve got
bison, boar, and venison, so great to have this in the collection but big thank you to
all of you guys!! (clapping) Big thank you of course to everybody here at Fia Rua Irish Pub in Richmond Hill, Georgia just outside Savannah. It was overall win
number 781, Sláinte!

3 thoughts on “Undefeated Big Game Burger Challenge w/ Bison, Deer, and Wild Boar!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video!! It was great being able to try all three meats during the same challenge, and it was my first time doing an event near Savannah, Georgia!! Everyone in Atlanta, Georgia, I will be back on Monday, attempting the famous Grim Reaper Burger Challenge at Lucky's Burger Brew, and then I head to Miami, Florida!! http://www.RandySantelSchedule.com

  2. Coleslaw is one of those sides you either hate or love. I know the venison burger was good as I have had that many times. I have also had wild boar, but no bison. Great win Randy!

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