Undefeated English Steak Challenge near Manchester!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
‘Atlas’ and I am very very excited today because I am back in England I’m in American Bar and Grille and today I’m
going to grab the bull by the horns by taking on their 70 ounce steak challenge!
I’m here with two friends who won a raffle and they’re going to be competing
with me but we’ve got Derek over here Sean over
here so we’re taking on the steak challenge
we’ve got this massive 70 on steak here along with a whole bunch of chips, we’ve
got a big bowl of mac and cheese, and then we’ve got all this coleslaw, but we
got one hour to finish if we fail it’s going to be 75 quid but if we win we’ll
get the steak meal for free, we’ll get on their Wall of Fame, and we’ll get sweet
t-shirt let’s get this challenge started! Many people have tried this thing but
nobody is one so it is my sixth undefeated challenge attempt in a row, I
got those five in Ireland now we’re in England time to dominate, let’s eat some
steak, gonna start with the steak and then I’ll move on to the sides these
guys are ready let’s see we’ve got one hour. 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! We’re 12 minutes and 20 seconds in this
take is going down just got a little bit left working on the sides as I go, but
delicious challenge, I think I’m going to get the victory! We’re eighteen and a half minutes in
we’ve got Derek over here dominating he’s already done with the steak working on
his sides, and then Sean over here he is doing very very well he already has a
lot of his side’s down I’m finishing up my steaks then I’ll finish up my side
we’re all doing very well so let’s keep on going! Under 24 minutes before 25 seconds in
right now I think I’m in third regarding quantity but all my steak is down, time
to kick it into high gear but Derek over here right now is dominating! No beer chug after this! It’s delicious! 31 minutes see we are all very close all
three of us we all want with different strategies but I’m down to just my
chips now and there are a lot of them, just under twenty nine minutes to go so let’s go! We’re gonna eight minutes in and Derek
just got disqualified! He did a very good job! Still over 20 minutes to go! Lets finish! Today I grabbed the bull by the horns by
completing The Steak Challenge in exactly 41 minutes! Very first person to
win, so the new record, we’ve got Shawn over here he knows he’s not gonna be
able to complete the mac and cheese, but he did very very well on all the steak
and then the sides I appreciate everybody in England, especially in the
Oldham and the Manchester area for watching our videos thank you guys for watching
– that was overall win number 620!

68 thoughts on “Undefeated English Steak Challenge near Manchester!!

  1. Hey everyone thanks for watching this video which kicks off the England and Wales portion of our 2018 Summer Tour videos. This was such a fun event on the UK's Father's Day and I appreciate everyone who came that day to watch and meet Magic Mitch and I!! The next tour video will feature a giant quantity Indian food challenge that I attempted the next day in Leicester, England!!

  2. Randy is definately the cleanest challenge eater. I'm guessing you are pro 09:55 must have had a lot of home cooked meals from Gran 😀

  3. I rememeber seeing you not too long ago on youtube and the channel was not that big at all so IM so happy for you that it has gotten so big congrats

  4. maybe there is a technique to saving carbs for last maybe they are more filling but I rather get them away while im still fresh. I really dont like saving them all till last.

  5. Also, no idea who Matt Stonie is but I subscribe to and watch Randy cos he has a fun yet humble personality and his videos are also an accidental travel vlog.
    I like seeing all the different places and different foods – not just the challenges and Randy comes across as a genuinely decent human being who makes friends everywhere he goes.
    Keep it going, Randy!!!!

  6. Imagine doing this professionally…exercise every damn day and eating a shit Ton of food for that long harder than it looks, daps for you dude 🤘

  7. It sort of seems like the guy could have taken a few steps away from the table where the other guys were eating before he threw up.  Gross!

  8. well done mate i just feel sorry for the kids ur showing them how to be healthy and as for the 2 mates id really advice them to diet before they aint there for they kids pmsl its k to do this vid ive watched a few of yours but to have kids in front of you really i now think your a sad guy tbh try getting a job to work it off u have lowered your standard

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