Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited today because I feel a lot better than I did
yesterday and it’s my first time in Ponca City Oklahoma and we have so many
people here to watch a challenge thank you guys! I am at Lakeside Grill and
it’s called that because we’re about a half mile from Lake Ponca and I’m taking
on their Lake Monster Burger Challenge there are four half pound burger patties
and then the buns are two grilled cheese sandwiches but really it’s a burger
challenge but it’s definitely more of a french fry challenge because they’ve got
their hand-cut fries here and there’s two full baskets on this tray so that’s
definitely going to be the hard part this is not keto friendly but if I fail
the challenge in the one-hour time limit that’s going to be 35 bucks but if I win
I’ll get the meal free I’ll get a sweet t-shirt and I’ll be the very first
person up on the wall of fame because after 22 attempts this challenge is
undefeated so let’s get this challenge started! All right big things everybody here at
Lakeside Grill for getting me here and thank you guys all for watching like I
said this is an undefeated challenge so no record to beat so just kind of smash
it within the one-hour time limit and who lost yesterday so let’s dominate
today! 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! All right gonna get some of this beef down and then
we’ll do all the carbs! It’s been a long time since I use
lemonade or pink lemonade in the challenge but I’m using it that sugar is
going to help get down all these fries but delicious so part let’s keep going! One more party to go it is hidden
there’s three cheese’s on this there’s American, pepper jack, and Swiss I am done with their Lake Monster Burger
and now the actual challenge begins time to finish all the rest of the two
baskets of fries but they are hand cut so they’re going to be easier to eat! (audience member complementing Randy)
I need him to come to more challenges! Leonidas is being propped up by this bottle
of diet coke hoping to get all these fries down.
[audience] Randy do you need another Coke? I will in about 9 minutes…I just made that up haha Anybody can have some if they want. We’re 18 minutes and I was helping out
some room for their chicken-fried steak but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen! Kids are starting to cry that means I’m
taking too long! I don’t recommend these you get one of
these! Other thing is they’re gonna be ready to assign a bunch of photos so no I
don’t wanna be like sitting there… [crowd] finish the plate or no dessert
[Randy] There is no dessert…for at least 30 minutes. So many fries really enjoyed the first
pound or so – and then all the rest I was just happy to get down so I’m going to
get the $35 meal for free they’re about to hand me my sweet t-shirt which, ooh
let’s show it off we’ve got the I slayed the monster challenge here at
Lakeside Grill so I’ll get this sweet t-shirt and I’ll have the first name and
photo up on the wall of fame Thank you all for watching!

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